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GoPro HD: 2012 Crankworx Jeep Air DH with Brian Lopes

Oh dang Brian Lopes is training to get back to that top DH spot during Crankworx.


  • + 54
 if he was scrubbing any harder he would have a bar of soap!
  • + 4
 Doing the dh race course on a freeride bike because hes Brian Lopes!
  • + 14
 its because its not rough and it would be a lot sloowwwweeerrrr
  • + 3
 all mountain bike even man, ibis dont make a freeride bike.
  • + 0
 I stand corrected, my bad.
  • + 3
 explains why he is such a clean rider
  • + 20
 3:15 to 3:30 major dick move, I have passed like that in races, on a closed course and when it counts. If you wanted to do a "impress everyone" run, you should have Go Pro'd your race run, when you had a mostly empty track, instead of almost causing three kids to fricken crash and recklessly squeezing between two other riders at full speed. It's actions like this that can cause serious accidents, remember that those kids are someone else's children that your actions put at risk, not that I expect a man of 40years old with no kids to understand the gravity of that. I also can't understand why companies continue to sponsor a guy who behaves so reckless and without regard for others, not a good ambassador for sponsors or our sport. Did you cover this passing and trail etiquette in your "mastering mountain bike skills" book?
  • + 3
 Agreed. Shower bag move.
  • - 13
flag mitcht (Aug 19, 2012 at 12:07) (Below Threshold)
 Keep in mind his 2nd place race run time of 4:11... Making his pace in this video 95% race pace when he passed those kids dangerously.

I can't understand why Go Pro would condone this type of behavior. It's one thing for lopes to be a dick like this, but for Go Pro to actually showcase it in an article?

This is enough for me to never consider buying any Go Pro product down the road.
  • + 15
 i most defiantly understand what you guys are saying, and yes he should not have tried to pass those them at the speed, but dont try to make it sound like gopro encourages un safe riding behaviour because regardless of him passing them or not he is one of their sponsored riders so they were going to put there name on this vid either way. Its rely not something to get to worked up about, people get passed all the time on this section of the trail and its practice runs so its not like its un expected for top racers to want to try and get the best times they can, and just for showing a vid of a guy passing some one else at speed rely shouldn't be a reason to not buy their product. and they looked as if they were mid-late teens so its not like he was speeding by a couple of 9 and 10 year olds, but with that being said it still was a dangerous move.
  • + 8
 lopes is a dick. Doesn't matter how fast he is. Ive seen him refuse an autograph to a little kid at Sea Otter. Also, Im pretty sure GoPro didn't tell him to recklessly pass those guys like he did...Almost 100 percent he made that decision himself, Hahaha. But shit, hes stupid fast....
  • + 4
 I agree with all of you, i live in whistler and i ride A-line almost everyday, And it is freaking scary getting passed while ur already going a good 60km/h down that hill... He could have waited about 30 feet and just passed at the wide open tea party, yet he has to be a dick and passes at the worst possible time in a corner..... one day someone will get seriously hurt because of this...
  • + 2
 @d-ponko. i know gopro didnt tell him to recklessly pass them and thats not what i said. I said that they were going to put their name on the video because he is one of their sponsored riders, i never said that gopro was the one who told him to do what he did. And just because some one declines an aoutograph shouldnt rely decide if they are a dick or not. Hes probs confronted by people all day and i couldnt blame him if he just wanted to be left alone.
  • + 40
 I'm 24 the two other guys are 20, we're not kids. It's fine that he passed
  • + 18
 Or he could (& probably should) do what we do on dirtbikes in the woods, which is; Let out a big "WooWooWoo!" to let the rider know you want to pass... & here's where it gets really cool... The guy finds a good outside line & you go right on by. I know it sounds crazy, but it's amazing how far a little friendly communication can go(pro)!
  • + 8
 SUCK IT UP YOU LITTLE PANSIES! seriously, he passed some guys, get over it!! who cares if he passed "recklessly" hes a faster rider he therefore gets that privilege. This is a reckless sport, and its not irresponsible of anyone, it makes an entertaining gopro vid.
  • + 13
 how cool would it be to see lopes go flying by you like that i would try so hard to keep up just to meet him at the bottom
  • - 6
flag santacruz-syndicate (Aug 15, 2012 at 14:37) (Below Threshold)
 if there is anybody faster than him on that course.... never mind, theres not. That was insaine!
  • + 38
 Never mind there is and his name is Steve Smith
  • + 14
  • + 8
 and last year his name was andrew neethling
  • + 2
 Dude!!!! look at him at 3:51 he´s faster than f*ck!!!!!!
  • + 4
 Yep! I was like "ohhhh are you seriouuuuus??". Imagine if he hits one of these trees...
  • + 1
 not cool if he made you fly into a bush tho...that was still the most impressive gopro footage i have seen
  • + 9
 I think this is terribly irresponsible of the bike sponsors. They should fit Brians bike with a horn

that way people would know he was on his way down and they could choose to move out of the way or weave erratically from side to side laughing manically.

Allegedly the last kid he overtook span out of control and fell into a ravine and was eaten by a bear.
  • + 1
 rofl ,imagine having that on your bike
  • + 8
 this guy should be black! hes to fast for a white guy
  • + 6
 Amazingly fast! How can he downhill so fast without falling or slipping? That is precision and skills.
  • + 4
 Amazing on his practice run the track isn't closed. And I luv the riders chit chating on the caurse, get of to the side if ur gonna chat..... just like snow boarders.
  • + 3
 i just loved how he blew past the slow riders haha
  • + 1
 its one thing to pass a couple kids while doing a video for gopro, but its another to be a total ass and not say a thing to anything of them. atleast warn them and say thanks! thats such a pure dick move.
  • + 2
 hahahaha matt brayden and ben
  • + 2
 And that's why he's a pro and I'm not....
  • + 2
 haters always gonna hate right put this shit in ur FAVS
  • + 1
 no wonder he allways wins
  • + 1
 what kind of bike is that?
  • + 1
 ibis mojo hd
  • + 1
 SWEET JESUS.... 3:53 my eyes stopped blinking O_O
  • + 2
 holly scrub..
  • + 1
 That was just unbelievable...
  • + 1
 He must be a kinky fucker cus he sure likes his whips...
  • + 1
 3:51 - 4:00 WTF!!
  • + 1
 agreed !!! madness skill
  • + 1
 That was INSANE!
  • + 1
 i wish i was there
  • + 1
 what bike is that
  • - 1
 What a dick to rub people off the trail on single track.
  • + 7
 It wasn't single track. Loads of people pass on that section. There's plenty of room for two bikes down there.
  • + 3
 yeah, if you pass anywhere else on the trail like the jumps it actually scares them shitless, he chose the best spot to pass, if you've ridden there you would understand, he is practicing for a race run to win a fair bit of money, and if people were slowing you down, what would you do, stay behind them?
  • + 3
 I've ridden the trail many times before, I still wouldn't pass people there. I too race, and if I was practicing and I approached others, I would stop and wait, not ruin their ride. Lopes doesn't need the cash prize from this event, he needs to make a top to bottom run for Go Pro, and he does it in a fashion where he passes people on single track--hardly professional.
  • + 5
 world pussification right thur
  • + 2
 Is what Brian lopes is?
  • + 2
 yes hahaha,

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