Aaron Gwin on Trek for 3 More Years

Aug 14, 2012
by Karl Burkat  
After two incredible seasons where the history books in Men's Downhill racing have been re-written several times, UCI World Number 1, Aaron Gwin (USA) has just confirmed his recent re-signing with Trek World Racing for the next 3 years. The announcement made last night in the US during the annual Trek World show in Waterloo, Wisconsin which Aaron was attending.

The young American has scored some pretty impressive achievements since climbing aboard the Trek Session, and it's obviously a winning competition that the 2 time World cup Champion wants to see continue.

"I'm honored to continue my relationship with Trek Bicycles, and the Trek World Racing program. Their support has been a key part of my success over the last 2 years, and they’ve given me all the tools I need to reach my goals. I'm excited for the years ahead, and looking forward to further developing the Trek Bicycles brand."

A goal that still remains for Aaron this year will be his attempt at winning the UCI World Downhill Championships in Leogang (AUT), a venue that has brought him World Cup success in the past. Then he'll head to Norway to collect the World Cup trophy and try and put in another win for the season.

Team Director Martin Whiteley says – "Obviously we're thrilled to know we have Aaron back with us for a long period of time. He's a consummate professional to work with and a great inspiration to his team mates. His confidence in our staff and support means a great deal to us and we'll do all we can to support him in achieving his goals over the coming years".

Stats: - In the past 2 seasons with Trek World Racing, Aaron has won 9 of the 13 World Cup Downhill events; achieved 100% World Cup podium results, and won two World Cup overall titles. He is the first rider in the history of the sport to win 5 World Cup races in a season (2011), the first to win 4 World Cup races consecutively (2012), and the first American male ever to win the World Cup Downhill Overall title.


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 Is it just me or does trek have some of the best mountain bike athletes ever! Semenuk, Mccaul, Neko etc!
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 More Gwinning for 3 years,awesome job Trek for having these athletes under you're wing.
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flag alazamanza (Aug 14, 2012 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 it would technically be gwinning without trek.... no part of "gwinning" has any refrence to the trek world racing team...

besides i thought they were goin oo pot over the last few years... their wc team lost emily batty and t-mo....
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 Lance armstrong! The biggest bike company in the world have the money to get the best riders in the world...
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 59 on the last photo? they must be wrong;p
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 That 59 is not his WC ranking plate. It's from the US Gravity race.
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 Rene Wildhaber too...
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 3 more years of domination
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 That's bull alazamanza, Gwin has said it himself in countless interviews that the support he gets is what helps him. obviously a lot is up to him but he wouldn't have the opportunity to unleash the beast without all that company backing.
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 KennyKillslt: The reason that Gwin is so fast, he said himself, that "God is his drive-train" nothing to do with trek. I'm doing this to see how many pinkbike arseholes neg prop me Smile ♥♥♥
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 Yeah, his faith and faith comes from within
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 Definitely for sure Trek did help enormously to Gwin's success. The bike is only part of it. Trek are so involved in his training, feedback and support. Trek provides the sum of all pieces. That's something that Gwin had trouble with when he was with Yeti. Good for Gwin and Trek.
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 You also have to give credits for shimano and fox. Gwin has the best package
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 Any rumors on who will replace Justin Leov on track world racing.. Brook McDonald??? Ohhh yeah
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 emily batty still rides for trek, just on the trek subaru team, not the world racing, catch the net
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 That signature pearl necklace, so many wrong things can be said. She defo keeps it tight
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 ah man I was totally hoping Huffy was gonna pick him up
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 or hyper...
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 ^^ Nice
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 no did you not hear... him and peaty will be riding mecanically operated eggs called gary.....
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 whats sad or awesome depending on how you look at it, is he could probably podium on a Huffy, or a mechanically operated egg called gary...if he had too.
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 good for american fans, crappy if your his opponent...
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 now how do I get on Trek?
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 "I'm sorry sir, but Trek will not sponsor humans....." Lol
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 $10,000 that's how. Trek even has a lock on arguably the best fork on the market, only available when you buy a Session 9.9

Good job Trek, for helping Aaron prove his dominance, and great job Aaron for being the guy to beat.
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 Makes sense. Why change a winning team...I mean Gwinning team.
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flag alazamanza (Aug 14, 2012 at 12:27) (Below Threshold)
 ermmmmmmmm how is it the best fork... its a mash of an old 888 with a 40....????? besides the prototypes of the 40 rad look waaayyyy better!!!
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flag Brett13 (Aug 14, 2012 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 I am selling my 2012 Trek Session 9.9 for $5500- retails for $9200, I broke my thumb in the middle riding season and selling it to get next years model. Message me if you're interested.
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 its called PB Buysell.....
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 easily one of tge most technologically advanced forks for sure (except maybe bos but nobody rides those), gwin could podium on anything tho, anyway point being you either love or hate the fork but its still arguably the best as its the most advanced damper wise, go ahead neg prop me boxxer/888 fans, and no only 40 i owned was the 2010 one
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 Trek is great, just one complaint. And that is that they upsell the entry level bikes. They act as if there basic bikes are so much better than others basic bikes and they really are not. But they will be nearly double the price. People think they are getting something amazing because it is a Trek. When at that price level they are only getting a name.

(talking about entry level everyday bikes like hybrids and what not)
(I work at a bike shop)

But i will have to say that the expensive Treks, like the session, slash etc are high quality amazing bikes. I was kind of wishing he would soon go to a smaller company. Cause he can win on anything, no doubt.
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 what a boss
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 Good that hes staying
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 Not many other teams could afford his price tag
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 I really want a Gwin replica jersey with stars & stripes on the sleeve. Has any DH rider ever sold replica jerseys, or is DH anti poser?
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 You can get trek world racing dh jerseys at any of the dh world cups from the twr pits
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 Gwin has spanked the competition in DH racing in the past two yrs with lot's more killing to do! This man is unstoppable. USA USA!
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 he should race for intenseeee............
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 I think one day he will ride for Intense, it might be just at a Sea Otter like Palmer, but I am sure he is sick of everyone at his local trails (Temecula) asking him why he does not, but for now's he's atop his game getting paid by the biggest I don't hate him for that.
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 Trek has the cash to pay him, Intense is to small a company to pay him what he is worth
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 Yeah, but IT was not simple to keep the Gwiner on the Team. I guess that big USA brands has also make proposition to him......
So the questions are Does specialized will find big names.....?
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 This was a transition year for Hill and Specialized because of his past injuries(it takes more time to get your confidence back than it is to heal your wound).

Next year with Troy back with Specialized they are in good hands, though Troy will have to go through the same thing Sam went through but he is younger, so I don't think it will take that long. I cant wait to see Troy back, he has so much potential.
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 We're always reading in the news the actual monetary value of sportsmen's wages. No mention of Gwinner's salary here. How much do they make? Is it more than a normal job do you think?
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 Gwin, Semenuk, Wildhaber, McCaul, Rheeder, Howard... Trek have all the most successful and stylish riders right now! I'm off to buy a trek already!
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 gwin has no style to his riding .. hes just unreally quick!! and semenuk needs to learn that theres more to being stylish than pulling insane tricks brendog is the most stylish rider out there.... rant over
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G.O.D. 15%

Hard for other guys to compete against those percentages imo!!
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 was that not john tomac?????????
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 Tomac won in xc, wow i almost forgot about Mr Johnny T.
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 Crap! I was hoping Specialized would sign him up!
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 wow i cant believe you wrote this! it came true!
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 Haha....how awesome is that.....can't wait to see him on a Demo!
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 So all this is history.......coz he signed with Specialized right?
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Specialized must have payed a LOT since this deal was already signed and sealed.
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 who won the world cup overall title before Gwin?
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 Minaar I believe
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 was it not Gee?
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 yes it was Gee
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 cool stuff
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 Pay him the big bucks Trek!
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 Um, what happened to this? Why has Gwin now left for Specialized?
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 they should have paid him more lol!
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 yea am on a trek for the next 3 years too oh what joy
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 What a machine!
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 thank god
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 Un buen piloto necesita una buena montura...., juntos hacen la pareja perfecta. !Aquí tienen un ejemplo¡ =)
.... Me alegro muchísimoh!.. ÁNIMOO AARON!^
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 No comprendo
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 pero yo si wuey!
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 Pero is dog in engrish
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 Que no comprendes¿? :O
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 ruf ruf
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 Parabéns !
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