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Feb 11, 2016
by Bergamont Bicycles  
Bergamont Hayes Factory Team welcomes downhill world champion Morgane Charre French rider Morgan Charre, the 2012 women’s downhill world champion and currently on 5th place in the UCI rankings, has joined the Bergamont Hayes Factory Team. She will join teammates Eddie Masters, whom Steve Jones of Dirt Magazine once described as “the most casual guy” in the World Cup circus, and his New Zealand countryman Rupert Chapman. Riders will compete at all Downhill World Cup races and the Downhill World Championships in Italy, as was at all Crankworx events. We will also see the Bergamont Hayes Factory Team racing at the German iXS Downhill Cup in Winterberg. Fans should not miss this opportunity to meet the riders and burn their tracks into the course together.

Morgan Charre

Morgane Charre

Eddy Masters

Eddy Masters

Rupert Chapman

Rupert Chapman

Enduro: Joseph Nation
Professional enduro rider Joseph Nation from New Zealand will start his racing season on the new Bergamont EnCore in March at the first stop of the World Enduro Series in Chile. Ranking 24th overall in 2015 he showed a lot of potential and aims for the EWS top-10 in 2016.

Joe Nation

Joe Nation

Dirt: Pavel Alekhin
Russian dirt pro and Red Bull rider Pavel “Vishneviy” Alekhin has finally overcome his long recovery from injury and hits the world’s dirt lines once more in 2016 on his Bergamont Kiez Pro. Pavel is now based in Barcelona, Spain and has planned to ride numerous contests as well as contribute to many media projects showcasing his talents on a dirt bike. The first video released with his participation is the Russian dirt and street film “VVC Force 2015”.

Pavel Alekhin

Pavel Alekhin

Crosscountry: Ben Zwiehoff
Ben is part of the German U23 National Team and has made the jump to becoming a full-time professional mountainbike rider last year. He is currently European Champion in the team relay with the German team and has been racing on Bergamont bikes for the past 14 years – which makes him the “oldest” team rider Bergamont has in its stable. His goal for the 2016 season is a nomination for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. With the drive and focus we know he has, this is something well within his grasp and we wish him all the best on this great adventure. We would love to see him racing his Fastlane on the Olympic course.

On the national level Bergamont relies on its long-time team riders Stefan “Dano” Danowski and André Kleindienst. Stefan’s competes at MTB marathon races on his Bergamont Fastlane Team and at Cyclocross races on his Bergamont Prime CX Team. André races his Bergamont EnCore at enduro events.

6B Zwiehoff Ben Bergamont Factory Team MTB Sportverein Steele GER

Ben Zwiehoff

The Bergamont Hayes Factory Team is sponsored by Hayes Performace Systems, Maxxis, SRAM, Abus, SDG and Dowe. Supported by Magura. Bergamont is excited to work with these exceptional riders and is looking forward to see them competing on our new bikes. We wish all riders a safe and successful season.

MENTIONS: @BergamontBicycles / @HayesBrakes / @Maxxis / @SramMedia


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 If she can survive travelling around Europe with Sir Eddy she deserves to get a podium or two
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 just stay away from the drive through... "handup/cheeseburger"
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 She can survive anything, she's a tough girl. She went away from that crash with no bruises, I know many guys who would have called their mother with that one Wink
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 Congrats...what happened to casey b?
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 @metong, she went went to Trek Factory Racing Enduro team
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 Here in Brazil people die in public hospitals like flys, people die in the streets cause the violence since the cops are more criminal than the criminal, corruption is all over, and know people are dieing like flys because of the Zica Vírus and also Chicungunha and Dengue. In the Guanabara Bay where the sailing will hapen there is this superbacteria that can kill someone in days and millions of tons of all kind of trash. The place where will be the XC Olímpica games is one of the most dangerous place in the world and Zica Vírus is all over there cause the trash is in all the streets, And also the amazing XC track that they built just for the olímpica will be destroyer after the games...
Millions of dóllars are spending in stadiums that will never be used, and there we go to the "Amazing Olímpic Games"
I started to hate Olimpic Games
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flag Monstertruckermotherfuker (Feb 11, 2016 at 17:51) (Below Threshold)
 Don't worry, the lord of Gwinterfell-warden of the north will save us all.
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 The wealth and health and ethics divide in SA is obscene! The US raped CA and SA like the Dutch and EU did the Congo and Afrique. This will all come home to roost like the Jihadi plague. The Olympics and FIFA are corrupt as f*ck and do more damage than good. Good luck down there SA brothers and sisters. For real. F*ck that.
Gonna listen to Grito Suburbano by Ohlo Seco banda right now

But yeah, looks like a fun team.
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 This thread went from zero to sixty like hella fast
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 But look on the bright side, your weather presenters are hot as fuck!
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 @endlessblockades sorry need to correct this
the Dutch didn't rape Africa
the Belgiums slaughtered in Congo

@zorba73 even if you are right ... damn right .... it's not gonna help Brazil
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 hahaha great spokesman for brazil cheers for the tip on not going there !!! But im just wondering what your rant means to this kick ass team
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 @wally333 Wondering also. I mean, we do appreciate that we cannot fully isolate ourselves from political and social concerns regarding major sports events like the Olympics, especially when we as a company would of course profit from the partaking of a sponsored athlete in such an event. Also, the people of Hamburg - our home town - just voted against the city's application for the Olympics because of similar concerns, so we can actually relate to a certain extend. Nevertheless, to connect the social and political issues of Brazil to a press release such as this seems a little far-fetched.
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 I like bikes!
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most of Europe raped Africa at some point, the Dutch included.
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 Sorry about my comment. But the situation here on Brazil, "South America", is catastrofic. At the right moment I am righting here, there os a small little fly around my head and I dont know if she bite me I can get Zica vírus or Dengue or Chicunhunha and die. Last year federal government cut in 60% the money they suposed to invest in all this deseases combat. In this first months of 2016 there are more cases of people dieing and geting sick than all 2015 só people estimate that this year all this deseases will kill hundreds of people maybe thousands.
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The actual Comunista government is know famous around the world for beeing the most corrupted government in human history. Brazil thay hás everything missing like hospital, Police and Schools are now having huge cuts of money só they will be even worst...
I do care about those athlets health and life...
There is no goo side of Olímpic Games like it was in cities like Barcelona, even a new metro line that suposed to be ready for the Games is late, overpriced and will not be ready for the Games.
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One thing I can say, dont come to Brazil, only if you want to get stabednon the belly or gun shot, or if you want to be stolen somewhere somehow. Abd know your life is in RISC because a fly thay can kill anytime!!!
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 @vhdh666 no worries I was half in the bag and got confused thinking of Royal Dutch Shell's exploits in Africa....Sorry Bergamont I just found it refreshing to hear a perspective from Brasil that's a little more.....real (albeit, bitter)
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 "Holy hijacked thread, Batman!"
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 Who cares, the Olympics are a joke. No country that's at war is supposed to take part in these games, well guess what, there'd be nobody left to compete, hence, the Olympic idea is as dead as 26" wheels.
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 We are all proud of you Morgane ! Wish you the best for the season ! #frogsarmy ^^
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 So she is the Casey Brown replacement. Looks like a solid team! Following around Eddie all over the world would be a good way to get some great stories and have some fun!
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 Did you gys read the last sentences! Can anyone explain this "The Bergamont Hayes Factory Team is sponsored by Hayes Performace Systems and Supported by Magura" I thougt they both produce brakes and i doubt that they will use a Magura fork Wink
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 Hayes Performance Systems is the parent company of which Hayes (the brake manufacturer) is one part. In fact Hayes provides the team's suspension (Manitou), wheels (Sun Ringlé) and parts like stems, handlebars, etc. (Answer) plus, of course, contributing a big chunk of what it takes to set up and maintain an international team in the first place. Good point you brought this up though, as this is exactly why Hayes has been stepping up and getting more involved in the sport. Needless to say that we are very happy to go into our second year with them as naming sponsors.
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 Thank you for this update! I actually doesn't know that! But I'm happy for you guys and the whole Team! I wish you all the best and good luck for the upcoming season Smile
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 Good to see pavel has recovered. Get this man into slope style.
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 Couldn't they have cropped that last photo of Ben Zwiehoff at his jersey or something?
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 XCO = man camel, man camel = XCO. There is no escaping it.
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 I came here waiting the awful super german pictures and i was so happy I dodged. But then that happened
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 Man, it's been a long time since I've seen Pavel. I remember getting stoked on his story though the Cherrybomb series, but he just kept getting hit by injuries. I hope he makes a massive comeback this year and slays it!
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 Does anyone know which Team Max Warshawsky is going in 2016?
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 Interested in this too. Guy is smoking fast
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 Jeez that's a pretty solid team
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 I reckon the Bergamont Straitline is a sweet looking bike, just looks ready for action
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 All of your helmet straps are loose! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
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 Terribly sorry for that, our senior helmet strap manager called in sick on a very short notice. We will have a word with him once he has fully recovered.
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 Bergamont; Maybe you could instigate a fully independent inquiry as this is easily in the top 1million mtb issues this week.
  • 27 0
 Getting negative results with my favorite internet search engine when looking to connect with the executive helmet strap committee at UCI to aquire definitive strap-tensioning directives. Now decided to also have R&D look into the matter for technical advice.
  • 3 0
 I think 10kN is a good starting point, maybe introduce load cells?
Thank you for taking this issue seriously.

Congrats Morgane!
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 Eddie must be rubbing off on the web guys at Bergamont.
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 @bknofx Think load cells, lab coats, notepads, many graphs and serious experts looking important - we are a German company after all.

@therealtylerdurden Well, the senior helmet strap manager will surly get his share of kicking in this case. #strapgate

@dv81 A lot of rubbing always going on in every direction.
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 Lets GO Morgane Charre congratulation
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 I work for one of the U.K. Distributors of Bergamont and they're pretty sweet. The Straitline is a savage.
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 Good to see a woman stepping in to replace Casey.
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 Interested in this too. Guy is smoking fast
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 I was told he was staying with bergamont. Maybe not then.
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 nice team! – but not a single photo of a bike?!
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 Ed find you some decent bike !!
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 Looks like a fun team.
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