Video: 'Unlikely Duo' Tells Story of Tania Lillak and Jerrell Webster

Sep 27, 2023
by evilbikeco  

Words: Evil

We're stoked to share the story of Tania Lillak and Jerrell Webster, two Evil riders who bonded at Highland Bike Park over their passion for freeride. Through common ground, they've been able to share the motivation and progress their riding to new heights.


bigquotesJerrell and I really wanted to tell our story of working and biking together to accomplish our goals, really just for the pure love of biking. We hope to inspire others who wonder if they belong on a bike to squash those thoughts and just get out and ride. They will find new friends they never expected and have incredible experiences and memories for many years to come.Tania Lillak

bigquotesIt shows that really anybody can do this, all ages, all shapes, all sizes, any gender. It really is just based on if you want to try to find something in yourself that you didn't know you had, and I think mountain biking really can do that for people.Jerrell Webster


Video: Josh Lawless
Song: "Moaning Lisa Smile" by Wolf Alice
Filmed at Highland Bike Park, NH.

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 Ok I have been in awe of Tania (though I just now finally know her name lol) from afar for several years. Most of the times I go to highland I spot her dropping the old PinkBike drop or something similarly terrifying with kids half her age. I have pointed her out to my daughter and wife in the lift line telling them “That’s the woman my age that I told you about that just totally rips”. So glad to see her up here as a local highland legend.
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 Damn, that was fully rad! And it blows me away that Tania is 53 and Jerrell's only been riding for two years. WTF...that's serious talent right there. I would love it if PB interviewed these two.
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 Not sure what's more impressive, Tania sending it like she does in her mid 50s or Jerrell Flipping and spinning everything on the mountain after just 2 years on a bike...going to give the slight edge to Jerrell if he flipped the bonesaw rainbow at 2:20. That would be insane. Great Vid!
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 Every morning I wake up and see some hard to believe yet absolutely awesome mountain bike-related thing. I can't wait for tomorrow.
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 Two evil riders?! Huh, they seem nice in the video. I guess you never can tell.
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 Hey, wtf, this is awesome! Two sick riders in their own rights! I see them almost every week at Highland.
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 Not only great riders but awesome human beings.
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 @ 46, I guess I can't use anymore excuses.
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 I'm with you !! soooo bad ass ! Dode & Girls girls girls just got to commit
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 I thought the exact same thing.
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 #1 jaw dropped when they said 52 and she does a Sui - there's hope for my wife yet! #2 the look back on Jerrell's 360 is so sick. What an awesome video.
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 was at highland and came across tania sessioning tombstone like someone half her age. so awesome.
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 really good stuff here!
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 Love to see it.
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 Inspirational to say the least! Love the message and the vibe! You both rock!
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 bad ass!
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 Not only two of the raddest riders at the hill but also two of the nicest humans I've had the pleasure of meeting. Stoked to see this!
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 Wow, all sorts of rad!
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 Loved this!!!
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 Wow awesome video! Congrats Tania and Jerrell! Can't wait to come back to Highland and send it!

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