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Video: Kelly McGarry's 72-Foot Backflip Canyon Gap

Feb 1, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Remembering Kelly McGarry and his stoke for sending it. Today is the fourth anniversary of his tragic death.

Forever a legend.

Margus Riga
Margus Riga
Kelly McGarry took the silver medal in 2013 at Red Bull Rampage, as well as Peoples Choice award. Photos by Margus Riga.

To see more of Kelly's life on two wheels, head to our tribute post.

For photos from a full weekend of riding and partying to celebrate the legacy of Kelly McGarry at McGazza Fest, click here.

Ride in peace Kelly.

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 Loved that guy! Such a brave but good natured dude. I thought it was especially cool that he didn’t tell anyone about his plans then surprised everyone with a surprise backflip over that massive canyon gap! Legend!!
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 Rumor has it that he was having issues making the distance in practice. It was suggested that he move forward on the bike "like when you do a backflip" in order to make it. The rest is history.
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 love the "yeah boi " when he dropped in, we were in queenstown when he passed away.A week before whilst on my way to salmon run walking with my bike i noticed a small bike necklace lying on the trail i picked it up and gave it to my girlfriend later that day.She whore it around her neck for a whole year until watching 72 hours with kelly mcgarry we noticed it was the exact same neckace " No way" it couldn't be the following year on returning to queenstown we spoke with Vertigo bikes and it was his necklace. We met with his partner and returned it to her . That year me girlfriend went bigger and faster on her bike than ever before and i like to think he had something to do with it so thankyou kelly RIDE IN PEACE
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 That’s a great story, and kudos for getting the necklace back to his partner.
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 @RUSTYBOI77: I just assumed he was talking about his girlfriend. Sounded like a great year.
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 How the f*ck did that only get silver?!
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 True that.
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 ask cam zink
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 He missed a few jumps at the bottom by going off line through the bushes
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 Yeah that really was one of the best runs ever at Rampage. It’s actually the run that pops into my head when I think of RB Rampage. IMHO that run defines that event. Ride on McGazza we still miss you.
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 My favorite part of this edit is him humming as he’s riding that gnarly line. Such a rad dude he was. Truly, him and then Jordie, two of the most amazing dudes to leave our sport. And Stevie too.
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 I'll never tire of watching that. One of mountain biking's true greats. RIP Kelly.
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 I have watched this video at least 30 times and there is still goosebumps and tears at the same time when he lands this backflip.
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 cant even imagine how he felt the moment he sees the ramp way down there, wow
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 This was a nice post to remember, it's so weird when people pass before their time especially gifted and inspirational ones but that's life. I love how us humans recognize and celebrate each other over our achievements and how we made each other feel. This vid gave me that feeling when u see something of high risk and as a male your nutts get this weird uncomfortable pain, but does it feel amazing when you overcome the fear. Don't mean to be crude with the whole pain in the groin but that's the raw feeling
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 Still amazing rip mcgazza
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 Jeez. You'd have to be crazy. Like if you think you're nuts, you're probably a stable tourist. Reminds me of in comedy this guy was talking about certain comedians in the 1980's. He was saying he thought he was being maybe too, "edgy" but then there was a certain brand of comedy, where it was like insane people just going off deep end on stage (on drugs or whatever), and he felt he was, "Captain Safety" afterwards.
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 I'm not sure what was bigger, his balls or his smile. Still very much missed. Ride on brother.
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 This video of Kelly will never, ever, ever get old! This run would still be top ten in a modern Rampage. Dude was a straight up, full on manchamp!

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 but his bike wasnt boost spacing.. his bike didnt have cush core.. it wasnt a DH 29er with 44mm offset fork... his bars werent 35mm in diamter
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 Rebull 72 Hours w/ McGazza at Rampage in 2015. Find myself re-watching it every Feb.1 RIP vimeo.com/183537619
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 4 years....? Feels like yesterday.
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 Watching the go pro footage it seems like during the backflip time slows down a bit and it’s almost dream-like. It’s almost 4 seconds of hang time in the go pro. Now watch the Vimeo footage. Backflip takes 3 seconds. I think the gopro video has been doctored/slowed down for dramatic effect. See your yourself.
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 Who gives af??
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 I thought that was obvious
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 One of the radest things to ever happen on a bike still to this day
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 I was there for it. I think he got more cheers and props then anyone in rampage history that day. RIP...
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 Can’t ever forget that ,it’s those of one things that ii will always remember even if I got a mental illness I guess it will never disappear,thanks.
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 What a rider! Thank you Kelly McGarry! R.i.p.
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 Just picturing the ear to ear grin inside that helmet after he stuck that landing. Larger than life.
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 Still my favorite run at Rampage....ever!!
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 Thanks Kelly. Forever young. KIA KAHA
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Miss his style, smile and that hair!
RIP brother. You’re very missed.
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 Yer Kelly my man... Nz legend forever
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 Honored to have met him at CFF we were a lil starstuck but graced by his mellow presence.. Magazza forever
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 How narrow was his bloody handlebar???!!!
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 He was a giant... He'd have made 900mm bars look like 90s xc bars.
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 Mc GaZZZa !!!!
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 Balaton dirtjump monster member this man very cool)
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 the legend of all legends. no hype, no buildup, just gave er.
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 On a diamondback none the less!!!
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 Looks like my last footage but the camera broke :-P
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 classic dopeness!
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 #McGazzaForever Kia Kaha

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