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Video: Enduro Bike Shredding on Tight & Technical Trails

May 29, 2021
by William Klock  

For those who recognize the Botanical, it is one of the most beautiful and technical trails in the Vercors near Grenoble, France. It starts at the top of the 3 Pucelles and ends at the bottom of the ski jump of the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Games. This trail has a rather particular taste, it is the one that allowed me to continue to enjoy myself on the bike during the confinement since it was right next to the house.


I had been thinking about this video for a long time, and this line in the steep rocks freeriding was really not obvious. I am very proud to have been able to shoot on this trail.

I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I had fun filming it.


Video / Photo : William Klock https://www.instagram.com/william.k25/

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 Great video, great trail, shit music, all good with mute.......
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 100% agree with you
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 @NoriDori : ^^ THIS.
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 Still waiting for him to ride down that peak at the start/finish of the video. Wink

Loved it! At some points I was wondering if there is actually a trail there.
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 Good video and riding, but not seeing him ride down that cliff was a let down.
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 Love the trail, adore the riding. This is what MTB-ing looks for me.
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 Proper MTB. Need more of it on PB
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 I went to uni to study my master degree in architecture. I'd say my riding to study ratio was about 80:20 haha. I have ridden this trail many times and can confirm it is sweet, not to mention you've still got about 3-4km of trail all the way back to the city at the end of this!

Amazing city to live in when you live in the city centre at 200m and can ride all the way up to above 2000m in a couple of hours and back down the whole way to the city again purely on singletrack. There's soooo many trails within riding distance on the city centre.
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 Nice stoppie pivoting, I gotta work on those. Not sure if I can pull it off clipped in looking down cliffs but you inspire me to try
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 Great riding, but has this man heard of mid-stroke support? That Fox 38 looks like it's operating on the last third of travel at least half the time.
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 "mid stroke support ", sounds like a viagra pill. lmao!
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 60 percent of the time it works every time
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 Nice skills. This almost looks like our home trails. Plenty of tight and technical localy, maybe a bit more loamy though, love it!
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 bad ass riding. that looks like hiking trails most of the time. if a trail at all Big Grin
so, how many baguettes is that rock actually?
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 Damn. More of this please.
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 Janky as hell. Awesome work
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 Awesome riding, but should not have shown the bike on cliff intro without riding down it. False advert.
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 Joliiiiii !
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 That was sick!
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 Reminds me of good times on gnarly trails
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 Pretty strong cornering skills I'd say...
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