Da Tschugg shredding awesome Canadian trails on his GHOST :) soooo good to be here @ Crankworx!!!

photo (c) by larsscharlphoto.com (me!)
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Da Tschugg shredding awesome Canadian trails on his GHOST :) soooo good to be here @ Crankworx!!! photo (c) by larsscharlphoto.com (me!)


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 his eyes make this pic 10 more times intense
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 This has to be POD right about meow!!!
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 some wide bars you got there
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 positive props just for the meow
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flag b4life (Jul 30, 2011 at 5:12) (Below Threshold)
 Is he riding with moto style brakes?! His right hand (supposed to be back brake) is just grabbing onto the bar, meanwhile his left hand is pulling far down on the (supposed to be front brake).
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 That's how we run brakes in the UK and I think most other commonwealth countries... Guidos from Germany though isn't he? Not sure about over there.
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 look at his cables the left side cable goes down toward the front tire
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 Are you on drugs?
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 he means looking at the bar from rider point of view i imagine.
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 Right meow!!!!! Awesome buddy. Just about as awesome as the pod.
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 No hes riding them German style, two front brakes.
Cool photo, looks like painting with all the vivid colours Smile
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 Euro style. Wink
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 I don't see the reasoning for negative props, it was a question. I didn't take the time to follow his brake cables...and i wasn't putting down the picture. Relax...
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 brah, dont get all butt hert beacause everyone neg propped you on pb.
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 something about these pictures doesnt do it for me. they are too sweet and vivid that i actually beleive its real. i dont understand why my mind cant handle this level of awesome sauceness. great pod
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 I have to agree with all that Ian said except that photo has a great light. Actually, flash light used is too hard, rider is overexposed.
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 Yeah I agree, but from what I can tell Ian seems to be a fan of these really strong flash shots, guess its just personal preference. I always feel a bit uncomfortable taking lots of flash shots, especially at races, just because I hate to feel like I'm annoying the riders or putting them off.
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 The light in the pic is really good except on the rider. Way too washed out
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 agreed, I was only relating to the light on the rider
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 Wow this is a beauty, I am surprised no one has said something about the background, just look at those tree's and the colour of the leaves and the mist behind the tree's. One of the best pods yet.
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 i didn't notice that until you said something! thanks for pointing that out! makes the picture that much better
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 that is so stupid
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 Ha ha ha Guido is a way of life for sure. Not my way of life but to each his own. Canadian is the way of life for me. Now back to the pod. Looks too awesome to be real. Almost looks photo shopped... Almost. I know it's not though.
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 Real nice, defo worth the click
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 GUIDO! :-)

Don't miss him and Johannes Fischbach in their latest video podcast: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOHsEjm4dfY !
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 wow this has to be pod this looks unreal
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 WOW, this will be Pod!!!!
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 Those tree's in the background there are pretty false looking..
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 Full on beast mode!
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 Is that even dirt? It looks like a rotten tree :3
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 Jesus. Those colors just POP!
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 10/10 POD
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 Being a Guido is a way of life.... nice pic!
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 Best POD ive ever seen !! so sick !! the best pod yet
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 most intense pod ive seen!
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 lol imagine the mud line on his sox this is a sick pod!
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 what if i am on drugs?!?!
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 Hey @stupidman that is a great shot! Congratulations!
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 haha guido
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 sweet Smile
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 oooooooooooooooohhh fock
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 what a pimp shot
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 sucha ill shot!!! POD
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