Video: Pedro Ferriera's Valparaiso Urban Downhill Winning Run POV

Feb 12, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Check out the winning run from Pedro Ferreira, the first local rider to win the Valparaiso urban downhill race in its 17-year history. The track was 250 metres longer this year and Ferriera put down a time 02:50.084, which was enough to take the win as fastest qualifier Thomas Slavik crashed out in finals.

bigquotesI am very happy. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of winning this race and it fills me with pride to be able to do it. I have won competitions abroad, but it definitely feels much better in my country. I always felt the support of the crowd and I was hearing my name through the whole run.Pedro Ferriera


1. Pedro Ferreira (Chile) 02:50.084
2. Felipe Agurto (Chile) +0.468
3. Johannes Fischbach (Germany) +0.711
4. Oscar Harnstrom (Sweden) +2.103
5. Remy Metailler (France) +3.051

Watch the full replay here.


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 Pedro was not celebrating the slavik fall, he celebrated his triumph. for him it was not easy because when we were down nobody could see serious about the slavik fall, we just saw him slip and we did not know until later how serious it was. At that time all the cameras pointed to Pedro, people became euphoric and the animators congratulated him immediately, the first Chilean in 7 years to win and someone who with great humility and effort came to win RBVCA after many years, the situation was that way, but nobody ever got happy because of the fall of slavik, he is very much loved in Chile and everyone was betting on him too. Pedro clarified immediately in his social network that the situation was misinterpreted. Dejen de hablar weas longis
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 Grande mr Kukulis jajajaja Puro longis culiaos hablando weas ????????????????????

Puta que le han dado color wn. Cuantas veces weones de más renombre misma situación y nadie habla del antideporte ni weas parecidas. La primera que se me viene a la mente cuando gano Peat el 2009 el jersey tricolor fue por un error no recuerdo si caída o no de G Atherton. Y no celebro la desgracia sino el triunfo propio tras años de perseguirlo tal como Pedro F pohs. Que paja. Los weones chaqueteros que habían por hablar sin saber.
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 None of us who weren't there will ever know the level of visibility the hot seat riders had of Slavik's crash. I wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon too, but fact of the matter, is- without a first-person video reference to what Pedro saw at that moment- we simply cannot judge.
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 Perfect statement. Keyboard warriors gonna do what they do best: Cry and Blame! To hell with them.
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 Come on guys, let's keep this from being another lynching. No raging hate please. Smile Wink
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 Agreed, the internet loves when it finds a "bad." Lets show our class and not pile on.
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flag stupendousman (Feb 12, 2019 at 5:14) (Below Threshold)
 booooring Big Grin Big Grin
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 @oscartheballer: yep, probably time to move on, but a bit of mischief is always tempting. There were knee jerks on all sides, none of us really know the facts, the witch is ash, big hugs all around, how 'bout that Tues?
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 learn some sportsmanship
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flag Benito-Camelas (Feb 12, 2019 at 3:39) (Below Threshold)
When he realized he made a mistake he apologized.
Did you apologize for insulting him?
Sure as hell you're the one who must learn some sportsmanship
Well, you and everyone who insulted this guy before
So pathetic
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 Yes, if we learn he had no idea that Slavik went down badly - if he never saw the feed - then I will be the first to say, "Sorry man, I just assumed you knew and celebrated like a selfish unsympathetic ass at Thomas' expense."
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Where is the insult by saying learn some sportsmanship. Not more than a advice that Pedro seriously should internalize.
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 Yeah man! Social justice warriors unite! Let the lynch mob begin! Grow up, people. The fake outrage is getting silly.
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flag Benito-Camelas (Feb 12, 2019 at 7:26) (Below Threshold)
 @Styleroyal: I bet you can do this better. Try harder.
If not ask andydhteam, member of the dhteam as the name suggests (btw, dh is for dickhead)
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 @scott-townes: seriously could not agree more. I don't have a problem with people expressing their opinion but as soon as the point was made this thing needed to die. Pedro is well aware of his misdoings by now.
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 @neimbc: THIS. Exactly.
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 @Benito-Camelas: What language are u speaking?
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 @DirtbagMatt: I ran it through Google translate and it came up as "Douche bag".. hmmm I didn't know that was a language. JK, he just seems excited.
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flag Benito-Camelas (Feb 12, 2019 at 22:36) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: are you a member of the dickhead team? Understood that puto subnormal?
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 @Styleroyal: so you don’t think it’s a huge insult to tell a sportsman to learn some sportsmanship !
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 Too soon...
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 Props to Agurto guy! He was in the hot seat for a long time. I hope we can see southern American talent in the world cups more often.
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 while we're all here. I've been wondering about that guy that slammed his head into the overhanging balcony in one of these urban races a while back. anyone know how hes doing?
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 Franz Grossmann, look him up on social media. He's still working on the long term effects but he's back to a mostly normal life, at least as far as I can see from photos and videos. Could have been a lot worse for sure! ????
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 Clean and fast run
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 That is one dangerous course, in a sport full of dangerous courses. How many come to those races mainly just to see the heinous crashes? They're expected.
So, for the first Chilean to win at Valparaiso to succumb to celebrate with his fellow citizens first, instead of expressing condolences for the crashers, is a mighty high bar that some of you set.
I'm very happy for him. And I'm very happy for all the moral high-horses too. May you all receive what you deserve.
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 I wish we would've gotten some sick POV footage of his celebration too.
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 Love that outrage culture is in full swing. I'm sure Pedro had an HD feed to the entirety of the incident and was just delighted to see a fellow rider injured.
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 WTF! i read this and i don't believe that level of incongruity
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 @mtriquelme: look up "tongue in cheek"
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 First Chilean to every win. I get why he was so stoked.
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 First chilean since 2012, when taka acuña won!
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 ERROR!!! he is not the first Chilean to win the VCA, the first was also Chilean, his name is Mauricio Acuña in 2012. But that does not detract from the deserved first place this year.
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Sorry I wanted to say the first in 7 years to win, the last Chilean was in 2012.
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 In my defense, I musta missed his reaction to Slavik's crash. In hindsight, I woulda looked at much differently.
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 What did I miss?
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 He celebrated kinda wildly when he saw that Slavik crashed giving him the win. It was a nasty crash, too. Something I've never seen in a World Cup race. Almost always the opposite reaction.
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 That extra 250 meters really made a difference in my viewing pleasure.
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 Congrats, that was awesome!
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 No thanks.
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 To sum up: 29er Tues is out!!!
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 unsympathetic guy
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 Ah... gila lah!
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 Omm' e' merd' !!! Vergognati!
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