Jaws: The Road Gap - Video

Aug 24, 2016
by Szczeki Jaws  

"I'm super stoked about guinea pigging this one. And there is a little story behind it; In 2006 my dad found this gap and showed it to me. Well, back then I was hitting some big stuff but this one was insane. I tried to hit it maybe 5 times, every time the road gap won against my head. Steep run in, unknown speed and trees all way down on the landing. Well, we used some bags to build a steeper landing and now the road gap has to be sent." - Jaws

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 This is Pinkbike at its roots and at its most inspiring.
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 That ^.

Way to go @szczeki !
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 Nothing feels better than hitting that drop you've been sizing up!!! This can apply to all and a rare case where size really doesn't matter. Everyone's threshold is different. Cheers to this monster Jaws!!!
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 amen Salute
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 @mayha49: you said it man
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flag madmon (Aug 25, 2016 at 8:49) (Below Threshold)
 i wonder why anyone does those gape outside of RedBull comps. The payday is lame.
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 I have to agree. I'm really inspired to watch this video again. And maybe one with someone else doing a really silly big drop.
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 @madmon: Not sure if you're serious, but drops were hacked (way bigger than this) before paychecks and RedBull.
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 That is what a good day on the bike looks like! Nice work!
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 @madmon: Massive personal victory.
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 We (the public) NEED Jaws at rampage...
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 Fat fingers and hit the down..sorry Frown
Should have been +10
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 @charlielynes: I fixed it...
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 Remember kids it's good to have goals .....and balls
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 and don't forget to squeeze in skills between goals and balls...
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 an insurance as well Wink
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 For real. That kid needs a trouser tailor to be one of his sponsors.
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 Extra large attachments on this lad for sure.
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 That's at least 4 stories high! Wow. Ok, I think I can face my fears and take that 3 feet plunge nowSmile
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 It's a huge drop, but not 40' vertical.
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 That's a pretty short run-up!
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 Fucking hell it is! No wonder he was apprehensive about doing it, I'd still be trying to get me feet right on the pedals
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 Sick! Way to send it, @szczeki
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 Your dad is the man!!!
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 Ok, I did hear right. Nice when your dad looks for drops. And big ones.
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 more videos like this please. relatable, inspiring and big. beats all the generic X shredding Y bike park videos that are all the same.
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 Once you've sent it why not suicide no hander it
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 Well cuz Jaws has hit his head one to many times on that gap!!! But so sick!!!
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 @WCJMF: I think he meant psychologically the gap won over his head, not physically. He'd be eating through a straw if that was the case.
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 No kidding steep run-up! He coasts for 3 seconds and that’s enough speed? Nuts.
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 RIP Zarja.

2016 has sucked for the cycling community. Keep in mind that none of these losses, as far as I can recall, have happened as a result of someone crashing on a mountain bike.

Sure, we all take some level of risk doing the sport we love, but how many of us would have died from heart disease, diabetes or some other medical reason if we weren't riding our bikes?

Riding keeps me happy, healthy and sane. If I didn't ride, I'd probably die from a heart attack before I reach 45, or be pumped full of a cocktail of medicines prescribed by my doctor to solve all the problems riding my bike prevents.

Want to honor those we have lost? Keep shredding!
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 I watch things like that and think i may as well be on a Penny farthing as i'll never make the most of what my bike is designed for. Like he can.
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 lol glad im not the only one thinking that!
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 No better feeling than this on a bike. Regardless of your level, nailing something your genuinely scared shitless about and have been thinking about for ages, to ride it out is such an intense feeling.

My technique is count down from 10 and go no matter what Big Grin
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 Jaws of MTB should link up with skateboarding Jaws (Aaron Homoki)
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 Your dad definitely has an eye for the gnar!!!! Great work Jaws!!! Always a pleasure watching ya boost~~
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 Another scary thing was popping out on a road below. It that was me, I'd probably would have been t-boned.
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 I put my pointer on 38 seconds, click, and watch until he ghosties his bike. Over and over. I don't think it is the gap, but the reaction. And when he comes machin' out of the trees...
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 Even through in a suicide no hander! Fair play, bloody huge. Man I love this sport, just when you think you've seen it all. Wonder how that compares the the one on the Red Bull Hardline course in Wales?
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 you know that feeling when you win the battle against the hill...
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 It warms my heart to see gnarly free ride is still kicking
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 I see Jaws, instant click. Dude has been inspiring since day 1!
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 That's some Bender sh!t right there. GET THAT MAN TO RAMPAGE!!!
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 Way to send it, via PinkBike Postal Service.

Shipping Method: Ground
Status: Delivered
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 Rad. That roll in is short as hell... and the run out... gnar. Well done. Thank your dad for us.
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 ..and now the road gap has to be sent.. ballz.
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 Before this I didn't know that Jaws was a human, or that he could speak.
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 The Stig of freeride!
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 this reminded me of angry birds for some reason
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 Yup looks to take about 10 years to sum up the courage... Probably another 10 for me haha.
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 That was Jaw dropping!!
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 Wish my dad showed me sh&* like that!!
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 Ruuuude bwoi full body explosion if he got that wrong, I wounder if he's pops did it
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 dodra robota!!piekny lot a co najwazniejsze ladowanie pomyslne.tak dalej...
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 My balls.....................................................................his!
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 Holy f@ck! Insane! And awesome Wink
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 Jaws, insane, awesome, and balls of steel!
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 Listening to Batushka while watching this Polish shredder... So good!
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 Smoove! Sketchy run-out! You smoked it clean as f#ck!
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 That was sick. Great job!
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 Give the guy a wheelbarrow for his back wheels !
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 Key takeaway - bike ghosties well.
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 Where is the run up??!!!!!
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 Bender would have hit that without looking
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 thats awesome
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 F n A!
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 Wow awesome ????
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 Giant balls of steel!!!
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 sick !!!!! Smile
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 All hail
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 moc pěkný!
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 O kurwa!
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 Very nice jump
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