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Video: Vero Sandler's Year at Home in 'Live To Ride'

Dec 22, 2020 at 6:53
by Nico Turner  

Live To Ride is back for its second season, after an action-packed first series this new winter series is set to be a lot damper. Veronique Sandler is well known for getting sideways and throwing down in a lot of recent bike movies and we were stoked to venture across the border to Wales to meet her new riding pup Oski, ride her legendary Vision Line at Revolution Bike Park and see how lockdown gave her chance to rework some of her beloved sportswear garments.

Vero moved to the UK six years ago and turned mountain biking into her profession three years later. In that time she collaborated with Adidas and Revolution Bike park to create the infamous Vision Line. That’s where we started filming.

Photo by Kieran Kenney

A lot of this year has been spent riding with her brother Leo Sandler. The pair have ridden together since childhood so it seemed logical that we would shoot with the two of them.

bigquotesMe and Leo have ridden together our wholes lives, even before we rode MTB really when we were super young and learning to ride with training wheels. It’s so cool having someone that inspires me so much that’s right there to ride with all the time.Veronique Sandler



Those eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that isn’t just any Marin paint job, for the film Vero had her own custom painted frame.


bigquotesWhilst shooting Vision movie Marin surprised me with a custom paint job Mount Vision that was absolutely insane. I’ve never had a custom paint job before. It’s probably done the most laps of Vision Line of any bike out there..Veronique Sandler

It’s clear that Revolution has helped Vero in recent years but her friendship with bike park owner James Foster has been a critical part of her creation of her new dirt jump spot. Renting some land from a local farmer and hiring James to operate a digger she got together with close friends this summer to create her own dirt jump spot. You can see why they call the spot “Lucky Dip”.

Photo by Kieran Kenney

bigquotesBecause we couldn’t travel I decided to take it into my own hands and find something around my local spot, luckily we have the most amazing local farmers who are super supportive of mountain biking and they were up for renting me a small piece of land..Veronique Sandler

Photo by Kieran Kenney

bigquotesBecause the bike park was shut James was looking for other work so it was the perfect chance to get him in here with his digger and his amazing skills. I was super lucky everything came together at the right time and now we’ve got an amazing spot to ride.Veronique Sandler

Oski is a big part of Vero’s life at home, always hanging out and she was really keen to take him for a little session on the local hill.

Photo by Kieran Kenney

bigquotesWe’ve got a new addition to the family, Oski, he’s a dog I adopted just over a year ago now.. a lot of the time we’re sessioning which is really good for him. We won’t go on massive enduro rides that tire him out, he just does a couple of laps and sessions with us..Veronique Sandler

Photo by Kieran Kenney

But this year wasn’t just about riding for Vero, she teamed up with good friend Tahnee Seagrave to open up their own online shop selling reworked sportswear garments.

“This is like my newest hobby that I picked up during lockdown, I’ve always been massively obsessed with vintage sportswear and recycled clothing. I taught myself how to sew off YouTube and Tahnee did the same thing. Reworked garms is what we call them..” - Veronique Sandler


Thanks for watching our first episode of the winter series, in the coming days we have a video planned where we look over some of our top 10 moments during the filming so far. As always please subscribe for more and we will see you in the next episode!

Riders | Vero Sandler & Leo Sandler

Filming, editing & words | Nico Turner

Photos | Kieran Kenney Photo

Sponsor | Marin Bikes

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 Man she's rad. Everything I see of her is smiles and good times.
  • 7 3
 All I could think of watching this video: i.imgur.com/8cmUvLg.jpg
  • 27 2
 that bike better ride like a dream, because it looks like a nightmare.
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 So true
  • 6 0
 Great video all, so cool to see Welsh trails on the front page lately, although the weather aint great, we have some amazing places to ride Smile
  • 2 14
flag Ba1rog FL (Dec 23, 2020 at 23:29) (Below Threshold)
 You have the best trails in Europe like Antur Stiniog, Coed Llandegla and Afan forest. I don't understand why you guys go to the Alps instead of riding local trails. Especially when most of you guys hate Europeans/French/Swiss/Italian ppl lol.
  • 13 0
 @Ba1rog: sounds like someone who hasn’t ridden in Europe...
  • 2 0
 @ronanwhitts: Haha, I can't really see the EWS coming to Afan or LLandegla anytime soon.
  • 6 2
 @Ba1rog: Europeans are great, as are their trails, it's just the English we don't like ;-) ha
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flag Ba1rog FL (Dec 24, 2020 at 13:02) (Below Threshold)
 @ronanwhitts: Are you blind, my profile picture is from Zore in Avoriaz lol. I am from the alps ... trust me you guys are worst than Parisians. Always complaining and why in France / Switzerland we speak French. 24/7 complaining about the trails and chairlifts etc. The British community is so toxic, you guys have no respect. Even one of you guys try to steal my bike while I was in the washroom in Chatel.

That is why stay in your island if you cant behave. Enjoy your local trails and Merry Xmas lol.
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 @Ba1rog: Most of us like the Europeans dude, it’s just the tabloid reading planks that don’t.
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 @kipvr: Have you been to Morzine / Chamonix or some cities in Spain? You guys are mocking the locals, you don't pay taxes, you don't respect the regulations. In Morzine few brits tried to steal some French flag while saying Brexit and obviously they were shitface lol.

I will not speak about you guys behaviour in Canada, especially in Quebec/Whistler lol.
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 Vision Line looks Eek

Also: Who's a good doggy, who's a good boy!
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 That was an a sick NOTHING! She’s an amazing rider.
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 This chick flat out shreds! What an awesome example to grow the sport, especially with her big smile and good attitude.
  • 2 0
 Vero, did you adopt oski from one of the litter of pups that Griffs dog had at revo
  • 1 0
 @mark3 Yo man! Yes I did.. Griff kept him but then realised he couldn't look after him so I adopted him Big Grin
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 @veroupintheplace: hi Vero, why did you move to Wales? Isn't NZ a nicer place to live - at least weather-wise? (serious question)
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 Great riding, trails, and attitude!!! God i wish more bike parks here in colorado would be on board with true doubles, like the park at the start of the vid!
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 Very cool video, Nice style in the life and on the bike.
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 Awesome altitude and get riding skill as amazing.!!! Hats off
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 Ma boys Fat Tom and Le'yo.
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 Ride on girl!!!
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 RESPECT ... minus the Jeep, 3/10 since it actually runs
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 How dare you disrespect the JEEP name?! I spit in your general direction!! .||||. ????????. ????
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 What a Boss!
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