Video: Steve Peat, Brendan Fairclough, Kriss Kyle & Josh Lewis Play BIKE

May 29, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

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 Lads mucking around and having a laugh on the Bikes - that's what it's really all about isn't it?
It's nice to see a light-hearted article like this on any site from time to time...
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 well said
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 Too true bro, this is what t is all about. Mates having a craic. Good on Loose!
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 Bus fare Steve? You not got a bus pass yet??
Cracking vid, just what life should be about; messing about on bikes with your mates!!
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 Such a fun session - brendan was on fire repping for the southerners!! Thanks for bringing me in as an extra boys!!
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 Sick, loosedog has got style
Let's make secondary party: loosedog vs ratboy vs phill atwill vs olly wilkins on Derbyshire Smile
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 Poor Kriss on that monster truck...
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 I thought Kris's Kyle got shot before American sniper had finished filming and yet here he is
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 Brendog ti me is really impressive, from rampage to jibbing to world cup racing the guy have It all, what a lad!
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 was anyone else super impressed with Steve? I know he's got mad skills on the bike, but abubacas, one-foot flatties, foot plants, etc.? dude's dialed
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 I wondered why my face was hurting at the end of this - oh, massive grin the whole way through, that's why! Great stuff ya olde Pommie gibbers!
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 Loosedog is def one my favorite riders to watch, all about havin a blast!
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 Thanks!!! Appreciate that Smile
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 Brendog coming in with the big move at the end.
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 +1 ridiculous, sooo much control
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 Good effort on the nose many Brenda.
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 Dear VW North America, can we please have the Transporter van in America? So tires of seeing these cool vehicles across the pond and no way to buy them here.

Oh yeah, and great video!
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 I want one of those Vans now
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 Hulk Hogan called. He want's his mustache back.
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 Whatcha gonna dooooooo!
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 That sketchy handlebar trick looks like a must try... and hope for the best.
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 So much harder than it looks!!! Kriss made it look deceivingly chilled - deffo worth a try... enjoy!!
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 Love it, useless northernerslol
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 Pissin' around on bikes rules.
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 I've not watched it yet but my money is firmly on Loosedog to win Big Grin
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 Hope it was only a quid hahaha!!!! Some bloody tough competition ... cheers for the backing man ill get me finger out next time
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 @LadLife: yeah you'd better, us northerners pipped by the shandy drinker there haha
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 Would love more of these. So much fun
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 More stuff like this! A look into the life of a pro outside of racing and sessioning for the camera. Loved this!
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 Amazing skills!! Steve had some steeze going...and that last nosepress from brendan was nuts!!! Mad skills!
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 They must be so nervous riding with Steve.
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 not rly, theyre mostly good mates.
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 'hold my beer' ! Nothing better than jibbin wit ya mates....
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 Boob lick... Need to learn the move
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 Make biking great again! These guys are all over it
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 Banger, kept me smiling all the time
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