Video: 6-Year-Old Amelie Shreds the Coast Gravity Park with Remy Metailler in Tow

May 21, 2022
by Rémy Métailler  

Amelie is 6, she loves biking more than anything else, and this was her first time at the Coast Gravity Park.

Last summer she would ride the Whistler Bike Park from 10AM to 8PM with only a little break after the DFX camp. Inspiring!

Follow Amelie on social media: @ame_all_day

Additional photo by Damon Berryman


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 Remy only kept up due to the larger wheels, he was on his limit for sure.
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 Next up... unborn fetus sends monster lines on the North Shore in new video with Remy Metallier and Steve Vaderhoek.
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 Seems like the last time we saw a video of a little kids riding like this his name was Jackson Goldstone.....
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 Good point
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 The first video of remy’s where he goes slow enough that we can actually see what the trail looks like
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 Wow , She stays standing the whole way! Lots of strength!
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 I wish I could convince my friends to do the same!
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 I would need a break before her I guess...
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 Wow, she kept her focus and composure even with Remy and a pack of big riders hot on her wheel! She must have a bmx background.
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 Bmx 1-3 years, then freestyle mx thru kindergarten. Got bored with it.
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 Awesome vid! Looking forward to taking my girls out to the lokal park. Still gonna be one or two years though. Makes me always smile seeing the mini shredders on the trails! Keep it rolling girl!
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 You might be surprised what age some places will let them ride, Silvers Star in BC let my son ride at 4 but some of the parks it was 6.
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 Wait, why is her bike nicer than mine?
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 You need to find yourself a daddy that will pay for your bikes!
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 Great job Amelie! Mini shredder!!!!!
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 Thank you Remy for riding with such little cool shredder. Is not always about crazy lines and fast laps…!
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 So cute! How do those little fingers squeeze the brakes!
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 This is why I hate kids bikes with pedal brakes… y’know, the ones where you pedal backwards to brake. When it came time to find my kid his first pedal bike (graduating from a run bike), most major brands’ bikes had those. Each bike shop employee kept telling me that kids hands weren’t strong enough to activate hand brakes, which was bs.

Eventually I ordered a Spawn, which had v-brakes. He had absolutely no issues with his hands, and by not having pedal brakes, he was able to level his pedals without inadvertently slamming on the brakes whenever he went over rough stuff or rollers (he was ripping around bmx race tracks even back when he was on the run bike).

Anyone telling you that kids can’t use hand brakes is probably thinking of the ones they grew up on, which had crappy cantilevers or u-brakes, which were so weak that you hand to use four fingers to get any leverage for stopping.
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 @MB3: I ran 3 kids through the same set of spawn bikes and then 2 sizes of kona Shred. The issue was always (1) brake lever size/reach and then the strength required for rear mechanical disc brakes. If you start with a smaller lever, dial in the reach and keep it clean & lubed I agree that you should get them on hand brakes asap.
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 @MB3: totally agree! Got my girl a early rider 16" and she definatley prefers it over the "standard" kids bike. Brakes are no problem at all, they get used to new stuff so much faster than grown ups!
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 future world champ.
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 Finally, somebody capable of staying in front of Remy. Nice job Amelie!
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 6 years old ? Amazing how this spirits are ,life really is amazing ,thanks
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 So awesome. What a ripper!!
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 She is 6 and ride smoother than I ever will. This kid rips!
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 Little shredder!!!

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