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Vittoria Plans to Build Bike Park & Expand Headquarters in Italy

Feb 22, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Vittoria has announced plans to build a bike park adjacent to the company’s headquarters in Brembate, Italy, and will create an associated ‘innovation center’ for tire research, prototyping, and testing in both lab and real-world conditions.

The bike park will be open to the public, unlike the innovation center, which will be used by Vittoria partners such as sponsored athletes and bike manufacturers. The bike park will feature a variety of terrain and structures to test tires in a wide range of conditions, with the twofold goal of providing a useful testing ground while also promoting the joy of mountain biking by making the park accessible to all.

The investment, scheduled for 2022, will cost €10 million and will see Vittoria’s premises grow from 10,000 to 40,000 square meters.

As part of the expansion, Vittoria will double its current warehouse capacity.

By the end of 2022, this space will look very different.

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 Everyone in the world, work from home, lay off and reduce budgets.
Vittoria, "Hold my beer"
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 They are probably flush with cash considering they are in one of the industries that benefitted from the pandemic.
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 @HB208: this has probably been planned for longer than just covid times. In fact many companies here in Germany build pump tracks and stuff on their premises for employees
  • 23 0
 It really would be better for the company if they just built it in my neighborhood in the US.
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 I didn’t see this coming when they got bought up a couple months ago
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 @waldo-jpg: I believe Hope have built a pumptrack for their staff too. And a little off topic but Clif (Bars) HQ have a solar field to power their place as well as for the workforce to use to charge their EVs, which were incentivised purchases.
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Yeah some companies enjoying the influx. I was looking for a 2.6 Martello to run up front this winter and had to buy from a shop in Italy. It only measures 2.45ish on an i32 rim so in addition to building all the things, maybe Vittoria can get their casing size sorted on the larger models.
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 This is awesome news. I want to support brands that build bike parks.
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 Yeah, and this one on the flat, vacant lot next door to their offices looks like it could be really exciting and have people coming from all over to ride... Really 10 million euro's?
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 @trillot: of course! All the ground work to make a mountain has to be paid. The have some nice alpine rocks close by that they can get.
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 @trillot: it'll probably be jump lines and a pump track
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 I have always said this. Bike companies should be doing more to make more trail access for mountain bikes because it directly affects their business. They have so much more pull with local governments.
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 @trillot: I love amazing mountain side bike parks but for many people mountain biking is easy xc loops, pump tracks in parks, or small accessible skills parks like what thay are building.

Plus good trail building companies are not cheap.
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 @trillot: They built an XC route on a relatively flat area in London for the pre Olympic training. It's a big old loop with some short, steep descents, some technical climbing and some fast flowy stuff. There are jump lines and pumptracks all over the country and then to top it off, techy, trialsy north shore stuff doesn't need to be miles off of the ground. Just put skinnies everywhere etc. Just like that indoor MTB park in the states.
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 Same here. Try their tyres, you wont be dissapointed!
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 @trillot: You can literally ride your bike from Vittoria's HQ to some serously steep trails if that's what you fancy. I bet they will manage to put together a decent pump track there.
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 @Vindiu: No doubt. But a 10 million euro pump track? Doesn't that seem a bit steep for a pump track? Man, if they have that much money to burn, you think they could bring the prices down on their tires.
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 Thats Awesome! My wifes parents just live about 1 1/2 hours away from their HQ. Gonna have an appointment there in 2 years Wink
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 Very cool!
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