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Feb 19, 2023 at 13:55
by Scott Secco  
Trevor Attridge - SightLines: Trevor Attridge rides outside the mainline and sends everything he sees. Sometimes, the best line isn’t the one everyone else rides. That’s the line that Trevor finds; popping off anything that even resembles a lip with hopes of catching an ambitious new double. The Norco Sight has been Trevor’s sole mountain bike for two years, taking in everything from typical enduro riding, shuttle laps, bike park days, 8-hour pedal sessions, and even 12-hour racing. Attridge joined forces with filmmaker Max McCulloch just north-west of Duncan, BC to capture his fresh take on the trails of Mt. Prevost and packed the action into SightLines in his new edit.

Dillon Butcher At Mount Prevost - Forbidden Side Hits 001: Side hits are rad, everyone loves them. They’re fun, approachable, jibby, and let us express our creativity. Forbidden Side Hits is a series of short creative videos that are all about having fun riding bikes. They’re a parking lot jibbin’, bike park berm slappin’, rock garden rodeo ridin’, trail speed trail gappin’ good time. Hold on to your tire levers cause these videos are gonna blow the bead right off your rim. Don’t forget to charge your AXS batteries either, cause this stuff will make even the nerdiest of comment section warlords kick the keyboard to the curb, mount their stead and ride off into the next craft IPA-laden sunset. To kick things off, we’re bringing you the one and only Dillon Butcher, who joins Forbidden for another year of good times on two wheels. In the inaugural episode, Dillon does what he does best on Vancouver Island’s infamous Mount Prevost. Now, sit back and enjoy. It's only a minute after all. Your work can wait.

Pick-A-Part - Wade Simmons & Steve Vanderhoek Take On The Shore: In this truly electric edition of Pick-A-Part, Wade Simmons teams up with fellow North Shore sender Steve Vanderhoek to cover everything from pre-ride e-MTB setup to adapting climbing techniques to staying planted in steep chutes with a bit of extra battery weight on your bike.

Caroline Buchanan - Clinching The Crown: A year paved with goals, injuries, triumphs, and securing that coveted title of the "Queen," follow the highs and the lows of the 2022 season as DEITY's Caroline Buchanan chases the Crankworx overall crown. Video: Vibe Imagery.

Alfie Stephens - Bristol 2023: Bristol local Alfie Stephens lives for MTB. This short edit features him riding a few of the cities local spots. The amazing and hand dug Belmont on the trail bike, the killer Sand Bay trails down the road in Weston, and some park and street around the city at some infamous spots. All filmed for the love of biking over a few sessions in the autumn/winter of 2022/23. Video: Jacob Gibbins.

Micayla Gatto - On The Road Virgin, Utah Ep. 2: In this episode, Micayla, Sofie, and Hailey head to the infamous Virgin, Utah to check out the OG Rampage site, ride a gnarly trail at Grafton, and link up with Sam Soriano and Alexa Christensen for a women's ride!

Kiel Johnson - Winter On Salt Spring Island: Kiel Johnson is a 17-year-old enduro racer from Salt Spring Island, a small island in the Salish Sea. Growing up on Salt Spring - as a mountain biker - is a very difficult thing to do. This is because there aren't many others who share a passion for mountain biking, and until recently there haven't been any enduro-type trails to ride. Kiel's passion and love for all things mountain biking has started a groundswell on this quiet little island and led to the planning phases of a sanctioned mountain bike park. Follow Kiel as he shows you around the local trails and what is the basis for an expanding trail network.

Rides In The Family: Growing up down the street from Northern California's infamous TDS Enduro, siblings Myles and Malia Morgan have had the opportunity to ride and race at "The Ranch" ever since they could pedal a bike. Tag along with the Morgans as they rip through berms and train for the upcoming enduro season.

Nothing To See Here: A good time on trails.

Equilibrio: "Equilibrio" is Spanish and stands for balance. For the twins it is important to have a perfect work/life balance. That's why there's no better option for them than to end and start the year in Barcelona on their bikes with all the homies. The bike park LaPoma is perfect for this and is the dream of every biker. As twins, they often complement each other, like yin and yang, black and white.

Nathan Williams - etnies X DIG BMX - Chapters 'RAW': During an era where they had one of the most revered and well-rounded teams in modern-day BMX, etnies released the full length video “Chapters” in 2017. With 35 trips over a period of three years, throughout 15 countries, at both legendary and new spots, the team shared good times, friendships, sometimes adversity, and have shed blood, sweat, and tears, along with groundbreaking and sometimes downright scary feats. Take a look back at Nathan Williams' compiled footage for his epic ender "Chapters" section, with unseen angles, some of the trials and tribulations, as well as the exhilaration of pulling them. Nathan put in work for this one, and the resulting section is stellar, even six years after the fact.

Julian Arteaga - Sluggin' Sluggin' brings Julian's casual yet masterful riding style to spots across Southern California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin. Nobody does it quite like Julian! Sit back and enjoy. Video: Zach Krejmas.

Adam Piatek - Vancouver Streets: Adam Piatek repping Kink in Canada takes to the streets of Vancouver, BC with a smooth mix of tech and burly! Video: Fontas Gilliatt.

Ishod Wair's "Spitfire" Part: It’s not just what he does, but how he does it. Ishod sets the standard, putting on a flawless clinic as DOOM spits on the track.

Ryan Connors' "Dish Pit" Part: Ryan’s power-packed approach vaults from harrowing gaps and speedy lines to some of the wildest mannies you’ve ever seen. Get in the pit.

Rio Morishige's "LENZ III" Tightbooth Part: Armed with light-speed flick and a mean mohawk, Rio charges the Japanese streets, ducking security, and gliding across gorgeous granite. Blink and you might miss a clip.

Emily Harrington Free Climbs El Capitan's ‘Golden Gate': Emily Harrington couldn't ignore the magnetic pull of El Capitan’s ‘Golden Gate’ (5.13). Here Emily shows us that it’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Salt Lake City - Over Yonder: Filming in Salt Lake City can feel like a struggle. So many people in the snowboarding community live there, and when it snows in the streets, it's a mad dash to the steel. You can drive around all day, and see lips built everywhere you look. To ride something new you need a creative mindset, you need to spend countless hours driving around searching for something new, and you need an attitude that doesn't quit. Brandon Davis, Jed Sky, and Kyle Mack took advantage of the early season snowfall in the city, and managed to bag several NBD's (Never Been Done), despite all the factors that make SLC tough to film in. Spots like the West Valley Skatepark Rainbow rail was finally done by Brandon, and the Tooele up rail got absolutely destroyed by Jed and Brandon. The things that are most interesting to us, are things we've never seen before. Even though it's filmed in arguably one of the most snowboarded cities ever, this crew manages to leave their mark in a unique way. Enjoy!

Marshmallow Walrus: Marshmallow Walrus is a short film chronicling an Alaskan peregrination through the Chugach Mountain Range, across Turnagain Pass, and deep into the icy depths of the Kenai Fjords aboard the Milo Surf Boat. With a directive, but no specific plan in place, Erik Leon, Frank April, and Marie-France Roy traverse mountain, river, and ocean in search of the most remote waves and big mountain lines that Alaska has to offer. A film by Black Koles. Featuring the riding of Erik Leon, Frank April, and Marie-France Roy.

Float: Before she dies, the 82-year-old Bubbe wants to learn how to swim, as chronicled in a short documentary by her granddaughter, Azza Cohen.


Photo: Liam Morgan

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 Oddly, for me, Movies for Your Mondays is all about skate and bmx vids. Thanks for publishing this content each week! I look forward to it.
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 Me too, I just wish there was more vert and park and less street.
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 Are there ever any skate edits not from Thrasher magazine?
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 @trellis-opportunity-red I If you want to check out the most creative, clever skater right now check out Andy Anderson. His entire ethos and theory about skating are interesting, entertaining, unique, and admirable.
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 I'm aware of Andy Anderson, and I agree - a spiritual successor to Rodney Mullen for sure. My comment is more about the apparent monopoly Thrasher have on publishing North American skate videos - which is fine, Thrasher are legit - but Pinkbike could maybe look a bit wider for skate stuff to include here.
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 @trellis-opportunity-red: that's a great point and I agree with you
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 Is this really how all our greats are going to go out? Making advertisements for mobility scooters.
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 In the right hands I guess an ebike can be almost as much fun as a mountain bike.
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 I feel like RaceFace is trolling us
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 Imagine writing this whole article and missing Kole Voelker's Welcome to Fit:
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 His new video is great! that 180 at the end was so clean.
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 Oh man don't bother riding Saltspring Island! Full of judgmental rednecks. No infrastructure. Lousy food . No one will show you the trails. Terrible place to visit. Artisan cheese , craft brewery with amazing beer. Fresh goods from hobby farms . All just nasty rumors. Island folk are always angry No idea how to chill. Stay away .
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 The ferry service will keep the riffraff off the rock.
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 Same with Squamish. Don't go!
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 Trevor Attridge - Not sure what's got better flow, the riding or the hair!
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 Are ya’ll EVER going to acknowledge the advent calendar sweepstakes?
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 I am the best skier on this Satan Damned mountain!
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 Nathan MFing Williams.

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