Video: Jakub Béreš Shreds his eMTB from Dawn til Dusk in 'Seize The Day'

May 16, 2020
by KellysBicycles  

Dawn till dusk, from natural singletracks to flowy laps in a bike park. Watch the video to transfer your mind into the Austrian Alps, full of amazing views and incredible riding. See for yourself that the all-new Theos' series has it all to be your true enduro bike.

Photo by Piotr Staro

Photo by Piotr Staro

Photo by Piotr Staro
Photo by Piotr Staro

Photo by Piotr Staro

Photo by Piotr Staro

The all-new 2020 Kellys THEOS - the ultimate, full-suspension e-bike equipped with top-of-the-line technologies with fully-integrated Kellys Re-Charge battery and powerful Shimano STEPS drive unit among them. Despite the version, all new THEOSes comes with the biggest 630 Wh battery as a standard, so you can save your energy to enjoy your downhills even more!



Rider: Jakub Béreš
Video by: EWIA Production @EwiaProduction
Still photography: Piotr Staron @piotrstaron

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 This looks like another great slayer. Anyone with the $$ for one?
Here again are some (typical) ignorant comments re e-bikers physiques. If you've spent a hard two hours riding a good offroad e-bike, you'll have travelled 3x as far as an acoustic (non e-bike) and will be bloody tired. You'll have towed a few of ya mates to the top of that boring access fire road a couple of times, allowing them to do more ascents with you. If you've ever been a moto trail rider, riding the Ups are fun, fast and another skill set as you typically need to sit down. A good all round workout!
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 100% Correct Sir!
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 Personally I'm not in a particular camp. I'm not against but I'm having enough of a blast riding my simple unassisted steel hardtail. That said, I'd rather see people ride their bikes up the hill (assisted or not) than take either a cable car or shuttle. I know most cable cars were already in place (typically for snow sports) before cyclists started using them, but I just don't like them. For them to work, they need to clear straight wide vertical sections of beautiful woods. This not only seems like a sure way to accelerate erosion, but to me it seems it also rips up the habitat of animals living there. Singletrack is typically much narrower and traverses/switchbacks which is much less likely to cause erosion. Plus of course for those of us who like riding, they'd rather roll up the hill than cue up and then sit down in a seat. As for shuttling, I think driving cars/busses with trailers and tourists isn't doing these places much good either. Obviously tourism causes both income as well as stress/encounters but it seems to me that riders climbing at 25km/h max (likely slower) are much less intimidating than a big rattly bus with trailer, stacked with bikes. I realize much of our mountainbike history is built upon this and the cool stuff wouldn't have happened to the same extend if it weren't for uplift. But now that pedal assist is there, it sure seems like the more sensible option. Mountain areas that want a piece of the tourism pie too now have an alternative, to cater for riders with pedal assist instead of investing in these "heavier" options. Sure they could also require everyone to pedal under "own steam" entirely but just like the number of snow sporters climbing up the hill under their "own steam", it likely won't generate a huge load tourism (hence income). Which can be fine of course. But as an alternative to other means of uplift, I think pedal assist is definitely the best option for the local area.

Then again as for this bike in question, to me it seems they just want a piece of the pie rather than really bring something new to the table. If I were to buy a bike with pedal assist, I'd want one with instant and proportional assistance so that it really allows for tech climbing. Maybe a little less assistance if that's what it takes. And I love my top tube low. With all options available now, I don't see why anyone would choose a bike with a top tube this high. This is the bike that might have been interesting three years ago. As it is now, I think more companies should look into a competitor for the Levo, (updated) Fazua or other lightweight and responsive options. I think two or three years from now, that's definitely what more brands will have in their lineup and this new bike here is completely dated. Sure there will be a demand for bikes with strong pedal assist on steep fireroads (to quickly be done with that or to tow your friends) but if you're going to create that, at least drop that top tube a good amount.
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 I'm not here to debate. I'm not here to hate. But can we stop calling normal bikes "acoustic"? So lame.
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 @Geriatric-J: Yes, please.

1. relating to sound or the sense of hearing.
"dogs have a much greater acoustic range than humans"
2. (of popular music or musical instruments) not having electrical amplification. "a sad, gentle acoustic ballad"
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 I'd go with "unassisted" or unpowered. Unless we call a car without power steering a car with acoustic steering.
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flag TheDudeAK47 (May 18, 2020 at 2:20) (Below Threshold)
 The ones with motor should be called moped as they have been called for decades. A bike is a bike and has no motor.
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 @vinay: I would go with "regular", "normal" or "standard"
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 @f00bar: That's a way, but it doesn't always work if the "normal" or "standard" variation becomes less common. Not saying I expect bikes with pedal assist to outnumber the ones without, but they seem to be getting quite common in places. Fair enough, calling something by what it is not (like in my suggestion) is tricky too. "Clipless" pedals probably being the most notorious. According to that nomenclature, the actual "clip" pedal really is the odd one out. Similarly, I ride with ProCore (dual chamber system) in my tires. I'd never say I'm running tubeless though some others would argue I am riding tubeless with inserts. That said, I think "unassisted" does cover it in this case.
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 Analog bikes
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 Snail bikes. They are awesome on downhills but literally climb like snails. Brutal payback for calling e bikes mopeds and motorcycles.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Snails are awesome on downhills?
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 Why not just analog...
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 agreed. if only there was a word for bikes. oh, wait...
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 @mi-bike: makes more sense than acoustic but still runs me the wrong way haha
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 @mi-bike: *rubs*, not runs sorry
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 @branmuffin Bernard Kerr rides his pretty well and he doesn't have any extra pounds showing, Martyn Ashton, paralysed from the waist down can still ride the Fort William World Cup DH track, the last time I looked cycling in all it's forms was an inclusive sport / leisure pursuit no matter one's shape or ability.
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flag Branmuffin (May 17, 2020 at 10:59) (Below Threshold)
 It’s actually not inclusive everywhere. eBikes are not permitted on our trailsystem without a disability permit. Can’t blame the bike companies for marketing them to everyone, but they should be reserved for blacktop/dirt roads or those unable to pedal a normal bike. Do you like the people on motorized skateboards or those 1 wheeled electric abomination on your trails also? Once you open the door to a motorized vehicle on foot or bike trails you will eventually be opening it up to atvs and motorcycles, it’s only a matter of time for the right person to win a lawsuit.
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 @Branmuffin: I understand that e-bikes are prohibited in the USA, which is a shame because here in Europe they are out selling acoustic bikes, I ride both as they offer different things, I'm 54, I use the e-bike once a week and cover 70 miles, 4 times a week I use my acoustic bike with friends covering 35 - 40 miles, with regards to limiting the use of e-bikes to tarmac or dirt roads or those unable to pedal a normal bike is discriminatory to the latter, you still have to pedal an e-bike for it to be able to assist you, I am able to pedal to a level that I don't really need an e-bike but love the fact that I can double what I do on my acoustic bike and so prolong my enjoyment with friends.
Fortunately for me we have what is called "Greenlaning" here in the UK whereby SUV's, ATV's, MOTO X, and if you're really stupid enough, Electric Skateboards can enjoy 1000's of miles of public byways which criss-cross the UK driving or riding their chosen vehicle and it's all perfectly legal, the only rule they have, and do, adhere to is that Horses, Walkers and Cyclists, including Electric have the right of way, they pull over, we cycle on and everyone gets on with enjoying their day, seems a shame that you can't enjoy the same understanding in the USA.
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 @Branmuffin: @Branmuffin: BMuff, I understand your stand on the eBikes, I held a similar opinion to them a few years ago. They were of course not as good as today’s bikes. But my change of heart came from my continued health problems. For three years I’ve had a steady decline in what I could do. Going from a fit 190lbs 11% fat to 140lbs and no clue on fat% but it’s crazy low I’m sure. Im even 1.5” shorter because of the lose of body mass. I was using my mtb, road, DH bike to do 4-6 rides a week on top of a very demanding profession, to only being able to ride once maybe twice every other week and I was destroyed for 3-4 days after. I was getting left behind by my wife on rides so she could get the car to pick me up, or I’d have to leave a group ride that I’d once be one of the stronger riders. My wife wanted me to get a ebike just so I’d get out because I’d kind of given up, but after not working much for 2-3 years there was no way we could ever afford one and definitely not two. But My wife’s and my road bikes were stolen this winter from our garage(they were nice ones) thankfully we still had a good policy which we were going to drop to save money. We used the cash to buy ebikes instead of road bikes. They have been one of the few things to keep me from going crazy! But even with one I’ve been too exhausted to ride the last few days. All that said, I don’t think they are just for half a man like me. After 25 years riding mtb, I see no additional impacts on the trails over regular mtb. Only the fact someone would have the time Or energy to ride a trail more times on a ride. I actually examined the trail on three occasions with a friend and we felt the ebike having more weight kept it from spinning out and breaking lose. Only thing we could distinguish was riding in really wet areas, the added weight did leave deeper tracts in the mud. Most riders and even hikers are pumped seeing me out, the only ones that are sourer are people that were mad we were riding DH bikes or even longer travel trail bikes. I wish I was healthy and could just do a peddle bike, but my wife whose in her best shape ever is still very tired riding her E. My 2¥. I hope one day we will make it out to Idaho but we’ll take the peddle bikes cheers
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 I zero qualms with e-bikes from an ability standpoint, whatever you need to get out and ride do it by all means we shouldn’t bar people from riding who otherwise could be. My biggest fear is that e-bikes will get normal mountain bikers kicked off trail networks. Mountain bikes in the US already can’t ride in wilderness protected areas because they qualify as “motorized travel“ despite clearly lacking a motor. E-bikes aren’t gonna help matters with how visibly similar they are to mountain bikes
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 @Bikerguy13: the whole wilderness thing is just silly! I can understand banning ebikes from wilderness areas because they do have a motor but not regular bikes. If a person rides in an area they are not supposed to or in a manner that damages the trail or dangers other trail users it doesn’t matter what they are riding. The average person can’t tell if your on an ebike, new bikes are definitely getting stealthy. I do know the forest service has purchased some ebikes so the can test the impact they have on the trail. Cheers
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 Next PinkBike poll.
The internet is a big place. Should we continue to cover eBikes?

Yes, they are a blast.....the marketing is killn' me
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 Lame HT angle numbers 66.5 degree - no thank you. Any ebike should be rocking at least 65 ideally 63-64. Long and slack no BS..:
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 How much have you ridden one? Unless your just self shuttling a park, you don't want that slack of a head angle. These bikes are so much fun on rolling single track and tech climbs that "your geo" would just be doing wheelies, loosing grip, and be a handful on tight tech. Keep in mind at speed these are already more stable than analog because of the weight.
Just like geo has adapted to different wheel sizes, it has to adapt to E-bike weight and bias.
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 There was a time when my bike was a mountain bike; I remember it. Then it became an enduro. Now it's an acoustic bike. Etymology is interesting.
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 Also why not use Shimano new 630wh battery, who wants proprietary battery???
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 honestly, with views like these, I would enjoy every freaking hour of the excruciating climb, and I'd gladly walk beside my bike once I'm too tired
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 To each his own.
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 The bike looks awesome I am wanting to make the switch to an E bike. could not find a price or us dealer
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 Who has this much free time to type these long of comments. Go be a journalist or something.
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 damn that downtube is THICK!
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flag Branmuffin (May 17, 2020 at 4:07) (Below Threshold)
 “Thick”, just like the belly of most riding an eBike.
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 Naww, you mean "THICC"
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flag ybsurf (May 17, 2020 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 @Branmuffin: best comment Wink
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 Frame looks a touch on the long side
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 Where in Austria is this? It looks amazing!
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 Saalbach Hinterglemm
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 My pressfit BB seized the day!
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 Looks like a Scottdraker
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 What's better than one rocker linkage? But Mondraker's newer layout gets rid of the exposed shock shaft. Not sure where you're seeing a Scott influence--earlier Gambler I guess
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 @ceecee: he's referring to the hydroformed top tube
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 @SoddenDeath: of course. What's better than one kink? Are you calling my STEPS thicc? Thanks for the help
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 Battery doesn’t last from dusk till dawn.. fake news!
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 Should be on pinkybike!!
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