Video: Nina Hoffmann Shares the Ups & Downs of Racing in 'Focus'

Jan 11, 2024 at 8:33
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesRacing - alongside life - has many ups and downs. In this cinematic and short film written by Nina Hoffmann, she opens up about how she deals with it all. Santa Cruz Bicycles

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 I hope Nina crushes it this year! We got to chat with her at the last 2 Snowshoe world cups. She took lots of time to talk with my 2 daughters in both English and German. I couldn't think of a better role model for my girls both on and off the track.
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 She was the same when she visited us down in Maydena, in Tasmania! Even during their filming she took the time to ride a few sections with one of the young girls, and then made time to join our women's social lap on the Friday night.
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 @TasGravityGirls: that’s rad. It is rare to find someone who takes what they do so seriously and yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
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 101 Luftballons fûr Nina!!!
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 Great stuff! Not the usual words that are constantly seen and heard in downhill sport. An honest video that was finally human and interesting again.
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 So good! Congrats to Nina on her continued success.
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 That was a great watch. That kind of mindset of focusing on your own strengths and not looking too much at what others are doing is something that is not only good advise for racing, but life in general.
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 Hadn't heard the bit about big breaths at the very end before. Will try. Need to get to 100% of my 50% ability...

Anyone know the rules for that hand slapping game? Very confused
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 I’ve been playing hand slaps for 40+ years. Passed it down to my sons. Great way to kill time waiting in lines. Should be an Olympic sport by now.
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 @andrewbmxmtb: Ah thanks.
"Red hands" I've played, this looks... different? Hands touching opponent prayer style, pull hand back to some cue.
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 ..."that's why I always leave the gate smiling".
Whaaaaaaaaaa Smile
She's currently my favorite DH female rider and I'm so excited to see her riding every time.
Her talent, style, commitment, consistency, lovely personnality and great sense of humor make her someone really special.
Looking forwards to seeing her at the top of the top 'cos she's definitely made for that.
Allez Nina!!!!!
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 That was refreshingly different to the usual edits. Great stuff!
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 Nina is an exciting athlete and a great person. Looking forward to seeing what she does next season!
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 Yes Nina!! Such an inspiration on and off the track. Can't wait to see her this season!!
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 Way to go, Nina! Such a great role model for the sports, women in MTB and as a human being in general.
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 Very nice video Nina (and the crew behind it) and your words are very inspiring. All the best for you and the other ladies it’s always a pleasure to watch you girls and feel the race runs too in a different way. ️
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 Cool video
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 Nina is the classiest of the class acts.
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 That was very touching, well done. Cheers Nina, may success find you continually in the future!
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 Syndicate has the best kit for their racers.
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 I have to admit at the start of the season I didn't like the trousers with the big surnames on, but now I kinda like it.
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 'I always leave the start gate smiling...' Very cool.
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 Go Nina. Awsome athlete great rider utterly charming. Hugs
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 Vali better be looking over her shoulder..
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 well don't hassle the hoff

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