Video: Wyn TV from Snowshoe DH World Cup Race 2 2021

Sep 20, 2021 at 12:12
by GT Bicycles  

Wyn beats Loris Vergier, and finds out what went down with the rest of the athletes during at an insane day of racing to wrap up the 2021 World Cup season.

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 Poor Myriam just sounds decimated. That’s a tough way to end the season. And, what a great sentimental moment with Mik. He will definitely be missed on the circuit.
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 Funny. I thought she just sounded hammered
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 @dro-cfr: It looks like she may have had a consolatory beer or two and who can blame her. Unbelievably quick, seems to be getting faster every race, one small mistake after one hell of a long week. The womens field is so strong at the moment, I'm really pleased for Vali and gutted for Pompon but they put on a great show.
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 I thought I missed this or Wyn got locked up by those troopers! This is the best recap out there, thanks Wyn!
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 Props to Scott's Valley Cycle Sport for the $500 Privateer cash award donation! We see that! #totalsupport

I'm off work as this popped up on PB and had to stay late to watch it. WynTV rules.
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 Glad to hear that Troy was impressed by the microphone, and thanks @wynmasters for giving me credit for my handiwork! Also, be sure to tell the Mondraker boys that I'll be waiting for the tires they promised me for lending them my EZ-Up tent! Glad you're back racing and thanks again for all the great interviews!
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 I think this is the best Wyn TV episode yet. Stoked to see Kirk win the privateer award.
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 Def the best WynTV to date. Loic and Valli both in shock on the overall, raw emotion from Finn, Thibault and PomPon, beautiful sendoff for Mick (and Bernard looking out for Emily). Too many great moments in this one.
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 Wyn has raised his game significantly over the course of this season and he seems to have gained the confidence of the riders in the process.
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 Wyn TV does not disappoint, covers a wide variety of the days events, gets to the heart of the matter. Interesting how well the top women rode, in part what led to Myriam taking 7th… Pompon is a true champion
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 I honestly cannot imagine a World Cup and EWS season without Wyn covering it, it was dark ages before you started doing this! And over the years it's gotten better and better. I remember an interview with you, years ago, from a race at Mt Stromlo (I think), posted on I knew then, that we were going to hear lots more about and from you. You've come a long way, much respect. You've managed to give us so much knowledge, personal info, atmosphere of the races and fun. Thank you so much Wyn for doing this. Never stop.
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 Wyn is a daredevil drinking out of the spittle-collector in his mic stand.
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 Damn what a race! What a recap! Thanks Wyn for the work you do to bring us WynTV!
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 Was anyone else impressed with Reece realizing his chain was off and getting into aero tuck super fast. Like most would have taken a second to process what happened, he just instantly went into the tuck.
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 yeah, that was proper quick reaction. what a week!
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 Fully agree to the bearded baby face!
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 That guy kicks ass!!!I freaked out with that move
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 Amazing reason. Super pumped for everyone, too many riders to compliment here so Ill just say congrats to everyone involved.
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 Thats for holding empties
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 Great interviews as always though I thought that he was going to knock someone’s teeth out with that pedal!
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 this was the penultimate WYnTV winning in 2021! Nice to see you competing again.
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 Was just about to have dinner when I mention to my wife - Where the hell is WynTV?
Looked it up and had just been posted 8 minutes ago. pheew..
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 It is truly amazing the honest answers of the riders,true top class!Love to see how the guys are friends. and enjoy their time racing so much. Waiting for the next year!
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 Looks to have an orange skin filter on! Haha. Great year and another great episode! Thanks for the season folks!
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 Awesome Wyn!! It's so sad to see the race finish.. but so good to have Wyn TV after that.. Good work dude, keep it up
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 Really really good recap!
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 Thank you Wyn! Cheers!
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 Such a sentimental moment with Sick Mick. So good!
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 Thanks for an awesome season Wyn!
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 I know its prob been said before but the crowd looks awesome, such a fun event for spectators too!
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 The riders seem to notice the (large) crowds & appreciate the support.
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 Brilliant end to the season thanks Wyn xxx
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 So much good content now. Not only from Wyn, but Bernard Kerr & Adam Brayton both have good Youtube channels.
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 Bring the World Cup to Vermont!
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 yaas make it to south america!!
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