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Video: Shooting 35mm Film & Riding in Maydena, Tasmania

Feb 26, 2023 at 19:48
by Yama Folk  

"The Team" | Maydena

As a bunch of friends that met and lived in Canada, it was somewhat surreal to be all reunited again in the country town of Maydena, Tasmania. All the way on the other side of the world in Australia and within that, one of the smallest towns in the nation. Whilst Maydena is a small town, don't be fooled, it boasts the best bike park in Australia. Soon to be known worldwide (to those that don't already know) when the EWS stops by in just a few weeks.

With the company of good friends and world class trails, there wasn't much else we needed to have a good time. We found ourselves camping in the heart of town on a mate's property. This set us up with the perfect base camp. A place to eat, sleep and most importantly...chirp each other. The constant flow of banter and laughter is what most friendship are built upon. With ours' there is no exception to this. Our luxurious camp included key amenities such us; our rustic bush shower (bag of boiling water hanging from a tree). The dorm, a row of 6 swags at the back of our shipping container. The main attraction, our glorious base, a shipping container convertor into a little studio by the great Simon McLaine. All pieced together to make a home for good times. Offer me a 5 star hotel and I'll turn it down everyday of the week, this was exactly what we needed. Huge shout out to Dane and Simon for putting it all together. It's common spaces like this that make trips like this so memorable.

When we finally got on our bikes we were blown away at the quality of trails down there. The majority of the group, bar on or two have all lived in Canada. Living in British Columbia we've be spoilt with some of the best bike parks in the world. Maydena is right on par with these bigger and more well known parks in North America. In particular, the steep natural trails the park is littered with are unreal. It feels like it's a bike park for those who don't usually like bike parks. We've all got friends that don't like riding in bike parks because it's too flowy or manacured. Whilst there are flowy trails in Maydena, the hand built trails that cut through the lush Tasmania forest will keep you coming back for more. That it will for us, we're hoping this big reunion in Tassie will become a regular thing for us all. We're really keen to see how this park grows over the next little bit. Only being a few years old there is no denying it's off to an amazing start.

Video Edited by: Tom Wilson (@YamaFolk)

Filmed by: The whole crew but special thanks to Tom Wilson, Corbin Selfe & Simon McLaine

Still Photography: Casey Ripper (@Caseyripperphoto) & Corbin Selfe (@corbinselfe)

Special Thanks: Huge shoutout to Maydena Bike Park (@Maydenabikepark) & Black Diamond Bike Racks (@blackdiamondbikeracks)



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 you know its artsy when you see the vimeo upload lol, jokes aside though it's cool to see projects like this. photos came out sick, especially the nose bonk on the rock
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 Someone found leftover film in the back of the fridge. I suspect it was tucked away along with the winners of the advent contest...gotta wonder how many years will it be before those are discovered, if ever?
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 Film is having quite a bit of a revival these days, and these folks do it pretty well.
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 Lots of good lead gen there. Must be a few million email addresses tucked in the back of that fridge.
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 A "video" shot on 35mm film would be dope (and expensive).
Sadly this wasn't that. Instead it was regular video with a super 8-ish effects applied and some still photography shots on 35mm because that's oh so hip again.
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 Cool to seeing you guys at Maydena, loved your setup in middle of town. It was cool just stopping at your guys place and having a chat on way back from the river for a swim. Seeing a group of guys comming together on the other side of the world to ride your bikes shows us all what a great sport MTBing is.
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 Those Toyota 4runner and Hi Ace will take you anywhere, cool pictures and video.
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 Great work, similarities to Korua snowboard edits over on Vimeo, added it to my offline playlist. Plus a no hip hop sound track, but maybe that’s my age
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 I was hoping for ebikes on film...will our current mountain bikes be a bit like film in 10 years...going to get the old analog bike out to show the kids what is was like in the good old days...
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 It’s amazing how far Tas has come in a decade or so and the quality of trail building just gets better and better. And yes, lots of Canadians on our trails this summer!
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 Sick project and cool edit!
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 Maydena trails are incredible. Love their natural blacks!!
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 That place looks killer, I must get there.
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 Those are some gorgeous photos!
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 The film's good, pictures too. But the 35mm film thing is just expensive, useless and so immensely hip. Should have taken a Fuji or Ricoh APSC camera with build in film modes and you have everything from both worlds, noone will tell the difference. And you must not pay 50 per film to devellop. But it is not quite as hip
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 @rol79: What about if it's about the art and not about the tool?
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 Eh, I enjoy shooting film more than digital. same reason I ride a bicycle. I enjoy a challenge. Sure it would probably take better photos, but with the film I buy, cameras, lenses, etc. I'm about even in price between shooting 40 rolls of film a year vs buying a nicer digital camera. Not trying to justify price, but it's not so bad.
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 what is this ews you speak of?
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 Love the visuals! Big ups!
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 Looked like a good vibe
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 Maydena FTW.
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 This is sick.

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