Photo Epic: Jordie Lunn's Rough AF 3

Nov 22, 2018
by YT Industries  


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 I'm not sure I want a Rough AF 4 because I'm not sure Jordie will survive it...
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 Jordie will be fine, worry about his bike
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 Jordie seems to have an eye for what is "possible." I have yet to see him do something that was stupid. Totally F'ing mental, yes, but stupid, no. He seems to calculate risk pretty well. Great example: not blindly sending his Rampage line/run. An idiot would've just sent it. He was smart enough to stop.
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 He might, but his balls definitely won't...
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 @nuttypoolog: Dont beleave that Jordie has never done anything stupid?
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 "I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid"
Isn't that from Lethal Weapon? Anyway, seems appropriate
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 I think we need to eat more than just porridges to hit those stuffs.
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 @lindblomxc: or BALLS!
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 @nuttypoolog: he stopped because he was ill..I still believe he would have sent it!
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 Anyone know what he had for breakfast...
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 This project really blew me away. I've watched this more times than anything else in years. I even sent the link to some of my non-bike friends and family, as I'm sure they'd find it entertaining. I think the tree-ride was what makes it so insane. It's hard to judge how steep stuff really is on a video, but everyone knows how steep a tree is. Thank you Jordie! So sick!
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 I'd poo my pants just climbing up the ladder, fxcking hate heights.
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 Weird to hear that from a watchtower.
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 yeah, see the skid mark in it? I had a similar one XD
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 @colincolin: comment of the year. Lol
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 The vision to look at a tree and decide to climb to the top and ride (drop) straight down it! That is the most insane / impressive thing that I have seen in ages. Congrats on pulling it off man!
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 I notice the jumps are built Chuck Norris/Jordy Lunn style, if you case it, you're toast, so don't case it, or we'll pick up what's left off the forest floor.
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 No words required! Jord is the man!
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 Where are the photos of that g-out???
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 Yeah, that'd be a baller pic.
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 @jackalope: literally
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 I wouldn't encourage kids to replicate his tree roll off/drop, someone could die attempting this even in smaller scale... Anyway, massive props to Jordie for pulling this off, this could go so much wrong if his front wheel lost traction.
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 Someone could die trying to ride a trail too fast...
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 @scott-townes: Agree, just sayin there should be a a big disclaimer on the Vid Big Grin
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 I think his tree ladder roll, could have done with a slightly bigger tranny at the bottom, that must be about a 10 on the G out scale?
But he still made it, that is pushing the limits!
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 Totally crazy stuff, propper FREERIDE moves! but, not enough photos! Big Grin where is some from that wooden 20m gap on which he stands at photo no 15? or im blind?
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 Great shots Margus! Must of been a scary shoot!!
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 I dunno how his wrists didnt snap like twigs with the compression from that vertical ramp. Insane.
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 Riding down that tree ladder, in practically a nose wheelie down half of it, would be a life-changing event for 99% of humans.
Just another project for Jordie.
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 I really wanted a shot of him doing that big wood to dirt gap. Great stills and video. Best in years.
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 Shame there was no photo of his bleeding wanger
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 Is it really a shame though?
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 Jordie is an animal! That couldn't have been blood seeing as he has balls of steel.
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 In 50 years someone is gonna see that tree drop in and think WTF? Mad props Jordie, incredible vid
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 How big is that big gap?
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 @gnarnaimo: well played.
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 they're all big!!! which one are you talking about?
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 Those roll-in photos are some of the most fucked photos I've ever seen
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 He was a few inches from getting a Darwin Award on that tree. I'm not sure I get the point of it.

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