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Reed Boggs Parts Ways with Trek

Dec 28, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Reed Boggs has announced on Instagram he won't be riding with Trek next year.

bigquotesThank you Trek bikes for an amazing 3 years & Eric Heth for all the incredible paint jobs. I’ve had a lot of sweet opportunities thanks to Trek, but I’m excited for what’s next to come in 2020Reed Boggs

Reed has been with Trek for three years and has transitioned from a being slopestyle rider into a big mountain freerider. He made his first Rampage appearance in 2018 with a wild card slot and then qualified in 2019 by winning the Proving Grounds event.

We'll keep you updated on who Reed will be riding for in 2020 and beyond.


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 Nobody riding for anybody right now jeez
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 Don’t worry they all have new deals lined up. Their current deals usually run through the end of the year so they can’t announce until after the new year.
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 Obviously there was a secret contract tombola event held over thanksgiving. Everybody's riding for everybody else now. Except Sam Hill, who probably just said 'nah mate I'm good,' and went for another beer.
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 no no, theyre all doing supercross. It's trending.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: Yeah and Cam McCaul and Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder still rides for the same bike company for ages !
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 @tulipanek: Thats cuz theyre gettin the pay checks.
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 There have been so many swaps this winter. It’s impossible to keep track of. I hope when they get announced it’s just in one single article with a nice graphic.
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 @bohns1: That’s cuz they’re sellin bikes.

At least the manufacturers think so.
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 I'm riding for team me. Team support is subpar. Coaching = poor. Mechanic = poorer. Paycheck = nonexistent. I think I'll stay for next year.
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 @tulipanek: There's three days left of the year, don't jinx 'em.
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 @rrolly: cheers dude, see ya out there...
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 @rrolly: On the bright side, your team has no where to go but up.
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 @TheR: That too!
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 @rrolly: When it’s more like a family than a team.
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 @sino428: I’ve always found it odd that racers’ contracts generally run along the calendar instead of terminating shortly after the season ends.

You’d think it would be beneficial for both parties to know where you stand before you start training for next season.
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 @robwhynot: I think in that Vital video where Loic and Troy interview each other they touch on that a little bit in their debate about disclosing salaries and all that.
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flag scott-townes (Dec 28, 2019 at 22:07) (Below Threshold)
 this is pretty common shit. It seems like PB along with fanboys are treating people swapping sponsors like its noteworthy. This is almost as sad as when people think its a big deal when a pro baseball player swaps teams.
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 @robwhynot: I would agree. The Monday after the last contractual event of the season would seem like a more logical time to cut ties. Since every team would have a slight variation in event schedules, perhaps the convention could be changed to, for example, the end of October.

The antipodean race series might be a hurdle to this plan though.
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 @jaame: I guess the flip side is that both sides need some time to sort negotiation points, options, etc.

I’m sure there are side conversations happening at pits or what have you throughout the season, but it would be unfortunate if a racer needed to put a lot of energy toward team and contract stuff when they’re coming into the last few races of a season and would rather focus on what they need to accomplish on the track.
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 @scott-townes: Why is it sad? You don't have to be a fanboy to think it's noteworthy. If you or I started working for a different company, that's noteworthy. That people are interested in people in the industry or the companies (teams) involved is quite normal.
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 @robwhynot: agreed, I’ve always thought the same thing.
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 @robwhynot: it’s sort of weird that these guys go from one contract on the next with nothing in between. So clearly they are negotiating a new deal while under their previous contract, which is kind of odd. No like a lot of pro sports where there is a ‘free agency’ period.
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 @jaame: maybe a spreadsheet. That’d help.
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 @Bigwill13: What I had in mind was one of those position tracker graphs like they use to show who held which position sector by sector in a world cup DH race. The difference would be you would have the teams at each side and the coloured lines would show which rider went to which team.
How about it @pinkbike ?
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 @rrolly: Well, enjoy it, dude. My riding was so poor this year that Team Me has decided to look for someone else to better represent their brand.
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 Anyone else read that as “all the incredible hand jobs”?

Just me?

I’ll get my coat...
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 It’s like dating, everyone is looking for someone new to ride....
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 So many guys on Fleshlight in 2020. Gonna be a huge year for the jizzer crew.
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 All riders are combining to make the perfect shredding 26". We will all finally have the perfect rig and complain about nothing.
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 Now the only thing left to hear is that Brian López wont be racing any more for GT
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 and back to Elsworth
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 You may find this shocking but .........he left GT like 4 years ago.
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 Isn't he on Niner now?
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 @SirWonky: that was the joke
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 Joining his mate Ethan at YT now Andrea has gone?
  • 3 3
 No doubt. YT will continue to dominate FR
  • 5 2
 @endlessblockades: Dominate? You mean Trek...
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 In an age where it’s getting more and more difficult to buy a proper freeride bike (no, Bike Mag the SB165 does not count) and even xc and trail bikes are longer than my family size car I have to say I get worried when I see big name freeriders leaving big companies. I’m sure they’ve got great contracts lined up and freeriding will stay relevant and I can shelve the industry-wide Freeride Revolution Memo I have waiting but yeah...I worry which way we’re heading.
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 If you can't rip a current enduro bike on freeride style trails, you shouldn't be on those trails in the first place.
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 Are you smoking crack? there are more sick "freeride bikes" now than ever. Propane, rocky mountain, santa cruz, trek, specialized, yeti (even if you don't think so) and the list goes on and on. Also you realize most the big name "freeriders" are on DH bikes right? and again basically every company has one of those too lol
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 Love the purple marz
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 the claw also leaves canyon... crazy ????
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 @Citrons: Hi little girl is the best part of that video for sure !!!
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 Definitely to hyper. Can you actually buy one of their bikes yet? Or prototype #497
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 I reed into this that he'll be on a bogg standard Specialized next year.
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 this is getting silly
  • 2 0
 Off to YT he goes
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 Why does anyone care who rides with whom, just as long as they ride and we get to watch. It really doesn’t matter what anyone rides, they’re all good.
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 Dungey to Honda, and Pastrana to KTM.. now that's news!!
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 Say it isn't so!! LOL!!!
How will we function in society with this devastating news?? LOL!!!
How will the world ever start spinning again! LOL!!!

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 The Claw has left Canyon
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 Bye custom bikes ,
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 Reed who?
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