Braaaaap Enduro
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instagram: ianleanphoto
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Braaaaap Enduro @wideopenmag @redbullbike @foxheadeurope @ContinentalMTB instagram: ianleanphoto


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 Yeeew, stoked to see a sick shot from the local as POD!
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 Good old Haldon forest huh!
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 love this
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 Cheers Smile
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 Bikes. Piss pots. Goggles. Even considering skiing that still looks wrong...
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 Looks wrong? - Malfunctioning link between eyes and right brain hemisphere maybe? Big Grin it's a dude riding a bike, really well, having a really good fun, how can goggles come in the way of that? unless... jelaousy! And that is disgusting my man! Loosen up your butt chicks, make them wobble Big Grin
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 Doesn't feel the need to wear a full face - still wants to be able to see where he's going - let's his riding do the talking instead of what he's wearing on the trail……. seems legit to me! Go home you f**cking monkey
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 You guys should chill out a bit. It is an innocent comment, taken as a joke by a few. Getting some's pants in a twist? Seriously? Bless your cotton socks...
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 I think UK-based POD's should only allow comments from UK-flag commenters, because the terms, words, and idioms you blokes/lads/chaps use are quite lovely.
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 Shits and giggles. All day long...
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 the knickers are up the stream without the twist but the helmet is not a shitting giggle its the goggles. and i think it looks fine. Sorry.
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 tworldsmine - I was extremely serious, as always... I am just trying to be the Russel Brand of MTB
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 "All right, my son: I could've had it away with this cracking Julie, my old China."
"Are you telling a bunch pork-pies and a bag of trout? Because if you are feeling quigly, why not just have a J. Arthur?"
"What, billy no mates?
"Too right, youth."
"Don't you remember the crimbo din-din we had with the grotty Scots bint?"
"Oh, the one that was all sixes and sevens!"
"Yeah, yeah, she was the trouble and strife of the Morris dancer what lived up the apples and pears!"

case and point. UK slang is awesome.
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 "aye love yer right." yorkshire is one better.
"you must be having a giraffe about that one bernie"
"dinna worry i'll settle it john its only a couple of squiddles"
basically we're all looneys.
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 That's better! Cheers my man!
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 Nice shot
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 Shame a pic as good as this one is buried under all that garbage about the new axle standards
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 I dig the pic, looks cool. Ride-on!
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 Reminds of the Argentina scene from where the trail ends
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 Yep. BRAP!
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 Whats the song?
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 that's a cool photo but not POD worthy
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 You must be high wheelies are always very cool
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 if he was more sideways like a manny drift then it would be siick but he's really upright
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