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Video: XCO Course POV from the Mairiporã XC World Cup 2024

Apr 12, 2024 at 1:34
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesOne hot lap with Julian Schelb on a new World Cup course in humid Brazil.David List

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 That looks brilliant fun to ride, and hard to race!
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 No riveting commentary but looks like they were pushing the pace! Guys they passed were standing parked.
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 It looks Fast, Fun and if it rains, very interesting.
Welcome to the Jungle Baby, You're gonna slide!

Now if we could only watch it on Red Bull, or YouTube.
Even GCN+ would be better than the convoluted crap it has become.....
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 XC-Slopestyle the next thing
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 Fast and fun course. Weather was pretty humid in the beginning of the week but has been slowly drying out and will continue like this until Sunday. No rain is forecasted for the weekend. Should be a great event! Enjoy the coverage if you’re not around!
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 Those fast downhill jumps over wooden bridges look cool but don't feel like the best idea when it comes to bunch racing...
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 OTOH they are located after a climb so the bunch will have thinned out at this point.
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 Looks like it's a fast course all round. Cross and Cobbles tactics are likely the best bet; go as fast as you can hold out for to start to get ahead of any danger, particularly by the first pump-track section.
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 MvdP has entered the chat.
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 At first, I was like looks like this is a race on a dirt road. But then I was impressed by the big wooden step downs. I was let down by the man made “rock gardens”. But the last half of the track looks real fun.

I also discovered. I must not be a cross country guy.
Because I’d be saying “Hi” to everyone I passed (more likely those passing me) and I’d be asking anyone stopped on the side, if they needed help with a mechanical.
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 I have a couple questions for XC racers. I noticed David's bars appear fairly narrow and he only covered the brakes on the descents.
* Are the narrow bars due to his build or is there an advantage when passing or in a group that supersedes the advantages of a wide bar?
* Is the changing grip a strategy to avoid hand fatigue or just his technique?
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 Do you keep a finger on the brakes at all times? I never have. Only on descents or fast flats
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 I think it's the Fisheye Lens he's using that makes close objects, like his Bars, look so narrow.
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 @Mrbadwrench2: yes, unless I need to give my hands a break
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 Usually XC racers use bars around 700 - 720mm - so yeah, narrow by trail standards
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 @kevbikemad: I race/ride xc and I use 720s. I never considered it to be a xc thing. Just the width that seemed to work for me.
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 Looks fun! I'd hit that on my enduro. A few walks here and there, but 90% fun.
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 Walk up or down?
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 XC has come a looonng way baby! Sweet track
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 nice to see new venues on the circuit
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 just "ä bissl schneller fahrn"
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 Logs in the ground, my favourite!

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 No kidding, such a lazy way to add some "trail features".
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 Seems cool, but how are there next to no roots exposed on that entire track? There are so many trees around.
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 Typical rain forest is totally different from you have in the northern hemisphere. You can still find tracks in Brazil with a lot of roots but that is not that common. I’m not an expert but is has to do with the soil nutrients and stuff…
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 Track looks awesome. Lots of options for passing, great to see a new venue
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 XC is so sick now!
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