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9 Women's Kits Tested - 2019 Summer Gear Guide

Jun 6, 2019
by Nikki Rohan  

It's that time of year again - short[er] sleeve season. Here in the northern hemisphere, our winter clothing has mostly been boxed up and "May-gust" is providing warm weather with the sort of dry, dusty trail conditions typically found in August. Pierce and I got an early jump on lining up product for this review and we have spent the last two months out on the trails testing these kits, including an awesome spring break in Moab with my family.

It's important to note that after years of reviewing apparel, some brands just fit my body better than others, and while I have mastered the art of reviewing size charts, I still fail at ordering the correct size twenty-five percent of the time. You will see below that I switched between a size small and medium often and that some of the kits were too small, while some were too big. I'm what you would call an in-betweener (i.e. a size that doesn't exist).

While we always try to select a variety of brands and cover all our bases, we also try to rotate through some of the different lines of apparel that each company offers (xc to trail to gravity). Below you will find a selection of nine spring/summer women's kits from Race Face, Dakine, 100%, POC, Club Ride Apparel, Zoic, Yeti Cycles, O'Neal racing and Scott Sports. These reviews are based on short-term testing with a focus on fit, comfort, style, durability, and function.

About the Tester:

Nikki Rohan stands 5'5" and weighs 135 lbs with a 28-inch waist, 37-inch hips, and 35-inch chest and wears a size small helmet, size large gloves, and EU-41 shoes. She typically falls between a size small and medium, a US size 6, and US 8.5 shoe. She resides in Hood River OR with her husband, Colin Meagher, her two kids, a dog, and a grumpy cat.


POC is a Swedish company that started in the ski racing industry back in 2005. Six years later their cycling gear was seen on the World Cup DH Circuit. While they have a primary focus on helmets and body armor (i.e. protecting gravity sports athletes and cyclists of all dsicplines), their apparel is functional, competitive, and offers a bit of European flair. Piece of Cake, right?

POC Resistance Women's 3/4 jersey and Resistance Women's shorts.

Resistance Women's Shorts
• MSRP: $160.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Uranium Black (tested)

The Resistance shorts are your one-size-fits-all do everything short. The shorts feature two front zippered hand pockets large enough to fit a cell phone, and a tiny zippered pocket on the rear waistband for a credit card/gel. They have a slightly raised back to prevent mud from dripping into the chamois, waterproof and tear resistant Vectran fabric along the knees, rear panels for extra protection, DWR coating, and an ergonomically designed and articulated hem that provides extra coverage over the knee.

I tested the POC Resistance shorts in size medium. After reading some reviews of the updated design, I opted to size up from the previous size small pair I tested back in 2016. The size medium seemed to be the correct size and fit, and I was able to use the exterior velcro adjuster to tailor them to fit me exactly.

I tested the shorts in typical spring weather - pick a day: it was either hot, cold, wet, or dry. While they felt slightly thicker and less stretchy than the other shorts, they didn't feel bulky like a DH short and the cut to offered ample freedom of movement. The shorts do have one of the longer inseams of the bunch and they played nicely with a multitude of different style knee guards thanks to the unique hem and articulated cut. While these shorts are one of the more expensive options on the market, with that price tag comes an upgrade on durability (Vectran is, pound for pound, 5x the strength of steel) and weather resistance. I highly recommend a pair of these if you tend to be a one short quiver rider or if you ride in technical rocky terrain and you are looking for a durable material. Groms, if you start saving your pennies-just one a day-in 16,000 days or 43.8 years you could own these shorts.

Up close shot of the articulated knee and Vectran fabric which offers extra protection and the front zipper pocket.

Resistance Women's 3/4 Jersey
• MSRP: $160.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Draconis Blue (tested)

The Resistance 3/4 jersey is a full-tilt boogie lightweight gravity racing jersey. The jersey is designed to fit over a back protector and elbow pads. It features a mesh material on the back and underarms for increased breathability, rear pockets for carrying gear, and an internal gaiter (what Pierce refers to as a "girdle" in the men's version) to keep the jersey from flapping in the wind.

I tested this jersey in size medium. It felt pretty loose and baggy and the 3/4 length arms went down almost to my wrist - but true to the design, I could have fit protection under it comfortably and that's what it was designed for. Despite being a little roomy for riding without armor and a little Euro looking, this jersey is really pretty sweet! It has the internal gaiter, which once you figure out how to put it on, holds the jersey down and keeps it from flapping around especially when you load up the rear pockets. The mesh material is a nice addition and the fabric stayed fairly dry, even when I was sweating buckets while climbing without a speck of shade in sight on the first 90-degree F spring day.

If you can get past the unique look of this jersey, and the 7Mesh/Rapha-esque price tag, its a stellar option for those looking for a loose, full-coverage top with some on-point racing features.

Internal gaitor and rear pockets round out the Resistance 3/4 jersey.


Dakine's main office is located about 2 miles from my front door on the waterfront in Hood River, Oregon. They have an office full of shredders and a loyal following of snow, surf, wind, and bike athletes that help shape their designs. The gear is functional, stylish, and typically comes with a reasonable price tag.

Dakine Cadence S/S jersey and shorts.

Cadence Women's Shorts
• MSRP: $60.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Black, Amethyst (tested)

The Cadence shorts are Dakine's most popular lady's shorts (per the non-sanctioned straw poll I conducted during my weekly women's rides). They offer an all-mountain style of loose fit, a stretchy feel, two non-zippered hand pockets, an internal waist adjuster, 13" inseam, and double snap waist closure with belt loops.

I tested the size medium shorts and true to the size chart (medium fits size US 6-8 ), they offered a loose and comfortable all-around fit. The zipper and snap buttons offer a secure closure that won't pop open when you bend over to tie your shoes, and I thanks to the low profile design, I never noticed any pressure or irritation from the clasps of the internal waist adjusters.

I took these shorts to Moab for some testing in the Utah heat as well as plenty of after work laps on the local trails. One of the major pros of these shorts is that they have a super lightweight feel similar to a pair of board shorts, but are softer and stretchier. They fit over a couple different pair of knee guards I regularly use with no gaper gap, nor did I notice any fabric issues after multiple wash cycles. One nitpick I have with the shorts is that I really, really like zippered pockets. I especially like a zippered pocket on the lower leg panel - somewhere I can put my phone while I ride that doesn't interfere with my pedal stroke. But pockets and zippers add cost and weight and my personal desires are not Dakine's responsibility. So, while they might lack some optional features, they make up for it with a super reasonable price tag, a one year warranty, and a stylish appeal.

A unique internal waist adjuster helps tighten the shorts, while they feature two simple hand pockets and a double snap waist closure system.

Cadence SS Jersey
• MSRP: $40.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Star Gazer (tested), Papaya, Castlerock

The Cadence S/S jersey is Dakine's version of an upgraded technical T-shirt. It features a v-neck, chest pocket detail, moisture wicking material, and an internal lens wipe. The shirt/jersey is a casual, loose-fitting, wear-all-day kind of tee that comes in three non-obnoxious colors.

I tested the jersey in size medium. It fit the bill with the described 'all mountain fit' - not too tight but not too loose. The sleeves were a perfect extended length for a short sleeve jersey, especially considering some of the other short sleeve options I tested barely covered my deltoids.

The material was pleasantly soft and offered decent moisture wicking in the heat. The Cadence S/S has a good torso length, too, and includes a dropped tail for added coverage with minimal chance of whale tail incidents. All in all, this ended up being one of my favorite jerseys of the review due to the reasonable cost and the stylish, yet practical, no-frills design.

Simple short sleeve design and integrated lens wipe.

Race Face

Race Face has a history of designing leading edge, rider-inspired products, with a focus on high quality gear meant for challenging terrain. Race Face is also one of the few companies who offers multiple product lines of apparel created just for women, which allows you to pick and choose your own adventure based on what kind of riding you like.

Race Face Women's Khyber shorts and Khyber 3/4 sleeve jersey.

Khyber Shorts
• MSRP: $85.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Dark Spruce, Black (tested), Loam

The 2019 Khyber shorts are a slightly updated version of the older DH oriented shorts. They utilize a new, stretchy yet durable nylon/spandex fabric blend, laser cut venting on the inside leg panels, an abundance of pockets, internal velcro waist adjusters, belt loops, double button snap closure and a 14" inseam. They are compatible with many knee guard styles and did I mention they have pockets? Six to be exact.

I tested the size medium Khyber shorts. To be honest, I always slightly struggle with Race Face sizing because the medium is slightly too big and the small is slightly too small. First world problems. Despite the size issue, the shorts can be synched up and the medium is the correct fit for a gravity designed short. The soft inner brushed waistband is ridiculously comfortable and the shorts felt stretchy enough I even tried some of my beginner power yoga poses. I did notice that these shorts were among the heavier pair of the lot, but they are constructed from a more durable material and should be more capable of surviving a couple crashes unscathed.

I was able to ride in these shorts on a variety of local trails: some rocky, some fast and flowy. Once pedaling I didn't notice any overheating despite the burlier fabric, nor did I have any chaffing or snagging my saddle issues. The pockets are a plenty and while I like pockets, I am not completely sure why they need six. And especially why there are two rear butt pockets with snap closures? I personally have zero need for two pockets on my bum when I'm riding - but to each their own. Otherwise the front pockets are awesome and in general the shorts are stylish enough that for the price, these are a great short, particularly for the more gravity-oriented ladies who tend to shuttle or run laps through the bike park vs. those who pedal to play.

Pockets galore and a soft brushed inner waistband for those who avoid the chamois liners.

Khyber 3/4 Sleeve Jersey
• MSRP: $60.00 USD
• Sizes: XS - XL
• Colors: Dark Spruce (tested), Black, Rust

The Khyber 3/4 sleeve jersey is the complement to the same-named shorts and is a quick-drying, no holds barred race jersey. The jersey is 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex, which gives it a stretchy, yet silky feel. Aside from the 3/4 sleeve design and sublimated graphics, its a fairly basic design with a focus on comfort and performance.

I tested the size medium jersey. Unlike the shorts, the jersey was a perfect fit, yet loose enough to fit some low profile elbow guards underneath for those of you who like skid plates for the arms. The jersey performed well in the heat, wicking sweat and breathing well despite the use of a hydration pack. I'm not a huge fan of the Dark Spruce colored jersey I tested, but I do like the minimal branding and the look of the two other color options - Black and Rust.

I am always impressed with the Race Face products and I appreciate the simplicity of this jersey. The Khyber has evolved into a solid design that uses quality materials while still keeping the price tag competitive.

3/4 sleeve racing jersey with a silky feeling quick-drying knit fabric.


While Scott is perhaps better known for their bikes, they have been in the apparel business for quite some time. They bring the same focus and precision of their bicycle designs to their clothing designs. And with the main offices located in the Swiss Alps, and a slew of top-shelf athletes on tap for design feedback, it goes without saying that the fit and functionality of their gear is among the very best.

Scott Trail Flow S/SL jersey and Trail Flow Pro shorts.

Trail Flow Pro w/Pad Women's shorts
• MSRP: £116.99 GBP
• Sizes: EU XS - XL
• Colors: Dark Grey (tested), Celestial Blue, Light Grey/Sharp Green

The Trail Flow Pro w/pad women's shorts were the only shorts out of the bunch that came with a liner. The shorts are a top-notch all mountain riding short that feature a quick dry 4-way stretch fabric, a hidden side adjustment system, zippered side pockets with inner mesh and an anti-slip silicone strip on the interior waistband.

When I first contacted Scott (US offices) they didn't have any product available in North America so I was sent to their European offices. With a little back and forth over sizing, they ended up sending me the EU S/US XS Trail Flow Pro shorts. If I had to order again I would probably size up as I am most definitely not a US XS and they were a little snug on my winterized frame. All that being said the DUROxpand 4-way stretch material offered a comfortable fit that both pedaled and breathed well despite the snug fit.

The shorts have a high quality, stylish look and feel that oozes comfort the minute you put them on. The zippers feel strong and while the fabric has a nice stretch to it, you know it won't rip on the first blackberry bush you brush against. The two pockets have ample cargo space for tools or phones and the added laser-cut ventilation holes are a nice addition to help keep you cool. The fabric that Scott uses includes a DRYOzone DWR treatment which is great for Spring and Summer riding when you don't know if those distant rain clouds will hit you or not. Even though you're paying a little more for a liner, these shorts are up there with POC in terms of you get what you pay for, and sometimes it's worth a few pennies more for a premium product that you know will last.

Plenty of zippered storage and pockets on these shorts along with internal waist band adjusters.

Trail Flow S/SL Women's Shirt
• MSRP: £52.99 GBP
• Sizes: EU XXS - L
• Colors: Dark Grey/Azalea Pink (tested), Celestial Blue/Camellia Pink, Ultra Violet/Sharp Green

The Trail Flow S/SL women's shirt is a short-sleeve riding jersey with some pretty cool added features. The jersey uses the Scott DRYOxcell knit fabric and DUROexpand 4-way stretch fabric found in their Trail Flow Pro shorts for a moisture-wicking good time. It also has a hidden, zippered side pocket with an integrated lens wipe, a unique V-collar, and an extended drop tail for extra protection.

I tested this jersey in that just-a-bit-to small for me EU S/US XS sizing. The jersey was lightweight feeling, soft on skin, and comfortable to ride in. The fabric has a silky look but also seemed to keep me cool and dry during testing. The little pocket is a bit odd, I am not sure what I would put in it, but the fact that the lens wipe is inside a pocket is reassuring as I know it'll be clean and dry when I need to clean off my goggles or glasses.

For a short sleeve jersey I really like the design of this one and the color combos give it the kind of sex appeal you might find in a Prada showroom. With all the small added features and the high quality fabrics, I'd say this is one of my favorite short sleeve jerseys on the market right now. Yes, I like the simplicity of a piece like the Dakine Cadence S/S jersey, but I also like understated bells and whistles that actually add value and don't just inflate the price tag.

Quick-dry stretch fabric and small pocket with integrated lens wipe.

Yeti Cycles

Based in Golden, Colorado, Yeti is well known for their innovative bike designs and loyal tribe following. Adding to that, the list of male riders to rock the Yeti name is legend: Graves, Blenki, Gwin, and Rude to name a few. As a result, one commonly associates their Yeti branded apparel (usually of the turquoise variety) with their racers; but did you know they also carry a line of apparel for the everyday rider? Even better, Yeti has stepped away from the sausage clothing fest many companies indulge in by cranking out some excellent new women's specific apparel - thanks to some awesome ladies - that it is definitely worth taking a look at, even if you don't have one of their swanky bikes hanging in the garage.

Yeti Cycles W's Avery Short and W's Hayden Jersey.

W's Avery Short
• MSRP: $90.00 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Moonlight (tested), Evergreen, Turquoise

The W's Avery short is Yeti's streamlined all-purpose riding short for all the Beti's out there. It features a lightweight, 4-way stretch polyester moisture-wicking fabric, a large zippered cargo pocket, pull-tab waist adjustment and a 12" inseam.

I tested the size medium. It was a pretty spot on fit around my hips, my butt and my non-racer quads - and the little pull tabs are a pretty nifty design to help cinch them up. These shorts absolutely exceeded my expectations. On the one hand, they are simple, offering only one super usable zippered pocket and have minimal branding. But they have the kind of super lightweight feel I typically associate with a more technical pair of shorts. And they are soooooooo comfortable! One thing to note is they are a more fitted short around the legs and may may run tight on those of you with monster quads (per Anne).

I tested these shorts in Moab heat and back home in the spring mist. They were breathable yet durable, my cell phone fit in the one large cargo pocket (which makes me happy), and they fit over a handful of the lower profile knee guards I rode in (i.e. G-Form, 7iDP, Ion, POC). Props to all the ladies who have helped dial in the sizing and design of these shorts - they ended up on my podium and are one of my top three picks of this review given the quality, minimal yet key features, and the reasonable price tag. Even though I'm not a Yeti-Beti, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a solid product when I see it.

Simple functional pocket design and waist adjusters for a solid fit.

W's Hayden Jersey
• MSRP: $60.00 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Moonlight (tested), Black, Spruce

The Hayden jersey is described by Yeti as a soft, weightless, Polygiene jersey for summer epics. In layman's terms, it's a technical tee with some nifty features that includes a small back storage pocket, a drop hem, a hidden sunglass wipe, UPF 20, odor control treatment, and open knit side and sleeves for breathability.

I tested the jersey in size medium. It had a snugly contoured fit that clung comfortably to my body, which seemed on par with the size charts and my measurements (although the arm openings could have been a tiny bit bigger for my swimmer shoulders). While I didn't really love the super matchy color combo of the shorts and jersey together, I did like wearing the jersey with other colored shorts. I tend to get a lot of oohs and ahhs when I wear a super color coordinated kit, which isn't really my style -- I prefer to blend into the crowd a bit more.

True to the technical features, the jersey remained dry and odor free after multiple long, sweaty rides. The back storage pocket ended up being a nice little addition for some of my sub two hour hot laps where I skipped the hydro pack. This jersey gets kudos for a simple yet stylish design that doesn't break the bank and includes some well executed features. If you are slightly Yeti-curious, this review should be your reason to head over the website and check out the extended line of Beti jersey's and shorts now available.

Short sleeve designed jersey with minimal branding and integrated lens wipe.

O'Neal Racing

Like many MTB clothing companies, O'Neal has its roots in MX. And while they got their start in the 1960's with MX gear, they weren't shy about creating clothing in the 1980s for the new upstart sport of mountain biking. Since the very beginning, O'Neal has been mostly known for their DH racing kits (that Greg Minnaar sponsorship is worth every penny), but this year we had the opportunity to test some of the first of their women's specific lines of MTB trail riding clothing.

O'Neal Racing DDD Jersey and Shorts.

SOUL Women's shorts
• MSRP: €99.99 EU
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Blue (tested), Green

The SOUL Women's shorts are O'Neals first dive into an all mountain MTB riding short specifically for women. The shorts feature a feminine cut, an extended inseam to fit for knee protection, velcro waist adjusters, laser-cut ventilation on the leg panels, two side zippered pockets, and a fast-wicking, quick-drying 4-way stretch fabric. Note that these products are currently only available in Europe.

I tested these shorts in a size medium, which was a nice, comfortably loose fit. Right off the bat I knew I was going to really like these shorts. The velcro waist adjusters were well designed to tailor the fit, and I found that the two zippered pockets had ample storage space. Without even getting on the bike, they just felt comfortable, durable, and they had a stylish appeal.

The laser-cut ventilation holes on the shorts definitely helped keep my legs cool on some of the hotter spring days. These shorts aren't made from the lightest material, but they're also not the heaviest. Despite the heavier feel, the fabric offers good stretch and they easily fit over my knee guards without any kind of gaper gap. Going on my fourth year of gear testing twice a year for Pinkbike, I know shorts pretty well. Despite a tough line-up of contenders this go around, these shorts also came in as one of my top 3. My only concern might be how well they hold up to washing over a longer period of time, due to the short testing window we have. But that's true of most of these shorts.

Nice sized zippered storage pockets and velcro waist adjusters.

SOUL Women's Jersey
• MSRP: €49.99 EU
• Sizes: S-XL
• Colors: Blue (tested), Green

The SOUL Women's jersey is the compliment to the SOUL shorts. They not only feature matching colors but have a fast-wicking breathable fabric, drop tail, laser-cut ventilation, integrated lens wipe, and a secure side back pocket with zipper for secure storage.

The size medium was a bit loose and pretty comfortable. I easily could have sized down to a small in this jersey for a tighter fit. The material and ventilation seemed on par with the other jerseys I tested this go around; I didn't notice any sweat marks or have any clammy jersey post climb episodes--the kind where you freeze on the descent.

This jersey seems like a nice option for those looking for a simple and stylish short sleeve jersey that gives you the pro matchy look out on the trails and provides basic usable features like the extra pocket and laser-cut venting for added breathability. Even if you can't get your hands on the new O'Neal womens riding kit quite yet - keep your eyes peeled as would imagine they will release these products in North America in the not to distant future.

Simple short sleeve fast-wicking jersey with integrated lens wipe.


Zoic means "life" in Greek and they pride themselves on a blue collar approach to making gear that performs at the highest levels yet isn't flashy or over the top. Consequently, they don't blow cash on big budget ad campaigns. Instead, they'd rather get out and get dirty on the trails and focus on producing the kind of clothing that allows you to forget about what you're wearing and just savor the ride. As a result, their gear is designed with a function first to enrich the ride kind of attitude, mixed with a bit of understated fashion.

Zoic Navaeh shorts and Jerra Print jersey.

W's Navaeh Shorts (without liner)
• MSRP: $70.00 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Grey, Black, Berry, Ocean (tested)

The Navaeh shorts are Zoic's all-mountain riding short for ladies who like to shred. They feature a double snap front closure with zip fly, velcro waist adjuster tabs, 11" inseam, 4 zippered pockets, and a stretchy durable fabric.

I tested the shorts in both a size small and medium. The smalls were actually not as tight as I originally thought, but I preferred the overall fit of the mediums in terms of the fit around my butt and hip: snug but not constricting. With an 11" inseam, I also prefer to wear the shorts just a tad bit lower on my waist and hips than the average joe, so the larger size was the way to go.

These shorts have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive short at a price tag that will make you smile - the four zippered pockets are all well sized and were placed exactly where I want them. The material feels lightweight and with 14% spandex they offered ample stretch, making for full freedom when pedaling or riding fast through technical terrain. These also made my short list of this year's top three contenders for shorts I would happily have in my closet. If you have never heard of Zoic, now might be the time to peruse the interwebs and check out the details on these stylish shorts.

Plenty of zippered pockets for storage and velcro waist adjusters.

W's Jerra Print Jersey
• MSRP: $75.00 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Black Aztec, Black/Blocktrain, Blockchain, Grey Aztec, Inca (tested)

The Jerra Print jersey is designed to be a loose-fitting, bright and shiny longer sleeve riding jersey. It features a crew neck design, 5/8 length raglan sleeve, and utilizes sublimated fabric to prevent graphic fading. The fabric is also 16% spandex to offer a non restrictive feel, even with a pack on.

The size medium Jerra Print jersey was loose fitting as designed and the sleeves easily came down below my elbows. The jersey fabric has a smooth silky feel, much like the Race Face Khyber, and is available in five different print options (or three different non-print options for $10 USD less). The Inca color I tested was not really my bag of tea - I prefer solid colors - but all in all I'm more focused on the fit and feel for these reviews.

I always prefer a 3/4 + sleeve length for added sun protection when I ride in the Spring and Summer and the extended 5/8 sleeve had a nice amount of coverage. The material on this jersey felt cool and despite the high spandex content it still offered decent moisture wicking on my long test climbs. While it has minimal features, this jersey gets the job done with a nice, artistic spark.

Nikki Rohan riding in Post Canyon near Hood River OR.

Bright and colorful design featuring crew neck and 5/8 length sleeve.

Club Ride Apparel

Club Ride has it’s roots in a late for dinner Sun Valley ride by founder Mike Herlinger. As he dashed out to post ride date in a vintage snap western shirt, he thought, “why not ride in a shirt like this?” From that simple thought designs were drawn and thus was born a company with the philosophy that technical riding apparel can also be both fashionable and stylish. Today, their designs are characterized by a blend of quality materials blended with technical features that look good both on and off the bike.

Nikki Rohan riding in Post Canyon near Hood River OR.
Club Ride Apparel Savvy shorts and Ida Long Sleeve jersey.

Savvy Short
• MSRP: $69.95 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Merlot, Black, Navy (tested)

The Savvy shorts are Club Ride's lightest weight women's specific riding short. They have a boardshort-esque fit and design, and feature a no-zip gusseted fly, a draw-cord adjustment system, a zippered side cargo pocket, and two hand pockets.

I tested the Savvy size small per the size chart. They fit true to size, fairly snugly around my hips and butt, but loose enough I had no problems pedaling or doing practice squats in the parking lot. The shorts had a shorter inseam than I'm used to, but I know a lot of women who prefer the 11" plus or minus a bit length of short.

The shorts were (as described) very much like the every day boardshorts that I wear to the beach and go grocery shopping with during summer. I like the fact that the shorts have a gusseted fly because it keeps them light and loose - and sometimes I just don't like zippers or velcro. The fabricl was also felt smooth, and the shorts dried quickly when they got a bit damp. While Club Ride isn't a name you commonly hear of on the EWS circuit or from the enduro bros, I see a surprising number of comments from every day women riders on social media spouting their love of this company and their products, and I totally understand where they are coming from - these shorts are extremely comfortable and very reasonably priced.


Side cargo pocket and gusseted fly.

Ida Long Sleeve Jersey
• MSRP: $79.95 USD
• Sizes: XS-XL
• Colors: Grey (tested), Blue, Raven

I couldn't pass up testing the Ida jersey. Out of the box I really liked the look and feel of the Ida. It is the only long-sleeve jersey of this review and features a pinhole mesh material along the sleeves, rear drop-in pockets, a four-snap henley neck-line, and some minor reflective accents for increased visibility.

I tested the size small and it was that classic Goldilocks just right fit: not too loose but not too tight. Sleeve length and torso length were perfect, and I liked the option to unsnap one or two of buttons around the neckline.

The jersey was a nice addition to this gear review as it both worked to keep me a little warmer on some of the cooler spring days, but also to protect my arms from the sun on the warmer, cloud-free days. The pin-hole mesh sleeves breathed well; I never noticed myself overheating. This jersey is great for those of you looking for a stylish, long-sleeve jersey that provides breathable sun protection.


4-snap henley design and rear storage pockets round out this long-sleeve jersey.


100% started as a motocross brand that has branched out into mountain bike apparel. 100% is known for loud, bold graphics across their protection, eyewear, and apparel ranges. The 2019 Mountain Bike gear line has improved from last year with upgraded fabrics and more colors, and continues to strike a balance of racing performance and budget friendly apparel.

Nikki Rohan riding in Post Canyon near Hood River OR.
100% RIDECAMP shorts and jersey.

• MSRP: $69.00 USD
• Sizes: S-XL
• Colors: Black (tested), Navy, Brick

The 2019 100% Ridecamp shorts are the younger sister to the Airmatic women's shorts, both designed to provide exceptional performance and comfort at value for everyday riding. The Ridecamp are all mountain riding short that features a DWR coated 2-way mechanical stretch twill fabric, a mesh fly with adjustable snap waist closure, and two zippered storage pockets.

I tested the size medium and it offered a nice fit. The unique adjustable snap waist closure system gives the shorts a fairly snug fit for anyone within range of the size chart numbers. The shorts have a more fitted leg design than some of the others (which seems to be popular these days) but the inseam was long enough to fit over low profile knee guards without showing any skin.

I've been impressed with the 100% riding gear since they hit the market a couple years ago. The shorts are nice and lightweight, and they have just enough stretch that I barely notice them when pedaling or hulk smashing through technical terrain. One small complaint on these shorts is that they have a security inner pocket in the right-side zippered pocket that prevented my phone (the smaller iPhone 7) from easily slipping inside. So aside from switching to my left hand to use my phone, the pockets met my basic needs. In my opinion, for the value, these shorts are right up there with the Zoic and the Yeti shorts in terms of quality and performance, and if you are looking for a short that is stylish and doesn't break the bank, I'd try out 100% for size.


Unique adjustable snap waist closure system and side zippered cargo pockets.

• MSRP: $39.00 USD
• Sizes: S-XL
• Colors: White S/S (tested), Blue S/S, Red L/S

The Ridecamp jersey is a basic short sleeve, all-mountain riding jersey designed for shredding in the California sunshine. It has a super clean design, features a breathable Polyester mesh fabric with moisture management properties, a drop tail, and an integrated lens wipe.

The size medium was an excellent fit despite the fact that my chest measurements have me at a size small jersey per the size charts - so consider sizing up if you like a looser fit. While I would never choose white as a jersey color - I am that human that ends up with pen marks all over white work blouses - I have to say the white had a nice attractive look. Luckily the Ridecamp S/S comes in a solid blue with white sleeves for us slobs, or a long sleeve red color for added sun protection.

The jersey handled the heat and my sweat as expected - the moisture-wicking was good and the breathability of the mesh fabric kept my skin nice and dry. I gotta admit: despite my initial misgivings, the white and black combo is pretty stylish, and 100% has some strong women in the background designing some solid products at nice, budget friendly prices.


Simple well designed jersey with an integrated lens wipe.

I would sum up the kits that I tested in the following manner:
POC: Innovative race jersey with an updated and super durable short
Dakine: Perfect casual PNW combo for hitting the trail and the pub
Race Face: Solid all around kit for gravity riding
Scott: Function meets fashion: high quality designs that make you look good
Yeti: You want these shorts even if you don't ride a Yeti - top 3 contender
O'Neal: Entering into the women's trail riding market with a bang - top 3 contender
Zoic: Despite the flashy looking jersey, the quality is top-notch and the shorts are a top 3 contender
Club Ride Apparel: Idaho's best kept secret - high quality products for everyday riders
Ride 100%: The best bang for your buck - functional designs that look good and don't break the bank


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 These look better than the men collection. I'd rather wear these.
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 What i´ve been thinking for years.
Men get random, blocky, geometric patterns in either ridiculous colour combinations or the same old stale black,white, red combination year in and out while women get tasteful, delicate, playful patterns with great colour arrangements and nice little details.
Just compare the two Race Face kits. I love that pattern on the womens RF kit. There´s no reason why men shouldn´t be wearing that design too, yet men get...stripes.
Of course not every man likes the same and if you wanna wear plain black or blue or whateve that´s cool too, but it´s kinda lame how uninspired most of mens bike fashion is.
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 @Loki87: ..but we get 10! Women only get 9!
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Well, that male privilege has to have some advantage at least!
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 I've never understood the emphasis of 'hitting the pub' post ride in the US when you don't ride with a lock, so riding directly to the pub and leaving the bike outside is an absolute no go. Even driving, most I know wouldn't leave their expensive bike locked on their car racks fear of being stolen (here in Asia no probs). Good luck leaving your 6k bike on your rack for a couple hours in California!
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 You are correct. Times are changing. When we are in Seattle or Portland there is no leaving a bike on a vehicle or outside a pub locked up. However, here in Hood River, we can sit outside and drink a beer with our bikes near us at multiple places. It’s a small town and thankfully not in California. Our weekly shop rides ends at a shop that serves beer.
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 Pick any color, as long as the color is close to teal.
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 That POC kit is insanely priced, does anyone even buy it?
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 I have ( boys stuff) And it has been fantastic quality. Quality on hurts once.
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 who cares about the jerseys? bring on a review of these socks!
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 Have some of these companies finally realised that women have hips? I’m impressed!
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 I have so much of a hard time trying to find mtb baggy shorts (1st world problems in here too), it's getting frustrating: size large are waaaaay too large, and medium can't fit my quads... I would need small in the waist, medium overall fit and large at the quads. Race Face isn't too bad for me, but never perfect fit, same goes with Sombrio. Tried them all every year.... Maybe one day!
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 Colin's photos definitely stand above the rest.
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 I saw some ION gloves and knee guards, It would be great to see some ION clothing for women, its honestly a super good looking apparel
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 Great write up Nikki!
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 Man, I was hoping for a blue kit for my wife. Dang it.
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 howdy, what sunglasses are you wearing? same pair for the whole article and just swapping different lenses? thx
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 Smith Ruckus
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 Women get such cool patterns and colors!
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 I don't know what's worse. The name "Club Ride" or their style or lacktherof.
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 It's weird that the one kit on her looks just like a Smith Optics Instagram post I saw
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 Where are the Dharco kits?
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 Want something refreshing...
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