Videos: First Practice and Rookies - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 13, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



First Practice and Rookies

First session! After four days of digging, the athletes start testing out features – and their nerves – on course:

The Rookie Experience; first-time athletes get advice from dusty veterans:

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 Connor MacFarlane is my darkhorse pick
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 Yup. He's baller, and seems to have a good attitude. Says something when other great riders are rooting for you.
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 just watched that vid, that gully transfer was pretty rad, not to mention that huge drop!!
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 This is going to be the BEST Rampage yet!
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flag slashnasty (Oct 13, 2015 at 15:54) (Below Threshold)
 This is going to be the FEST Rampage yet?
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 Damn Kre1985, I wanted to write just the same Smile ))
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 Semenuk for the win... or Lacondeguy... or the Claw!!!
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 someone from fest series top 3 for sure
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 i think we need to toss Aggy in there too. between those 4 guys i think one is going to be the winner.
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 Sorge...? R-Dawg...?
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 Definitely some better freeride/DH riders, but it seems slightly unfair when Semanuk and Rheeder are the top two slopestyle riders in the world who will be able to add extra flair to all the tricks. I know it's about the line, too. The Fest series certainly warmed a lot these guys' nuts up. Vink, Sorge, R-Dawg, Azzy, Lacon. Freeride field is stacked.
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 I really want Bas to do well, he was awesome in shoulder season but i'm pretty sure that Semenuk, Rheeder and Andreu have a good chance of winning. Nico Vink should do pretty good as well. Can wait!
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 Connor MacFarlane looking good!!! "No point pissing around...."
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 "He's got some STOOOONES!"
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 and that's coming from McGazza!
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 Cam McCaul... 'Previous Competitor' ):
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 Bas Van Steezbergen ... 'Rampage Rookie' Frown
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 Yea this is his first rampage, his brother Tom van steezbegan competed last year and tried a front flip over the canyon and looks like he's going for it again this year!
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 I thought he looked different. Gotta learn peoples first names.
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 How do you think their parents feel? Probably hoped for at least one of them to have a ho-hum office job. Gotta be a full-time job worrying about 2 kids @ rampage!
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 I'm routing for Bas, My favorite rider for sure.
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 Apropos Van Steenbergens, yesterday Tom posted a clip of his bike literally *exploding* as he cased the lip of the canyon gap landing in practice.
I kid you not, his impact sounds like a rifleshot:
I have yet to see any further news on this anywhere in the press.
Does anyone know if Tom is OK & still set to ride?
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 @Veloscente I would of thought if it was bad we would of heard something with the amount of coverage this year, but I did see a pic of the bike the rear wheel was shagged but the frame looked ok so can only assume he would be ok, well I hope so as I want to see the front flip over it!
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 Looks like we won't be seeing a frontflip over the canyon this year...(from Tom at least!)
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 Saw that this morning Frown gutted for him.
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 Bummersauce. Like Aggy showed us last year, it's full consequences, all the time at Rampage.
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 Here's to a year where Kelly Mcgaza's bike doesn't explode on impact!
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 The anticipation for rampage is off the charts at the moment
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 Every time they said K.G i kept thinking of kyle gas, from tenacious D, classic!!
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 I had the opportunity to meat Connor MacFarlane, and may I say it was great. I was heading down crabapple hits in whistler to check them out and he was there filming, and we stuck around and watched. He was very nice, and a very relaxed rider, pulling some sweet table's over the last hit. It sure was a pleasure to meet him, and I will be cheering him on in rampage. Good luck to all the riders.
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 You managed to 'meat' a guy? Jeez.....
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 Damnit, HAHA, I made a oops
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 Were they filming for "Whistler Demolished By Local Crew"? Because I saw a guy in the background it might be you
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 Sorry, it was hard to resist. Enjoy Rampage coverage.
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 @ham661 Most of that filming was the day before, when he was doing the table is where I showed up a little after, don't see any of the shots that he took while we were there though.
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 Remy Metailler!
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 rampage is gonna get very sideways
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 Brandon not practicing his cork yet? aha
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 Why can't redbull sort out their player! Have to zoom my whole screen out and still can't see the whole video. Full screen button please!!
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 Bottom right corner...?
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 Yep on mobile, some of the time on the redbull player it's there other times not.
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 Same problem here, i switched from phone to laptop just for the coverage..
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 Is there going to be a rampage fantasy?
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 Whatever gets you off - we're all still your pinkbike buddies, we won't tell your missus.
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 Friday cannot come quick enough. Rooting for Sam Reynolds cause he's local (ish) but I reckon Semenuk is taking it this year. He has that burning look in his eyes Wink
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 Geoff Ayr!
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 This year is going to be insane tup
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 IT seems that slopestyle rider have more stirring riding and always set new record in rampage.
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 NEVER COUNT OUT ZINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zink for the win!!!!
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 Never trust a guy with no neck! They be crazy... Lacondeguy FOR THE WIN!
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 Sorry guys! I'm the only one that had seen a little tornato up to the hill?! O.o craziest location for the craziest event!!
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 I'm guessing Remy Thirion is not there?
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 God this is so fucked.
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 Is andreu riding a 650b carbon bike this year?
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 R-dog flat spins are the best. I could watch him throw those all day.
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 Loving all the coverage so far this year, keep it coming!
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 Reynolds gonna use Fairclough's line?
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 carson storch for the underdog win
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 Where's Lyle?
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