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Full Video Highlights: EWS Petzen-Jamnica 2018

Jul 2, 2018
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  

The fourth round of the Enduro World Series proved to be another classic in the making - featuring a border crossing, an underground liaison and one of the most closely fought races in the series history. Two big days in the saddle saw riders take on fresh trails in both Austria and Slovenia that served up roots, river crossings and all the drama you'd hope to see as riders battled for supremacy at the halfway point of the season.

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 Dem black yoga pants doe...
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 yeah, I was about to comment that, but you had done first, ahaha. come on, those are not enduro specific pants! Big Grin
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 @Carapau: Lol... more like non UCI compliant dh pants hahaha
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 Also the shorts at the end...ejem... someone tell him to look for a pants advisor...
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 @Davichin: Again, DNF! Not Enduro specific shorts! ahaha
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 I'm glad somebody said something.
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 Men in tights , men in tights...trallallaaa!
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 Is that a thing
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 Why do you guys care so much about what other men wear?
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 He went full hipster.
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 "I was just trying to enjoy myself, and I am enjoying myself" Eddie a legend
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 Eddie the eagle
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 That made want to go out and ride! #FastEddieFan4Life
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 Did Ravanel just say she doesn't like loam?

Isn't that illegal?
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 I've already alerted the Loam Ranger. This will not stand.
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 Shocking admission, this trail is amazing!
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 Martin Maes, I like you a lot, but you must not be disapointed, must be patient. 2nd place are amazing... be focus and give your best, the results will appear.

Sam Hill is a old player, he knows how to play with pressure and younger experience rider...


Just a note, for example, Isabeu Courdurier with small frame, uses a too large handlebar, come on, nobody says that to you girl? Cut that handlebar and you save 1 second every corner Big Grin
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 @Carapau Honestly, I think Isabeau would probably be challenging Cecile for wins if she would just cut her handlebars down to a reasonable width. Maybe we should start hashtag campaign on her social media... #yourhandlebarsaretoodamnwide ;-)
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 @Iamwarthog: armchair quarterback just a bit? I would wager that one of the best in the world, with full factory support would have tried just about every bike configuration she could have. I’m guessing her setup is spot on. Just my $0.02.
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 @Trudeez: In any two-wheeled sport there are great athletes that don't know how to set up their machines. Not saying that's the case with Isabeau, but you never know.
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 @Trudeez: No, just 30+ years as a bike mechanic and a couple of decades of fitting riders to bikes for a living is all. Being a pro on a factory team doesn't always mean a racer's bike setup is spot on, particularly when it comes to bike fit. Hell, look how long took to finally get Minnaar on a bike that fits him properly, and his team support is about as good as it gets. Also, maybe go back and look at what I actually wrote. I simply said that "I think" she would be even faster than she already is if her bars were narrower, just sharing my $0.02 with a previous commenter who is of the same opinion. And it should be obvious that the hashtag campaign comment I made is in no way serious, as indicated by the smiley winky face thing at the end.
Isabeau is indeed one of the best in the world, and is also one of my favorite racers to watch and root for just because it's obvious how much she loves racing. Oh, and her handlebars are way too wide.
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 @Iamwarthog Yeah I did notice that, they are too wide.
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 800mm are just a fad and people blindly follow fads like the lemmings they are. your handle bars should only be slightly wider than your shoulders to aid in balance and still be fast to maneuver. plus wide bars tire your shoulders out. think about doing push ups, your arms are slightly out not stretched as far as you can that only makes it harder. small riders should set the bike up for small riders not like everyone else
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 @visser62: This is same in soooo many sports (especially skiing!). So many athletes are not gear heads and they simply run the bikes & equipment they are given, without any additional fitting done, which is a huge shame. Another example to this point, Vali Höll was running an 800mm handlebar all of last year and the start of this year, because that's what came on her bike. It wasn't until SRAM team camp that a tech asked about it and convinced her to try something around 760mm (more suitable to her own size) and she is now way more comfortable. So, it just goes to show that simply because you are a pro, it doesn't necessarily mean that your bike fit is 100% dialed.
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 Funny, I always pictured Jamaica as more of a jungle.
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 How in the Sam Hill does he still hold those high and tight lines while everyone else flails??
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 Sam Hill is truly a magician on the bike. On those first 2 stages everyone else looked super awkward while he made it look far too easy. Really turning into my favorite rider and he only gets better with age.
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 He's not already your favourite rider?
Heathen! :p
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 Nicee Very fast editing!
It would be also possible to make a live broadcast like this?
I mean with all the technology and resources available nowadays is frustrating to follow the live feed with telegrams like in old century... EWS at his 5th season may deserves more.
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 I was thinking about having some live stream webpage/application where users could livestream stuff via LTE from phonecam gopro, something like twich for computer games.
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 Food for thought... Red Bull brings 50 people to a world cup to work solely on the live broadcast and they spend a week setting up. That's for one track at about an average of three and a half minutes in length on one day. The EWS is two days, six tracks all between six and thirteen minutes in length. It not so simple for you to get what you feel you deserve.
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 @davetrumpore: Yes we all discussed previously would be hardly impossible to do live stream like DH with RedBull, but the broadcast I mentionned from Maranthon Montblanc is just a good example of some live feed from the head of the race and some comentators, nothing more, just to improve what we have now it would be not too difficult I guess...
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 @davetrumpore: Yeah sure, i think onboard go-pro style cameras like motogp would make much more sense than those massive tv cameras. And lots of Gopros scattered throughout the course - 1080p is good enough for me. EWS budget must be like 0.05% of Motogp's?? (97% of all statistics are made up on the spotWink
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 Hell, I'd like to just hear a live announcement of whats happening
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 The media coverage is piss poor. Hasn't changed one bit in 5 years. Could get 5 guys out there with iPhones and do a better job.
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 @davetrumpore: He said the EWS deserves more coverage. He didn't say he deserves more. Food for thought... People are stoked on the EWS and crave more coverage. Worried your photos won't get as much hype? I was a fan of your work, but not sure anymore after that smug, condescending comment.
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 @Mtb4joe: yeah, no... Cheers
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 And it's about facts not fans ;-)
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 @davetrumpore: Without the fans you wouldn't have a job. It's all about the fans!
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 @Mtb4joe: Quality over quantity. Don't let the door hit you on the way out
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 @davetrumpore: I am truly puzzled by your negativity? How is someone as fortunate as yourself so defensive and condescending?
"It's not so simple for you to get what you feel you deserve". ?????
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 @Mtb4joe: Haven't made a single negative comment in this thread Mr. Symantics. You're the one that came in all guns blazing with accusations.

Stop projecting ;-)

You're literally putting words in people's mouths to make drama.
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 @davetrumpore: Holy troll-ee. Dude you are WRONG. Re-read PauRexs comment, then your comments. Wink
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 Great video!!! 20 minutes with nice shots and only one day after the round!!! Drone panning!!! Keep pushing!!! We also like video raws during the event!!!
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 This explain why Sam Hill likes EWS .. look at the fresh dirt!
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 Yep. He's said that too!
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 BTW great edititing/filming, wayyy more focused on the riding compared to the previous ones... Keep it on like this!
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 Somebody must be listening after all. I appreciate that the coverage is slowly shifting away from monotonous stage and standings descriptions towards rider and riding coverage. A step in the right direction. If we now only could induce some enthusiasm, or speech pattern variety into the host, please? No comments on the dress code squired, my fellow pinkbikers took very good care of that.
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 I was one of the guys who had to moan in previous events and get neg proped... but now I see it was well worth it...
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 @PauRexs: I know how it feels, I had similar experiences. But, hey, props to Pinkbike for listening.
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 Sam Hill last stage gameplan revealed after the race as he said "I tried not to rush it and just carry the speed" what a legend.
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 Cecile Ravanel's dominance of the EWS kinda make it a case of a fight for 2nd place in the women. To be 45 seconds ahead on individual stages?! Bloody hell, very little parity in the women's field it seems
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 Kinda reminds of that Atherton girl...
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 The sad thing is when Tracy Moseley was racing Cecile was always bridesmaid - similar to how it is now. Hopefully a few years of grassroots development of women's enduro will bring up more competition in the future.
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 9 minutes. Hill looks like he is cruising to the cafe.
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 Look at the Ripmo go! I want that 29er bad
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 Nice calves!
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 Perhaps collaborating with a huge organisation might add something in that area?
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 What happened to graves ?
  • 15 0
 they got bodies put in and filled.
  • 3 0
 buried in the pack
  • 3 0
 Landed on his face @1:22.
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 non a spec bike in the whole video...they must be happy...
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 Huge crash that sidelined him for at least 10 minutes during one of the stages. Got pretty beaten up.
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 Don’t mean to kick the dead horse but with the latest news of the UCI allowing Froome to race the tour and its new partnership with EWS. Rethink?????
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 yeah, the commentator, whoa, a dead ringer for that too-cool dude that tends bar at that expensive hipster tavern around the corner from my house
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 Great coverage again!!! Love it
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 all suspect someone who crosses the border really fast, with a backpack!!
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 This cathro guy should stick to UCI coverage
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 I'm shazaming that track, I'm a big deal. Can't find it.
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 Daaamn, low-grip conditions make for some rad footage.
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 God so good!!!!
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