Results: Slopestyle - Crankworx Innsbruck 2023

Jun 24, 2023 at 6:27
by Ed Spratt  

You can watch the replay here.

1st. Emil Johansson: 97.25
2nd. Dawid Godziek: 95.25
3rd. Lucas Huppert: 85
4th. Torquato Testa: 83.25
5th. Max Fredriksson: 82.12

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 Foot off on 2'nd run, imo max 94 point
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 One could argue that Emil might have been judged too high in the past. But this 2nd run was insane. And it definitely was better that Godziek's 2nd (which was also insanely good).
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 my neighbours bike got robbed
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 Creativity and variety of tricks got robbed
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 Not usually a fan but Emil stomped that final run
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 except when he slipped a pedal...
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 @greatdividers: slip a pedal on a whale tail and get your foot back on before the end and still execute a perfect 3 whip i dare you
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 Semenuk got robbed
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 I honestly thought Emil was going to get a 95.00 and Godzeik was going to take the win by .25
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 Norbs got robbed
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 how many 360s?
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 Emil: yes
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 test got robbed tbh
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 Someone got robbed
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 Godziek. 100%. Was so stoked for his second run, really thought he had the win right there. Pointless saying anything further about Emil, it's all been said before, it is what it is.
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 @w0dge: Emil's run was absolutely insane. The level of technical difficulty something we've never seen before. Slipping a pedal and somehow getting it back on? amazing! But... he did slip and I'm not sure how you can score 97+ slipping a pedal on one of your tricks. I don't think the fix was in, but I also think the judges are not immune to the fairytale narrative and judged Emil on different standards than everyone else. It's like the NBA where superstars get all the marginal calls go their way.

All that aside, can't complain about the show and happy the Huppert and Testa had awesome results. Hopefully Isted and Paulson can put together complete runs soon.
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 @plyawn: People who watch these two runs and don't understand that Emil is doing things oppo don't get how ridiculous it is. He is just insanely good.
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 @ridingbiking: Not really, no, people who watch these two runs, understand EXACTLY that he's doing things oppo and DO get how ridiculous it is. However, we also like and support other amazing riders whose trick bags aren't just 'insanely good' whips and opposite tricks. It's also 100% the reason behind me writing pointless saying anything further about Emil, because it'll just be reiterated how insanely good / technically incredible he is at oppo tricks.
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 @w0dge: sure, I mean I get that for you but I’m want just talking about you.
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 @plyawn: You can't slip a pedal and get 97, surely.
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 @BenPea: yeah his recovery from it was unbelievable but I wondered the same. Wasn't a flawless run despite how good he rode it out
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 @ridingbiking: look at where snowboarding went, frontside and backside now, we need to make that transition from oppo and normal in slopestyle
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 @ads10: idk what difference that would make. Look at bmx and how technical it is. People like Nathan Williams can do everything oppo that he does regular but it’s still more difficult if it’s not your natural way to spin or whatever the trick may be. Changing the naming doesn’t make it less technical.
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 my gf got robbed
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 They are not rewarding risk enough.
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 I don't even know what that means. I think the top 8 all had at least 1 move in their run that would be considered a "land or get absolutely mangled" trick. 360 windshield wiper on a step down could go so so wrong, or the Oppo Cork 720 into a narrow whale tale that almost claimed Emil (but he's an alien and managed to salvage a truck out of it..)
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