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Mar 25, 2018
by Scott Secco  
Live To Ride - Rob Williams Golden Valley: Rob shows us around some of the Golden Valley's best trails.

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29ers Can Shred Bike Park: Sam Robbie and Jacob O'Donoghue-Price set out to prove you can hang it out just as big on the wagon wheels. Rider not bike. Video: Scott Robb.

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Max Langille - Spain Vibes: Went to Barcelona to ride La Poma and the homies filmed me! This is what happens when you have no filmer and want to make a video. Thanks to everyone who filmed. Enjoy!

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Lord of the Squirrels: Across the valley from Whistler Mountain and the famous Bike Park, a new riding experience has been taking shape and there’s no lifts in sight. A dedicated crew of trail builders have been working on the Sproatt Alpine Trail Network which, when complete, will give riders a self-propelled alpine ride unlike anything else in Whistler.

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Johannes Fischbach vs Snowboarders: Johannes Fischbach aka “Fischi” is getting ready to beat the long European winter. He’s decided to go full throttle in Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn, where he duels against snowboarders on all the obstacles he can find.

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So Last Year: Sunny trails sessions at home with friends. Summer is coming.

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Animo! If you want to ride in winter, living in the UK you have to be creative. I think we nailed it. Riders: Graham Beaumont, Sam Armitage, Daniel Leadbetter, and Ben Gerrish.

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Ryan Dawson - A Slice of Fruit - A project Ryan Dawson and I worked on throughout 2017. Big thanks to Nick from Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park, as well as Brad from ION Australia for their support.

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Kaia Ellis - Home Hill Rippin' Kaia's only 14 years old.

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Shoulder Season - The concept for this film was inspired by a particularly wintry night ride, ending with a defiant claim that it was, in fact, still ski season. In this film, a biker gal and a skier dude battle it out on the trails of Mt Seymour as the conditions morph from ski season to bike season in a single descent. Editor: Ryan Hetzel @hyryz. Skier: Cam Stuart @camstuart. Rider: Megan O'Brien @meganob.

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Graeme Obree, Athlete or Genius? Athlete or Genius? Graeme Obree shot to fame in the early 90s after twice breaking the world hour record on a bike he'd built using parts from an old washing machine.

Keep Moving Forward: Along with Trek Factory Racing's athletes, we celebrate the progress we've made while remembering that progress only comes when all of us keep moving forward.

Chad Kerley - 2018: Best nose manuals in the game.

Matt Ray - Rye Airfield Takeover: Subrosa Pro Matt Ray got handed the keys to Rye Airfield a few months back and was allowed to ride the whole place to himself!

Courage Adams - Flybikes Savanna Line: Courage never ceases to amaze.

Clive Dixon's "El Toro Relapse" Last year Clive stepped to El Toro with a noseblunt slide for the ages, but there was still unfinished business. Last week he went back to the behemoth with a new approach to a familiar trick. Enjoy the show...

Land Of Maybe: On an island Faroe, Faroe, Faroe way James Pearson, Cedar Wright, and Yuji Hirayama travel to climb the world’s tallest sea cliff, Cape Enniberg.

Frank Bourgeois - Real Snow 2018: More hammers than a hardware store.

John Shocklee - A Fairy Tale: Refusing to act his age has worked out well for John Shocklee. The 52 year old has devoted his life to doing what he loves, and what he loves more than anyone else is skiing (just ask him). Powered by old school hip hop and a passion for fresh powder, Shocklee makes turns down untrodden and untamed slopes with the vigor and freedom of a man half his age. He’s found the fountain of youth along a foot and a half of powder, and has no plans to grow up anytime soon.

The Curve Of Time: As the sport of freeskiing evolves, so are the athletes and products associated with it. At a time when the harsh realities of climate change are staring us in the face, Chris Rubens and Greg Hill contemplate how the can quench their thirst for adventure while being good stewards of the environment.

Testing out the tree tunnel line in northwest Arkansas - self shot

Title Photo by: mslager

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 16
 The Graeme Obree film I found absolutely fascinating. What a legend.
  • + 5
 Assume you have seen the movie about him (The Flying Scotsman). If not it is worth a watch.

At least he proved himself right on two counts - Genius and great cyclist.

I loved his comments about aliens coming down to earth and looking at road bikes.
  • + 1
Yeah, first vid I watched, the road geek in me was fascinated. I have never seen The Flying Scotsman, I'll check it out.

  • + 3
 @bndrace: I saw the Flying Scotsman seems like bloody years ago, and I hate road riding with a vengeance, but Graeme Obree is a gem, and a gent, and I take my hat off to him for: 1) being a top top level athlete, 2) for being a genius and 3) for flying in the fcking face of the fcking UCI all those years ago, just like we're doing now with first 4X and now EWS.
Bunch of conservative retrogrades.
Graeme Obree for president of the UCI. NOW!!!!
  • + 13
 Courage Adams.. that was a privilege to watch
  • + 1
 uh... manual->360->manual++. wtf?
  • + 1
 @andyk: Man we're shit at marketing!
Anyone goes to Barcelona, and it's 'Wow, Barcelona, cool, dude'.
That's MADRID!!!!!
Let's hear a big 'Wow, Madrid, cool, dude!!!!'
So nice to see for a change, and a great selections of spots.
Loved the vibe!
  • + 8
 I like Salomon gear but it seems weird that they're making videos about the environment when (as far as I can tell) they're not really doing anything environmentally friendly. They get an E rating here — and their environmental policy page is a joke —
  • + 7
 I can't work out if John Shocklee is crazy or the coolest old guy out there, but I'm glad he is out there!
  • + 1
 Free your heel, and your mind will follow
  • + 1
  • + 6
 Reverse manual was super sick!These BMX guys are on a different level nowadays.
  • + 4
 Gap from BMX tricks to DirtJumper/MTB tricks is growing again.....
  • + 4
 Sh*t! I know this is a mtb site, but I got to go to the Faroe Islands! Holy Moly!
  • + 1
 Did anyone else find themselves thinking that farmer was a dick? I mean cmon, just let them climb it.
  • + 3
 Ignore me. Didn't get to the point where the farmers were awesome later on and let them climb it....I stand corrected.
  • + 3
 Courage adams was some pretty nice filming.
  • + 3
 The MTB on the ski fields was SIC AF!
  • + 2
 whitefest? want.
  • + 1
 LOL, just noticed that the Land of Maybe is shot in my village, I didnt even know this! How did I not know of this!?
  • + 2
 Everyday I hope to see David Macmillan edits...... Frown
  • + 3
 Clive Dixon is a maniac

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