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ocnlogan mikelevy's article
Aug 5, 2022 at 16:33
Aug 5, 2022
Kasper Woolley out of Whistler EWS after Freak Pump Track Accident
This is brutal. Here's to hoping he (you, if you end up reading this), heal up quickly and properly. he's always been a class act, its been great to see his career progress, and start pushing the big names in EWS. I wonder how much worse this was made by his condition (which he's publicly discussed before) that gives him more fragile bones, or if it was just that bad of an impact. Either way, that sucks.
ocnlogan mikelevy's article
Jul 28, 2022 at 10:58
Jul 28, 2022
First Look: Norco's New Fluid Is For a Bit Of Everything
@Gristle: Exactly, the sizes are in even increments. Honestly nothing to complain about here in terms of sizing. That said, I feel like EVERYONE feels that they're between sizes, unless they're really really tall, or really really short. So I get the feeling. Personally, I'm 6'1" barefoot, and also feel like I'm precisely between L and XL on almost every bike out there. There HAVE been bikes where the sizing was clearly not consistent, like the previous gen Nukeproof Mega. Where there was like a 15mm difference between Medium and Large, and like a 45mm difference between large and XL. But this is not one of those times.
ocnlogan seb-stott's article
Jul 28, 2022 at 10:45
Jul 28, 2022
Track Walk & Tech Randoms: Snowshoe DH World Cup 2022
@chakaping: I love the verdict for "Hero dirt" down through "really wet and sloppy" sorts of conditions. But its not my favorite tire for dry conditions. Its honestly kind of the wet season analog of the DHF (Which I view as a dry conditions down to hero dirt sort of tire personally).
ocnlogan mikekazimer's article
Jul 27, 2022 at 11:04
Jul 27, 2022
Review: Maxxis's New Forekaster Tire is Heavier & Better Than The Original
@hi-dr-nick: Must depend on which tires of theirs you're running or something like that. I've used a 2.6in Vigilante, and 2.5in Verdict (both in the light/high grip config) that have lasted pretty well. The Vigilante I swapped for the Verdict at around 300 miles without any visible wear, and the Verdict currently has ~450 miles on it and is still in great condition. Only downside I personally have noticed with WTB tires, is on my rims, they are VERY tight, making initial install a bit of a bear (especially with inserts). Also, they're a bit heavier than avg. I'm not a WTB die hard (currently looking to switch to a Kryptotal F for the marbly summer), but have been really happy with their tires so far.
ocnlogan seb-stott's article
Jul 22, 2022 at 14:02
Jul 22, 2022
Pinkbike Poll: Are You Satisfied With Your Brakes?
I've been extremely happy with my TRP Quadiems for 3 years now. Never overheated, never pumped up, they've honestly been great. I've also been happy with the Code RSC's on a few demo bikes I've been on. Similar in feel and power to my TRP's, no complaints there. I'm not a huge fan of the less modulation of the Shimano brakes, but I really don't have much time on them in comparison to the others. So I can't really comment on their longevity. Even though I hear good things about Hayes, and Magura, if I had to buy new brakes right now, I'd probably try to grab some TRP DHR-Evos (or Trail Evos).
ocnlogan mattwragg's article
Jun 29, 2022 at 12:52
Jun 29, 2022
Opinion: The Opposite of Learning to Fly
I'm 35, and have been riding for 3.5 years. I am trying to progress as fast as I safely can, so that I can build up the skills needed to ride safely into my sunset years (like the 74yr old guy mentioned above). The "day to day" types of crashes I'm not particularly worried about, as with pads, those are typically just a scrape, a bruise, something like that. Inconvenient, but the actual crash I'm not super worried about. I do find those useful as a check for "maybe I need to work on this technique, or adjust my riding to be safer" or stuff like that. Its the bigger life changing things I worry about. And not just the permanent life changing ones either (although obviously those are the most worrying). But even a short term "I can't do these things that I normally do" causes complications with work and family. And preventing those... seems to be part luck, but also part preparation (wearing appropriate gear), and part mentality (choosing when is a go/no go situation, how not to get in over your head, etc). Good luck out there everyone :D.
ocnlogan edspratt's article
Jun 25, 2022 at 13:12
Jun 25, 2022
Ella Conolly Breaks Elbow in Practice Crash at EWS Val Di Fassa 2022
I broke an elbow once, and not-very-smart me didn’t go get it looked at (you can’t do much with them typically though). Took a good few weeks before the it felt anywhere close to normal. Hopefully with the cast she will heal up faster. As It’s not particularly fun. And yes, now that it’s healed, I do wear elbow pads on every ride (leatt airflex is super breathable and pretty much don’t notice them being on, fwiw)
ocnlogan pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jun 24, 2022 at 10:49
Jun 24, 2022
Video: Pro Rider VS Pro Mechanic - Jack Moir's Canyon Strive Bike Check
Interesting that with the size small, the wheelbase is still 1255mm. Thats actually in line with a lot of other size large bikes after the 180mm fork and all that. For reference, all in size large: Canfield Lithium (1248mm) Rocky Mountain Altitude (1249mm) Santa Cruz Bronson (1249mm) Nukeproof Mega (1251mm) Norco Sight (1262mm) Transition Sentinel (1263mm) Nukeproof Giga (1266mm) So, while its "small", its not actually all that "small" from a wheelbase perspective. And yes, I did actually have all those numbers handy in my bike nerd geo sheet :P.
ocnlogan pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jun 24, 2022 at 10:38
Jun 24, 2022
Video: Pro Rider VS Pro Mechanic - Jack Moir's Canyon Strive Bike Check
The other article this week said Jack was 6'1" (185cm)? Having never met the man in person, I couldn't argue either which is right. Anyone else know how tall Jack actually is? Having said that, the man does have quite the length of seat post above the clamp/below the collar. Seems like he could use a 240mm dropper on that frame :).
ocnlogan seb-stott's article
Jun 22, 2022 at 13:52
Jun 22, 2022
Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Care What the Pros Ride
I learned today that I'm the same height as Jack (I thought he was more like 190cm). But I've got the same "problem" that he has. I've got a 36.5in (~92.7cm) inseam, which is pretty long for my height. Thus, I've found I'm relatively more sensitive to stack height (because even if I hinge at the hips, my hips are higher than avg, so I need stack height to match). And you can see that in his bikes where he massively increases stack height. Conversely, I've got a buddy who while shorter than me (5'8", or ~173cm) is apparently all torso, with a negative ape index. He's got like 28in (71cm) inseam. So a frame that fits him well looks proportionally very different to one that fits me well.
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