New Style Old Shore: Brendon Edgar Sessions Vancouver's Mt. Seymour

Mar 8, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

The Shore has changed a little over the last few years, some think it's for the worst, others, the better. Brendon Edgar takes us on a tour of varying trails on Mt. Seymour in this laid back video.

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 PB needs more videos like this
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 Brendon and I will be shooting more stuff soon... So yes they do! Wink
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 @Pentaradiological: Nice vid but the slo-mo is way, way overdone. Showcase the rider's skills - play it at normal speed!
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 @sngltrkmnd: Cheers! I have to say I'm a fan of the slo mo... Fit rather nicely with the music! Who knows, we might just go RAW next time...? Heheh
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 @Pentaradiological: I like the sound
Of that ????
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 @Pentaradiological: Couldn't watch it, too much slow-motion
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 This video is good, but what sets it apart from any of the hundreds of other videos posted on PB each month that they need more like it?
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 Loved the slo mo. I learned a few new lines on my favourite trails.
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 @TheR: chill vibes my dude
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 @Pentaradiological: LOVED the editing style.

Slow mo is only useless when it's not synced to the music or the editing style.
This was spot on Smile
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 Bad to the Braaaaapp
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 That was a fantastic video. I agree that slo-mo can be overdone, but in this case I thought it was very effective and filmed in such a way that my attention never wavered. Great sound track, riding, and just downright inspirational. Looking forward to more!
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 The only thing that makes me sad is that right now Seymour looks pretty much what the background of this comments section does. I'm so sick of the snow on the trails right now. . . .
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 First year in a long time it's been an issue. Hopefully it will mean a less dry/dusty summer. Get out there and ski/board
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 It's all good Rolly, the trails in NZ are running fine. Wink
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 Really liked the parts where he nailed the sections of the trails with all the crazy gnar. Excellent riding.
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 Which section of crazy gnar?
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 @TdGorge: umm i don't know ,the rock face on Dale's is pretty gnar.
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 @rideonjon: Off camber and steep, really intimidating
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 I enjoyed it very much. In this case the slow motion works perfectly with the deep vibes. Like a chill music video clip. So good cinematographic. They should play videos like this in chillout bars xD it also worked good on my samsung 60" 4k with 7.1 sound haha
Also good riding.

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 Jesus, Upper Severed lines on point.
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 Hot damn, that was awesome. Super cool camera work Tristan, that was fresh.
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 Cheers man!
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 I died of slo mo overdose. the raw portions were great. keep up the good work
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 Go to Youtube and pop it to 2x speed. Should solve your problems Wink
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 sooo sick.
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 Do you have to be called brandon or something that sounds like it to ride a bike?

Nice edit by the way, the trail looks sick Smile
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 Nice job B!

WE ARE ONE COMPOSITES! 100% Made in BC carbon rims
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 @onemind123: the shirt Brendon is wearing and the wheels Brendon is riding.
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 @ScandiumRider: legit made in bc carbon? Never heard of them nor any google info. That is impressive!
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 @onemind123: Launching in May. Website will be up soon. Everything is manufactured in Kamloops, using only North American sourced materials, at competitive prices. Follow our IG @weareonecomposites
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 @WayneParsons: that is pretty awesome - I would live to see something like this succeed in a small(ish) community like Kamloops.
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 What about a video that is around 4 minutes long with the "raw" line, followed by the slomo to appreciate the subtleties?
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 What has changed about the shore?
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 Less wooden features, more berms, way more tourists.
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 @onemind123: not a fan of wood so sounds good
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 Yeah B killer shredding .
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 Yes....such a refreshing vid!
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 Good to see another over forked Fuel out on seymour! Smile
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 The Janktown looks tame!
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 video could of been 30 seconds long if there wasn't any slow mo action

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