2011 Norco Range - An All Mountain Rider's Wet Dream

Jul 16, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
You ever get caught up in the style of riding that you most participate in and forget that there is a lot more out there? DH and DJ and SS styles of riding are so fun to watch and participate in, but when it comes down to it a bike company has to be super versatile and cover all genres of cycling, not just MTB in order to survive in today’s market. Norco is one of those brands that stands tall and has a bike for everyone and they deliver it at more than reasonable prices to make it that much more enjoyable to the consumer.

Our focus for the 2011 launch is on the all new Range line of bikes. More details, pictures and video inside,

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The Range is replacing the very capable Fluid LT 6 and taking versatility in an All Mountain bike even further. Refined suspension and optimized geometry along with all new tube sets take the Range further than Norco AM bikes before it.

We sat down with Norco's Head Engineer P.J. Hunton and had him go over the new Range for us, enjoy the riding that was also captured over the course of 2 days of riding on the infamous North Shore trails.

Details on the 2011 Range line up from Norco:

160mm of A.R.T. (Advanced Ride Technology) Suspension
-Proven FSR for active ride
-Improved anti squat to reduce bob
-rearward axlepath for better square edge hit compliance
-lower leverage ratio for better tuning

-Syntace X-12 rear axle system - 142mm rear
-Post mount rear brake – no need for adapters on 6” rotors
-Replaceable Hanger w/shear bolt – integrated drop out design

-Tapered Head Tube - 1.5" lower = Larger down tube = stiffer, 1 1/8" upper – lighter

-One piece forged and welded linkarm = stiffer rear end that resists lateral twisting forces
-Ergo finger holds on the links – hike a bike with comfort

-Integrated adjustable seatpost cable guides

-Hydro formed tube set = light, stronger and better stand over

-Improved tire clearance in the rear
-ISCG 05 Chain Guide mounts
-5 sizes, XS, Small, Medium, Large and XL
-Anodized finish on SE and 1, painted on the 2 and 3

Spec highlights on the Range series:

-Wider bars
-Short stems
-Subtle colour match components
-Bashguards and triples (Bash in box)
-66.5 degree HT angle
-160mm front forks and suspension matching(Fox w/Fox, RockShox w/RockShox)

2011 Norco Range SE - top in the line

Pricing, weights and Availability:

2011 Norco Range SE - $6950USD, $7799CDN, Avail. Oct. 26.6 pounds
2011 Norco Range 1 - $4580USD, $5000CDN, Avail. Oct. 29.1 pounds
2011 Norco Range 2 - $3365USD, $3650CDN, Avail. Oct. 30.1 pounds
2011 Norco Range 3 - $2415USD, $2625CDN, Avail. Oct. 34.4 pounds

*A.R.T. Suspension will be available on the Range, Vixa, 29" Shinobi and the Phaser for 2011.


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 -rearward axlepath for better square edge hit compliance

can someone from Norco answer how they have achieved this small miracle whilst using FSR suspension?

because it smells like marketing B.S. to me....the FSR "virtual pivot" has a 'near' vertical axle path, not rearward in any way
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 It sounds to me that what they have done is tilted the rear link counter clockwise (from a drive side view) thus using the chain length to help pedalling efficiency as it extends under compression. Sounds like you may wear through a fair few chains with this system.

I have noticed that the base model Range is using a different seat stay (possibly from a Fluid LT) that doesn't use the post mount or through axle which is going to make it much less stiff than the higher models.

Basically the way I see it is if you want a bullshit good all mountain bike for good dollars then go the Range 2 or 1, if you can afford the SE, look at a Stumpjumper EVO, Nomad C, Blur LTC etc.

This looks to be a step in the right direction for Norco though and I am stoked for them! Maybe a carbon Range for 2012?
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 ash - is this also how they would achieve 'anti-squat'?

Just watched the video! Apparently yes.
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 why has it got elixir R's? i thought for 2011 the R's were being replaced with X9's
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 X9's are derailleurs. The Elixir R's work great, and are a simple brake. The reach adjustment is the one adjustment I think all brakes should have, and the system Avid uses is simple to understand and use.
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 for the new x-9 groupset elixrs are labelled as x-9s though. The bike however doesn't have a full x-9 groupo so... the brakes are the singular form of it... elixr R's
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 The Elixir CR's are the X-9 level brake, not the R's. The R's are for the X-7 groupset. However, these brakes are still labeled "Elixir" and do not take on the "X-whatever" monicer. Only the highest end elixir cr mag's recieve the X title, becoming the "X-O" brake (although they do recieve some tech changes).
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 $7800 bucks?! Shit son! That's like a nice mojo, lt carbon, 575......sorry Norco but you're not in that league.
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That is for the top end model, this one > www.pinkbike.com/photo/5336605

the build kit explains the price. Full XX, Crankbrothers Wheels, SixC groupo. Nice setup!
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flag gregstevenson (Jul 16, 2010 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 What league is that? The part spec on the SE is sick and the frame rides amazing. Plus the frames you listed are all carbon anyways so they wouldn't compare in that case.
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 Exactly, the other bikes are full carbon, but they compare in price, that's what I'm saying.....Norco hasn't shaken the hardware store bike stigma yet in my opinion. Sick looking bike for sure, but if I were laying down that kind of cash on a bike, it wouldn't be that one.
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 suit your self but i would be
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flag gregstevenson (Jul 16, 2010 at 11:57) (Below Threshold)
 You also need to realize that those other companies are much larger and are able to mass produce more of those carbon frames which makes them cheaper when they go to retail. Thats the only difference.
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 Ibis, Santa Cruz and Yeti COMBINED are not bigger than Norco!
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 Agreed. And I don't care what a companies 'costs' are, all that concerns me is the price on the sticker.
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 I would much rather have a carbon Nomad at that price tbh, a Norco for $7800? Not gonna sell well IMO
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 Most of the price tag is made of components though. Compare prices frame to frame and I would think there isn't really much in it. I think people have to get over their hang ups on brand names, almost every frame built now is super strong it's just a matter of what geo you like the best and how much you want to pay to get it light. I never used to like Giants, but I got a Reign X1 and I love it.
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 With the canadian dollar being so close to the US dollar atm ($0.96), why is there such a massive difference in price($0.89) for this bike and most others? Seriously unless shipping to US is unbelievably cheaper for the parts, canadians are getting butt f*cked on the price imo; Other countries as well I presume. The bike looks realllly sick btw, but for $7800.....
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 CANADA is a tax haven and canadians have to pay for public services... Import taxes and the distribution schema makes everything more expensive up here... You can buy parts cheaper from CRC than from Canadian parts distributors, from whom dealer buy... that says it all!
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 From what I have been told is has to do with buying power, since the US has a much larger pop. they are buying larger volumes at a better price.
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 yes indeed, it's part of the equation! All this ad up to way too much!
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 Really sick bike, i'm truly digging it. but I agree with others, i would take a carbon all mountain bike over the range for the same price.

@seraph: regardless of what bike you have got now, this bike is definitely not a "piece"
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flag seraph (Jul 16, 2010 at 16:15) (Below Threshold)
 You missed the point, I was comparing it to my Nomad C, so yeah it's a piece.
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 Thank goodness they shaved some pounds over the current Fluid. The lightest Fluid is 32 pounds for an extra small frame. I hope the rest of their 2011 lineup goes on a diet. I love Norcos but they've always been on the heavy side.
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 You must mean Fluid LT. I have an 07 Fluid SE that weighs 26 lbs w/ tubeless. I have it built to 29lbs now with a much heavier duty build.
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 I love the look of this bike, I want to sell the 09 Fluid One and get this when it finally gets released Smile

There is one thing I don't like and that is the price-tag which comes with the SE model; there is a ton of competition in that price range, however I would like to see how it rides first.
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 Woah, wait.... Extra Replacable rear axle bolt Comes Stocl woth every frame??? with a pricetag like that I'd hope it would be pretty strong, but tossing in a spare axle doesn;t sound very confidance inspiring to me...

Get a remedy, cheaper, and proven
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 It is not an axle, it is a derailleur hanger bolt.
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 ahhhh my bad, thats actually a pretty good idea to have a spare.. Smile Still me thinks its a pricey rig, compared to others in the range;;.
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 love the remedy just miss the 6.3 in
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 "lower leverage ratio". This will go a long way towards improving the rear suspension also. Someone other than Santa Cruz and Foes gets it. Now where's the 1/2 lb lighter, 30% stiffer carbon version!? Great job Norco.

Seriously, why not carbon this year?
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 I own a 08 Fluid LT and have it set up pretty much the same way they have the range done up and if I priced it out it would be about the same price as the Range 1. I shortened the stem, slackened the head angle about a degree by putting a 66Sl on it and swapped out the wheels for a set of Crossmax SX. It climbs like a pudgy mountain goat and sails down the rough stuff like a dream, sure it wont be taking on 12 foot hucks and monster gaps or winning UCI XC races, but that is not what its meant to do. I have seen a few other LTs done up similar to mine, so what Norco has done is try make the bike the customers are converting to. It was the same with the A-Line PE, People were buying a-lines and decking them out with better parts, I actually had some people from Norco looking at my a-line and taking notes the year before the park came out.
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 I love how companies are making do it all mountain bikes. This includes the Range, Enduro and Rocky Mountain Slayer. Any idea of geometry for the Range? Is it listed and I did not see it?
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 Norco has a tent sent up at Canadian XC nationals this weekend, seeing this bike for real rather then just a picture... it is very impressive.
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 oh super! now all the 2011 bikes will basically be the same. ie slayer, range, reign, remedy. well at least there line up is more impressive than 2010.
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 I like norco but have recently bought the specialized enduro,great bike and the price range is great.This new norco range looks nice but the price tag seems a bit steep.
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 very very nice bike
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 Linkage looks kind of similar to trek's.
  • 3 2
 does not!
  • 2 1
 Yeah i have to say i am completely sold on this. Everything sounds right! weight, price, aggressive head angle. Not happy about the new rear axle standard but trek seems to moving towards it also, oh well
  • 1 0
 there is no silmiularity between the 2!
  • 1 0
 not even close, still looks like the traditional horst link system, just rotated to accept the shock vertically instead of horizontally. i like that they made the linkage one solid piece now, wasnt too stoked on the 2 piece system on my 03 launch and 05 six, seemed to twist alot under stress.
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 i dont like how the top tube and the down tube meet up with the head tube
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 the only thing i see similar to treks is the one piece "evo" type link.
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 its not a evo link on the norco its a just a one piece link but yes in a sense ur right
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 why was everyone complaining about finger holds on the vixa but not this bike
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 Looks like Roly Poly is a little out of his element when it comes to real AM riding...
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 thats so sick, but i doubt anyone will pay that much unless they are stupidly rich.
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 There are a lot of stupidly rich people out there willing to shell out the coin. I see a lot of ridiculously nice rides where I live, and it's by no means a Mountain Biking Mecca!
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 i would take a cannondale moto carbon 1 for 6500 $ USD not this a 6950$ USD
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 i would of thought the top of the range model would come with an adjustable seatpost like a joplin or something
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 the LT used to but the Joplin is still not perfected and for that price, the old fashioned seat post is better than the new fangled - but poorly working - jopiln
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 The new Joplin 4 is actually quite refined and works a lot better than the older Joplin.
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 The idea here is to allow the rider buying this style of bike the choice of adjustable or not - weight penalty, versus convenience etc. The cable routing is there they should one want to go the adjustable route.
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 good point, there are alot of bikes with the cable routing now for adjustable seatpost aswell as alot of future proofing
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 Wet dream? dont think so.
My 2010 S works Specialized Enduro its way better than that: trek/rocky slayer copy.
  • 4 6
 Yeah I'd take my 27.4 lb Nomad Carbon over this piece any day.
  • 3 2
 Cool story bro
  • 3 0
 not bad looking. But I'll stick with my Reign X0.
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 $7000 for the SE? thats pretty steep
  • 2 1
 has the spesh fsr patent ran out now then?
  • 3 2
 I dont know the current situation but my 07 Norco Six also uses FSR linkage with a "developed by specialised" or similar sticker on the chainstay so Norco using FSR is not a new thing.
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 i think the pattent expired
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 i could be wrong, but im pretty sure the fsr patent only applies in the US.
  • 2 0
 norco im fairly sure licenses the patent from specialized, hence why it says specialized fsr on their rear linkages on their full susp bikes...
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 It is still an FSR linkage, just modified from previous models.
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 what no quick release in the rear?
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 Nice bike.A lot of bikes to choose from in that prize range.
  • 1 0
 Does it have a carry handle on the linkage? oh please do
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 Yes the linkage is shaped to be comfortable when carrying your bike.
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 I've never been a big fan of Norco but honestly this bike look sick
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 super cool bike for riding in the alps. but the tyres look pretty gay.
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 i like how norco has become extremly rider firendly
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 Maybe is just me but with someone a bit more havy riding a bit harder would press rear suspension up to the frame.
when he is pressing the bike at 1:09 it looks really soft.
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 All suspension is adjustable. It is probably just set very soft to illustrate the full motion of the suspension for the demonstration.
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 he took all the air out of the shock to show how the linkage works
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 I think a Giant Reign may be very similar riding,
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 or the new 2011 RMB slayer as well
  • 14 15
 Why do all of the new "all mountain" bikes look the same?
  • 21 4
 That's absolutely not true. U haven't seen many of them Razz

btw, that's the nicest norco for 2011
  • 14 2
 is it just me or are all of the new 2011 bikes whatever make ie trek norco ect astheticly amazing
  • 6 1
 my dream bike Wink
  • 8 2
 I ride a bit of AM, yeah the bike is stupid nice, but wet dream? laff
  • 7 10
 yup jizz in my pant
  • 6 3
 great looking bike, so similar tho to 2011 Rocky Mountain Slayer, Giant Reign etc.
  • 1 0
 dang that bike is crazy expensive!!!
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