Video: 9 More Training Tips for Lockdown

Nov 5, 2020 at 1:26
by Jonny Thompson  

9 Training Tips for Riders in Lockdown or Stuck at Home!
If like us here in the UK, you're now back in a national lockdown then have a watch of the video above to look at some simple and effective movements you can do at home!

We know that a lot of you PB readers are anti-fitness training, but why not give these exercises a go if you're stuck at home unable to ride due to COVID! They're free!

We're trusted by some of the worlds best riders, head to our website for more free training tips - Fit4Racing


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 Best training tip while in lockdown: go ride your local trails
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 All well and good to say this but many people don't live within a distance they can travel to in the UK where it is "essential travel only" and some European countries right now only allow 1km from your house to do anything at all. This advice is for those who can't ride and want to keep hold of some fitness/ability and those who want to mix up their approach to improving their riding.
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 @fit4racing: Definitely going include the isometric ski sit in my training, I do plenty squats (low and high rep) in training but always get tired on longer descents, I think it’s because the range of motion when riding gives zero time for rest, so fatigue just builds quickly, despite being reasonably strong in the gym.
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 I drive for a living and believe me , we are NOT on lockdown !
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 There isn't even available parking at my local it is so over crowded.
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 Wait, you're not using lockdown as an excuse to drink beer and play videogames?
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 But you've got to train to make it look like all you did was drink beer and play video games when get back out into civilisation. Just 45 minutes a day should do it.
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 Honestly since covid, it's amazing how much beer I've drank. Never used to even enjoy it before but I love a good ipa these days. But I just want normal life back lol. Luckily got trails right behind my house. Nothing like a couple beers then some sick riding, plus it makes the cold go away haha!
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 I love these videos. Kettle bells, body weight stuff, functional training. With shut downs and minimal gym time this info could save you bacon...or save you from being as fatty as the bacon.
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 Thanks for the positivity!
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 Train yourself to wear a mask and socially distance. American can't live in Covid denial any longer. The conspiracy you should all be looking at is why Trump and his administration decided on herd immunity in January and let the virus run free.
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 He didn't even have an evil plan. I would give him some respect he did. He only cares about himself (and so do 70 million other Americans). Fight me, 70M.
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 @suspended-flesh: "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"
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 @suspended-flesh: the majority of these dimwits are treating ChinaFlu in the same a redhead person treats the Sun. Maybe if you hide long enough you can prevent it but eventually you will go out and get burnt.
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 Awesome tips, been following the channel for a while and never felt fitter on the bike, less back pain after long days and big climbs have been a massive boost too.
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 That's amazing to hear, we're glad you're getting benefits from our content. Keep up the good work.
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 Great content! Whether you can get out and ride now or not, if you aren't combining strength training with your riding you are shorting yourself big time. I don't understand why so many people here are against it. Why not make your riding and your life better by training a little?
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 Well said.
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 Mix records, smoke ,drink jd...sorted
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 Thanks for posting these videos! It is going to be a long, long winter with covid constraints! Home workouts will keep me sane! Along with lots of muddy rides...
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 Also, cool tips thanks.
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 nice love stuff like this!
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 I counted just 8?!
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