Video: Aaron Gwin Previews the 2024 Tennessee National Downhill Course

Mar 18, 2024 at 8:29
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA lot of changes to the course this year should make for an awesome race! Windrock Bike Park

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 I really like this slower preview where he stops and shows options etc. over a rider blasting through it at near race pace. Both are great, but it’s cool to really be able to look at features
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 Agreed! I love being able to check out the trail itself and the technical sections!
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 For your average ebiker, this actually is race pace.
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 Yep agreed. They should do pov on their first run at world cups. Include all stops and confusion. Be heaps more informative to us watching.
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 I'm just glad to see Aaron on the bike again.
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 Beat me to it! I was just gonna say how happy I was to at least see Aaron back on a bike!
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 DUDE. Right from the start, first corner taped wider than a two lane highway. Nice work guys this look like an amazing track.
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 For real, not a fan of a main line track taped exactly 800mm wide. The best tracks have options.
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 Keeping it fresh and new. Thanks for taking Windrock into the next generation Aaron!
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 Mr Gwin, HI, That track looks awesome. Any room on your bike park for a Redbull Hardline track?? Let's Go!
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 Great looking track, love the changes. Great to see Gwin on a bike again.
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 Duck tape!
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 Was waiting for him to pass by a moonshine still
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 That looks like a really fun track!
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 Yeup… looks like it does indeed go down.
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 Wild speculation by an arm chair expert pinkbike commenter…typical
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 @xciscool: its Professor Arm Chair Expert Pinkbike Commenter.
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 He can someone plz drop the location/address of the park here. I’m trying to make a trip over there at the end of next month!!
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 Google is your friend
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 Looks like a great course!
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 It’ll be nice to see a full run at race speed
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 ...aaaanddd then halfway through he says "I'm on a borrowed ebike"
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 So cute...
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