Video: The Best Life - Brandon Semenuk

Jul 9, 2013
by Tyler Maine  


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 i remember when i had a slope course in my backyard... no wait im poor
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flag focotacoma (Jul 9, 2013 at 10:37) (Below Threshold)
 He's not exactly rich...building a course just takes time not very much money at all.
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 There should be a FMB contest there. It would be so gnarly!
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 being able to buy a house (especially that size) on the coast of BC at age 22, definitely qualifies you as rich. Houses up here are nutty expensive.
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 You have to give him credit for making it all happen by 23.. Having the vision, buying the house with the land and making his yard into such an amazing place to ride. he may not be 'wall street rich' but he's done a damn good job with the dough he's got and did it before the age of 25. That's impressive. Well done, Brandon.
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flag honkifyoubonk (Jul 9, 2013 at 11:10) (Below Threshold)
 he said hes 22 yrs old and he bought the house 2 years ago. ^
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flag ghostrider95 (Jul 9, 2013 at 11:51) (Below Threshold)
 I don't know him, so I can't judge, but I got a feeling that his parents are damn rich. And this just makes life a little bit easier.
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 He definitely worked his ass off for that house
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 I would love to have just one of those jumps in my yard.
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flag bearclaw56 (Jul 9, 2013 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 @ghostrider95 not at all hes just one big contest like joyride and bearclaw invatational
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flag ghostrider95 (Jul 9, 2013 at 13:39) (Below Threshold)
 Wow loving all the Canadians neg propping me haha Big Grin
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 its not just Canadians.
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 brits aswell!
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 Actually his mom has financial problems
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flag HariMXDH (Jul 9, 2013 at 19:29) (Below Threshold)
 Not just canadians.
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 He lives with like... 5 other guys...
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 ^he bought the house and other ppl live in t with him tho
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 yeah but he found it and he and his friends live in it and paid for it
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 im pretty sure having a redbull sponsorship helps out a bit too!
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 He also has a place in Squamish too.
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 You guys know too much about his personal life hah
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 I don't know anything about Semenuk's life. But yeah, maybe life has been served up on a silver-platter and he has had no worries and endless time to ride. Regardless, he obviously put a lot of energy into being the best and has raised slope-style to a whole new level. You have to appreciate the talent, dedication, and vision he has. It's easy to say, "if I had all the opportunities I would be a champ too." But opportunities on their own don't make it so.
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 Well said connor. Semenuk probably does have a good dose of support. Certainly he was in a better place for this than someone like Rheeder, but look at Rheeder now. Travis Pastrana had everything he ever needed from his parents to succeed & maybe that's why he was always the best on the course, but he was, always, the best f*ckin' balls out shredder on the course whether Deegan liked it or not. Riding bikes is not expensive. You have to work at it, & really want to get better & better. Riders like Semenuk are just willing to put themselves through things & take risks that all you other pussies aren't. That's all there is to it. Nate Adams dumped a dirt bike on his head trying to learn backflips. He didn't make excuses about foam pits, he just got shit done. If you want it bad enough, you find a way.
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 You guys definitly know too much about his personal life.. Go out, ride and don`t stalk this guy anymore!!!
I guess we`re all at least a bit jelly, but let this guy be.
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 Well said! My friend just told me about that cause he knows his sister
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 You guys do realise you can buy a house without a wad of cash held together with an elastic band, right? It's called a mortgage.
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 @freeride-forever you need to read a book called "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell!! I have a feeling you will dig it!!
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 Time and every one works
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 Whoa, I mustive accidentally clicked on a link to because I swear I was on pinkbike before...
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 Ya'll got it all wrong, the guy can't even afford gloves to ride with.........
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 im sorry for you suckers!! human beings nowadays (even back in the days!?), cant just say "Damn, this is is a great rider", or "Unbelievable, such incredible skill", or "Uuh, this guy has got a big bag full of tricks", nor "Wow, he´s got a nice place to live",.. nope, you show disrespect - jealously - instead of sweetest praise. ...i got goose bumps, when i see Semenuk flying, he´s smart, he´s focussed, and definitely one o the guys who rides a bike, circuslike, like in a storybook. He´s a king of our scene, he really can be proud of. I want him to amaze me/& the world. He has really hit the jackpot, and for sure, he´s already in the history books, are you?! Can you say you are 'living the dream'!?... [my tribute to Brandon Semenuk]
spend love, not war.
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 Great words my friend.....couldn't agree more.
My hats off to this young gun, and it's funny cuz in the snowboard and skateboard word, Shaun White gets respect and not disrespect.
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 No one is disrespecting him, just jealous and its clear why, he's done well for himself and deserves it.
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 I think he is rich.. Anyone with there own slope course in their yard, no matter how financially well-off they are is definitely rich to me
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 being a redbull riders makes you get a lot of money, but he isnt a redbull rider fir nothing, he worked hard for it so he deserves it
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 ofcourse so true
if your rich its so much easier
if you compare it with me, brandon just buys some thdirt
and some planches or wood
i (donna have no mony) need to carry / look for every bit of it even the dirt because its all sand here and i need dirt
not to mention my bike. xd
but whatever i didnt even meqnt to,,
brandon workd still harther then me but im probablty i bit thiarder...

lol edit stupid to think he buys it probably only has to do its dig it

anyway guys just keep digging
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 When does life behind bars come out?
I cant wait any longer
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 Sick, as if arriving in whistler on the 14th wasn't awesome enough. Life behind bars comes out 2 day days later Smile
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 @fade-to-black lucky bastard
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 @fade-to-black ill also be in whistler around the 14th
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 Might see you there
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 omg now way im up there too
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 HAHA I'm going up on the 14th! riding 15th,16th and 17th!
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 bring back life behind bars nnooww!
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 It's going to be an itchy week till then, I've been having withdraws
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 uhhhhhh the video wont work for me
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 thank you
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 ya thanks
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 We found a vid player worse then red bull how is this possible
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 I guess the sportsnet people don't realize the rockies and coast mountains are two very different things...
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 Thought the same thing, but I'm pretty sure that "Life in the Rockies" line is just part of the ad plug from Banff Ice Vodka.
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 was that a smile at 5:07??!?!?!?
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 listening to a rider of his level give a quick rundown of all his injuries makes me feel better for some reason. it's just too easy to get down on yourself when you mess up sometimes. his attitude is pure pro through and through.
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 wwwaaann my computers being gay and wont let me watch it! is this happening for anyone else?
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 wwttttfffffff i wanna watch this shit
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 It eventually let me watch it but it was like watching a VHS in the mid 90s. I was watching it thinking, 'Shit this dude is way ahead of his time!!' ha ha. Hope you guys got there in the end- worth watching for the slo mo truck off the boner log. Butter.
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 Semenuk, why u tell me i need new flashplayer? There isnt even a link. -_-
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 They do realize that Whistler is not part of the Rockies right?
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 Do you realize he lives on the sunshine coast?
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 maybe I'm stupid but I don't think the sunshine coast is in the rockies
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 i remember when i had a bike, before my parents abondoned me in a small vietnamese village..... feel bad for me pubes.
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 Is anyone else not able to watch the video? All I can see is a blank white screen.
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 THANKS for the Vid Semenuk, I use to be regretfully jeliouse of your accomplishments and now I draw inspiration from you. I'm a Biker at heart but my job is lead guitar. and every word you have said is absolutely gold. feels like the universe is speaking to me when you made this. light and love brother ill meet you and your entourage on the trail some day I already dreamed it.
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 Ever seen an abonable snow man in a snow storm?
All I'm seeing is white..........just white!
Pfftttttttt........that's what the sound of a fart looks like spelled out.
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 He earned it
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 yeah something is up with this link/file
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 This is sick. Love that he rides cuz he is truly passionate abut the sport. very cool to see, and his house is bangerrr!
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 Anyone hear that girl moan at 2:36- 2:37??
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 Deffinetly a nice backyard coarse.
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 of course of course
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 id sure like o be his friend!
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 Yea! Keep up the good work.
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 I cant watch the video wish i could
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 Like to know what/who's bike he riding at 3:55-4:10?
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 Logan Peat on a Santa Cruz
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 If it doesn't work try a different browser.
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 Is he riding a Sram Red casette ... 2:42
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 What bike was he riding at 4 minutes?
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 the good life.
im a guy and this makes me wanna marry this guy Frown
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 is it me or is there not actually a video there
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 what about a semenuk invitational?
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 Still can't watch, is there a link to a working vedio?!?!!
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 why is it not playing
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 It won't Play!!!
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 Won't let me watch it
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 mine took forever to load. I thought it was messed up and started doing something else, then all of a sudden it started playing
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 Semenuk got a poster of jimy hendrix that makes this guy much sympathetic. Smile so why the put some shitty dub-step crap in that vid. shame on you
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 Cannot watch. Fuk.
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 vod now!
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 Cool vid. Props on all the hard work
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 Where did it go?
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