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Mar 10, 2014
by Scott Secco  
Jonty Neethling - Preseason Summer: Jonty rides his local trails in the prime of South African summer. Song: Fenech Soler - It's In Our Blood. Video: Thomas Sandell.

Views: 24,594    Faves: 235    Comments: 25

Farm Jam MTB Recap: The best of the dirt jumpers at Farm Jam 2014.

Views: 9,013    Faves: 58    Comments: 4

Live To Ride - Wide Open Sheffield DH Team (Teaser): The awesome team over at Wide Open DH invited me down to their trails to shoot them a cool little edit, the full length film will be released mid-April. Stay tuned!

Views: 13,018    Faves: 77    Comments: 14

Tom Cardy and Joe Simkins - Welcome to Dartmoor Bikes: Tom and Joe throwing down.

Views: 11,849    Faves: 149    Comments: 19

Lina Hansson: Short edit from autumn 2013. Rider: Lina Hansson. Video: Nicklas Bredberg.

Views: 11,562    Faves: 57    Comments: 49

Matt Bolton - Joyride: Quick shred at Joyride.

Views: 9,354    Faves: 84    Comments: 37

2014 Outlaws of Dirt - MTB Highlights: The 1st stop of the KHS/Free Agent Outlaws of Dirt was such a great time! Riders came out from New York down from BC and up from California to Burlington Bike Park in Washington and threw down. The win in MTB went to Josh Hult (Redline Bicycles), in 2nd was Jake Kinney (Deity Components) and 3rd was Reece Wallace (Giant Bicycles).

Views: 7,393    Faves: 80    Comments: 10

Glenn King - 2013 Leftys: Glenn put together his leftover freeride and dirt jumping footage from 2013. Solid riding in there!

Views: 6,825    Faves: 56    Comments: 10

Sami Gowdy: Quick edit from Ted Williams. Video: John Edwards.

Views: 7,312    Faves: 72    Comments: 28

Osmaston Pumptrack: A sweet little pair of tracks built by

Views: 10,955    Faves: 101    Comments: 2

Commute: An ode to the daily commuter!

Views: 6,902    Faves: 44    Comments: 8

Owen Marks 2013 Ender: Owen and I filmed this from December though January. Video: Andrew Squires.

Views: 7,797    Faves: 101    Comments: 13

Slayerized 2 - Masters of Death: I guess Slayer is big in Slovakia?


Dan Foley - Dyamics: Foley is one of the most stylish riders you'll see anywhere on two wheels. He rode, shot, and edited this video himself.

Dan Foley - Dynamics from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

Stéphane Candé - Bio: Stéphane's work is fantastic. You may have noticed one of his shots featured in our Photo of the Year contest.

Killer Loop introduces Stéphane Candé from Killer Loop on Vimeo.

Plane Camping in Alaska: Behind the scenes with Sweetgrass Productions on the set of their film Valhalla.

The Weight of Mountains: This is a short film about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed.

The Weight of Mountains from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

The Nomad: Video one from the 'Of Souls + Water' series.

OF SOULS + WATER: THE NOMAD from NRS Films on Vimeo.

Big tuck no hander from Blake Samson for Dirt Magazine Run to the Hills - Laurence CE - Find the full slideshow here https 86129923

Title Photo by: Laurence CE

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 I knows some of you wait for others to comment so you don't waste your time or bandwidth, so (IMHO):

Jonty Neethling - DH trails well ridden. Berm smashing.
Farm Jam - DJ. Best recap of Farm Jam I've seen. Must watch. BMX riders missing though.
Sheffield: More intro than riding, and then... other two DH vids much better.
Dartmoor: Indoor park. First two minutes must watch - great skills.
Lin Hansson: Pass on this one. I know you'll ignore me because it is a good looking girl. Skip it sucker.
Matt Bolton: Indoor park, good skills but Dartmoor has better riding if you can only watch either.
Outlaws of dirt: Indoor dirt jumps. I enjoyed Farm Jam vid better and better music
Sami Gowdy: DH. Interesting trail in cool terrain. Well ridden.
Osmaston Pump track: more jumping than pumping, but very well ridden. Cool manuals. Jefferson Airplane - nice.
Commute: Exactly what is says. No street riding if that's what you are expecting. Skip...
Owen Marks: Dirt Jumping. Mostly Post Office jumps. Smooth riding. DJ fans will like it. Some helmet cam footage.
Slayerized 2: 1990s-esque quick edit footage of dumb crashes. Skip.
Dan Foley. Street and park BMX. What sucks about this video is your opinion of your riding skills after watching. Must watch.
Stephane Cande: This is about photography, not riding footage.
Plane camping in Alaska: Ski fans only. Skiing starts at 2.00.
The weight of mountains: Didn't watch as it goes for twelve minutes. Someone else tell me what it is about.
The Nomad: Hoping to see gnarly footage of kayaking? AFAICT, starts at 5.50 and ends shortly after. Mostly talking, don't know what about.

You're welcome!
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 Nice. The weight of mountains is about the evolution of mountains on Earth. Basic geology with a philosophical touch. Some nice footage and relaxing music. Probably not the one to watch to get pumped for a ride. One to watch if you're interested in Earth sciences...
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 You've saved me some valuable time, man! Thanks!
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 Cheers buddy. Only problem is I have to keep scrolling down to see what I'm watching next!
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 Cue Bill Lumbergh voice:

I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you come in every Monday and do this , mkay ? ... That would be greeaaaatttt.

*Sips coffee and walks away before you can answer*
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 Agree on the Linn Hansson skip. Not to sound sexist but I'm tired of well edited videos of marginal female riders. I hold doors open for both women and men. Sorry.
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 Why do people insist on using the same played out songs over and over for their videos? Use something original that hasn't already been used in a recent video. You put all that work into an edit and then pair it with a dumb played out song, learn how to identify songs that pair well with the tempo of your edits. Don't be afraid to use b-sides, lots of hidden gems waiting to be heard by the worldSmile
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 that Weight of Mountains... So relaxing after school on a monday i just want to sleep or like meditate or something now
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 i officially hate mfym, all i wanna do is ride now and i cant cuz its winter Frown
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 Well, the edit is nothing serious. We just went out to test some camera angles and I don't even got spikes on my tires. I'm suprised it is here on MFYM but of course it's very fun! But stay tuned, it's more to come! Smile
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 @imamodel, you nailed it except for slayerized, that one might have been my favorite. gives a whole new meaning to "if your friends jumped off a bridge..."
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 Thanks Lester. The reason I didn't like Slayerized is because I've seen that sorta of thing many times before. Back in the day when MTB vids were in their infancy, there were two types of videos (and when I say video, I mean VHS - magnetic tape!). The first kind was footage of racing, the second kind were like Slayerized, but with a bit more riding - crazy guys doing crazy things. I blame 'Demented Chowder Pilots On The Run', a snowboard film about guys that set the standard on crazy people doing crazy things. And probably still the best soundtrack of all time.
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 Slayerized was by far the best video of the bunch. It was entertaining, funny, and made me stoked to ride all at the same time. The rest were good, but nothing outside of the norm.
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 I thought the edit was very entertaining!
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 found it got old pretty quick but good music none the less
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 Man that slayerized vid was awesome so old school and so mental/metal! Glad people are still into that vib!
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 Dan Foley....That guy is ridiculous. I don't ride street but even I can appreciate his mad skills. Loved it. Can't quite see how he shot it all himself- as the camera appears to be moving when he's riding.... unless he bought a robot. Who knows.
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 Most of it is self filmed like his other self filmed videos - and
but theres quite a few shots filmed by his ex-team mates as he got dropped by his sponsors (no-one can really figure out why) this winter
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 Weird he was dropped- some of the most stylish and flowing street skills I've ever seen! The tripod edit you put a link too was rad- the best static shot edit I've ever seen. Clearly a highly talented guy.
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 Dan Foley is an artist with his bike. That was unbelievable!
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 Style for miles, looks effortless.
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 Slaaaaaaaaaayer. am so going out to ride right now!!!! awesome
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 The Stephane Cande vid isn't a typical riding vid, but not everyone enjoys bikes just by riding. It can be very exciting and rewarding getting/trying to get a cool shot. While it may not be nailing a sweet new trick, it still gives a great sense of accomplishment. His circumstances obviously weren't the ideal way to figure it out, but it is very inspiring to see someone who truly knows what they enjoy and want to do with their life. There was some really great riding in some of the other vids but this was by far my favorite this week.
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 Really enjoyed The Nomad. Makes you stop and think/reflect, especially on a Mon morn. Yeah no biking and not a ton of action but that's part of what makes MFYM cool.
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 Y'all know y'all clicked on the Lina Hansson video. I'm not taking the bait...
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 Haha well, didn't expect the video to come up here really. Nicklas and I were just going to test some camera angles and I don't even got spikes on my tires. But oh well, of course it is fun the edit is here on MFYM but we both can do better! Smile
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 The video of Stephane Cande is wicked! He's realised that life is to short and making the most of it.
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 I love Masters of death!!!
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 pretty stoked my video made it on here! Thanks pinkbike! Beer
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 Amazing disappearing jacket when going slow-mo!
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 Just going out for a ride and this came up, tell me what to see first when i'll get back Smile
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 good call. Time to ride!
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 I have to admit, slayerized is fairly entertaining.
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 yes because it was made for entertainment from footage collected during the year (some clips were taken already at Slayerized 1 premiere afterparty Smile ). If you want to see the crew in more "serious" riding video, check this out: a href="">Real Deal movie/a>
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 My video made it up I'm stoked, I filmed and edited it all in one day!
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 Good work! Not much DH this week and I think yours was the most interesting. That trail is nice.
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 DAN FUCKING FOLEY!!!! Such a good dude. stoked to get to ride with him a lot.
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 EVERYBODY MAKE SOME NOISE! two people wooo... lol
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 I saw Movie of Mondays, I'll come back tomorrow and see which video has most favourite and start from there.
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 That whip on 00:28 in the 10th vid... too sick!!!
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 Lina Hanson = marrige material. Can ride, is a stunner.
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 Haha thank you, more to come so stay tuned! Smile

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