Video: The Last Time You'll See This Joyride Course? - Inside The Tape

Aug 17, 2018 at 22:59
by Pinkbike Originals  

Measuring things and saying weird stuff. Rogatkin and Nyquist run us through the Joyride slopestyle course in Whistler, BC.

There have been some rumours going around about the future of the course, and not wanting to clickbait this video too much here... watch it to the end.

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 Yes get a new course already . Add some variety. And more tech features that riders can use creativity on instead of massive jump after massive jump .
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 well what would you add? you can't add rails and boxes or else its too bmx. quarter = flair or flair variations, loop de loop just sucks. north shore stuff was just wierd when it was in slope courses.
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 @makripper: just watch Brandon’s edits
Not all the jumps are huge . There is variety. Slope style in my opinion has stalled out . Look at snowboarding for example it died off for a bit cause it just be came a spin and flip fest and all the riders did the same thing . When the added boxes and rails it added a new dimension. Current slope style has no room for error in your run . If you mess up just a little you can’t make the next huge jump and the run is over for that competitor . We have seen this with lots of riders over the years . Also courses with multiple line choices would be nice , one line course are boring as f*ck .
Back in the day when joyride started it was a park style course not a line down the hill .
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 Force course designers to think out side the box make it exciting to watch again .
Back when al this started it was exciting cause not everyone could do back flips or tail whips . You had to get creative

Don’t get me wrong the guys are super sick and amazingly skilled and I could never do what they do do ...mad respect to them all.

We just need a new evolution in course design
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 I agree, remember a few years back they had a loop on the course even and loads of line choices that adds variety and makes the course fun to watch! Also get shrink the $130 dollar vip sections that take up loads of space and aren’t even full and the bloody bag searches lol
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 @mxmtb: Spot on!
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 Nyquist should be available as a medication for depression, dude is an injection of enjoyment.
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 makes Rotateking seem like an introvert.
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 Ryan Nyquist is the poster child/39 year old for Ritalin.
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 You're a poster child for Psychology today. Is he happy, has a sense of humour but doesn't fall in with the heard? Drug him...

Dude has accomplished more riding bikes than you could dream of doing of course he is stoked, positive and a bit goofy.
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 Only Nyquist could make guys like Tippie and Rogatkin seem mellow and reserved by comparison. Love that old school fun BMX/freeride energy between the 3 of them, like seeing the scope of that stuff and yet still having a great time and so stoked on it.
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 Finally an application of Ebikes we can all get behind.
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 that nyquist gap....what a maniac in the miost positive meaning
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 More Nyquist from now on. Please.
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 It makes... your butt hole... pucker?
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 Nyquist has to be apart of these from now on haha, to good !
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 Great entertainment from three legends!
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 Drink every time Ryan says “like”... wouldn’t make it through the video
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 funny af
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 I think Nyquist has said “like” a couple hundred of times haha
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 Never thought I'd watch Nyquist grab Tippie's ass... actually now that I type that it makes sense to me.
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 "literally" is becoming the new "like"
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 you're like, literally right...
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 When it comes to those jumps, I literally can't even.
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 I dont really like slopestyle, but that was funny!! haha
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 Well that’s the most I’ve laughed in weeks, gl bois
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 more nyquist, less likes, would be banger. that was painful and i like have a headache now ...
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 Those jumps are massive!
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 This course, like, looks like totally awesome.
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 Pretty boring tbh. Would love to see a mix of different features over the year. Start with some big stuff, then some medium sized hips, a quarter pipe, big multileveled box, and then some old school seesaws, log stands, dirt jump lines.

Most importantly I want to see variation/line choice. It's cool to see Rogatkin and Reeder try to throw 6 big moves in a run, but I'd rather see 20 guys showing what they can do on a skate park sized slopestyle spread.
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