Video: Off-Season Coasting with the Rocky/RF Enduro Team

Jan 16, 2020
by Race Face  

With off-season settling in, we had an opportunity to take the Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Race Face EWS team out of town for a mini getaway before the snowy season arrived.

Three riders, two mechanics, some RMB and RF support staff, and our RF media team made their way to a little strip of paradise to catch the last of the year's sunny, yet chilly, days and a little R&R away from city life.

The Sunshine Coast
The Sunshine Coast stretches 180 km up the southwest corner of mainland BC and is only accessible by air or ferries at the north and south ends. This strip of paradise is the home of plenty of mountain biking - from the Sprockids MTB trails to Roberts Creek to the impressive jumps at Coast Gravity Park just outside Sechelt.

Coast Gravity Park
We were lucky enough to have Coast Gravity Park open up for us on a weekday, giving us free rein of the whole park. Jumps, berms, launches, drops - it has everything a rider dreams of. Some had been here before while others were first-timers.

Bonus: no lines to wait in to get back to the top - the Race Face truck was more than up to the task of getting everyone back up the steep road to the top for "just one more run."

A quick recharge cookout stop in the sunshine and the crew was back up the hill for more shredding.

The House

Evenings were spent with games - dice, full-size jenga, and plenty of feats of strength - while mornings were spent making java in all kinds of coffee devices and trying to convince Trotter to mix a soundtrack for the day ahead.

Roberts Creek

The other draw of the Sunshine Coast was a network of trails near Roberts Creek. The crew rode trails to bookend the park day. Plenty of loam to get after and time to session the rocky and rooty, twisted and turning trails.

Off-Season Challenge: Gingerbread Building - Mechanics vs EWS Racers

A gauntlet was thrown and the team divided along lines - the mechanics took on the task of a single classic gingerbread house while the EWS racers chose a whole village as their challenge. Structural integrity vs speed became the issue as time ticked down.

The finished products - Team Mechanics managed to finish theirs on time but ultimately they didn't have enough sugary sweet cement to keep everything together. Team Racers didn't quite finish all their buildings but the ones they did remained intact.

Video: Connor MacLeod
Photos: Nicholas Kupiak


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 Pro-tip for ginger bread houses: use melted white chocolate instead of royal icing for gluing the gingerbread together. Think of it as an epoxy vs shitty elmers glue. Sets in seconds and is strong enough that usually the gingerbread will fail before the chocolate-glued joint does.
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 if your a pro gingerbread house construction worker, that may be an even cooler job than pro mountain biker
  • 31 0
 @moose-tastes-good: I came here for the mountain bike edit, but I stayed for the pro gingerbread house construction tips.
  • 30 0
 I'm going to call BS. No doubt you are an armchair gingerbread house engineer that like to comment but never actually ices.
  • 17 0
 Ya but make sure you're using the proper German white chocolate not that shitty Chinese stuff... it's not to code and you'll see some serious fines from the inspector if it's caught before lock-up. Have seen to many shady chontrcators building with that shit, leaving families to deal with the mess during final displays... real shame.
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 I think in the long term, the frosting would work much better. It wouldn't be as effected by heat. If you were using the chocolate method you'd really need to regulate the heat of the environment around the ginger bread house (lower melting temperature). Frosting is more of a set and forget method. I'd say its more of caulking vs. concrete.
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 If anyone wants a killer recipe for structural gingerbread (the last house I made was over three feet tall and entirely self supported. Solid as a rock) HMU
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 One day a year he waits to comment about gingerbread epoxy. He'll be back next year
  • 3 0
 Whatever, I dont see any of the other top level pros running white chocolate. I think thats all hype. The last thing we need is ANOTHER standard for squirty-tips on our piping bags. I'll tell you what, once Loris starts bugging Jordi about white chocolate, or maybe once Greg has Marshy make the switch because his icing keeps detonating, then maybe I'll consider it.
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 @islandforlife: Actually, the Chinese white choc passes the code test with flying colors. Their white chocolate contains melamine, which produces just the perfect amount of adhesion/strength, but it wrecks yer liver and kidneys!
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 Yeah, I've heard about white chocolate too and was genuinely interested. Then went too look and you know what they did with all the excess? Ocean fill, I tell you! I went straight back to the drawing board and now machine my gingerbread houses out of a solid chunk of gingerbread. Yeah it may crack when you huck your house but considering this is a Rocky Mountain article, I doubt they are going to mention that.
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 Holy crap that no hander drop with the sunset backlighting is pure eye candy. I just want that as a repeating GIF. I may never stop watching it.
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 Here you go!

You are welcome! Wink
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 @raceface: you just single-handedly reinforced my choice of RF bar/stem/cranks on both of my bikes.
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 Yeah if they got a picture of that it could be in the running for picture of the year for sure
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 @raceface: does this video show that all the team but one will be on instinct BC editions instead of the Slayer?
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 @henricksen: The race team has been on Instincts since they switched from Altitudes, what are you trying to say?
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 This proves once again, RM is the coolest enduro team on the circuit.
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 More of this content please
  • 11 0
 That video made my day! they keep putting out great content definitely my favorite enduro team!!! thank you
  • 8 0
 Raddest team on the EWS circuit.
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 I enjoyed watching your Jank Files during the season, it was the best of all the EWS team! Can't wait for another season! Good job everyone!
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 what a cool vibe! You guys ROCK
  • 2 0
 Oh man that looked like such a good time. So jealous!
  • 3 0
 That was dope
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 Hand Solo Smile Great trail that one.
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 I'm ready for next year, guys.
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 mushroom picking and gravity what more can a lad want
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 That looked like one very good time
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 Did they use melted white chocolate to make their freehubs so quiet?

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