Brandon Semenuk with this huge flip whip to finish his run and take 1st place - Crankworx: Recited ~ Whistler,BC // 2013 - Find the article on Pinkbike - Keep up to date -
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Brandon Semenuk with this huge flip whip to finish his run and take 1st place - Crankworx: Recited ~ Whistler,BC // 2013 - Find the article on Pinkbike - Keep up to date -
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 This shot really puts into perspective for me just how skinny those jeans are. Still awesome.
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 Love this shot, it was my desktop for the past 2 months
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 Am I the only one curious as to how the slope riders fit kneepads under their skinny jeans so easily?
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 I've always wondered why slope riders and dirtjumpers always wear long skinny pants? Am I missing something? I would think that they would want the most flexibility and mobility in the legs with all the tricks and all.
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 I can see myself under the Sram tent hahah
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 I wouldn't want baggy pants getting caught on my seat.
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 Ive got some straight fit jeans that stretch, not too baggy, not too skinny, plenty flexibility
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 Shoot! Are those jeans? Silly me, I've been riding in yoga pants to emulate the pro's.
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 Skinnies are easy to ride it, most are super stretchy! Smile and it stops them getting caught in chain.
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 How he squeezes knee lads under there I do not know!
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 the truth is that they are jeggings Wink ahahaha

such a sick photo, really shows the magnitude of the competition!
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 Ball support... thats why i wear them anyhoo Wink also skinny jeans tent to have loads of give. enough that i know of a few people that rock climb in them no worries.
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 @James-Carey; Once you get older the ball support is not so great. It tends to press the balls against the legs more than the abdomen. The plus side is you can get your mates out of a crocodile whirl pool jam by just letting the boys down.
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 Try women's skinny jeans, they don't have so much ball room, so should help hold them up better?
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 Not really a skinny jeans guy but did order some jeans off the internet that were a bit tighter than expected and upon trying them on noticed they stretched, They are probably the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn and give much better mobility than even loose fitting jeans because no bunching up or swishing around. very nice.
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 nah he just skips leg day
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 To anybody wondering, you have to put the kneepads on before the pants, because skinny jeans won't even slide up over your calves... especially biker calves.
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 I've been wearing skinny jeans for close to 10 years. Best jeans. Skateboarding was ez in em. I want jeans that slim though. I need to find those.
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 I just ride in long johns.. Or black tights. Cause i'm cool like pros.
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 i ride butt naked
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 Riding naked is not safe. When you get older your balls could get tangled in the spokes.
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 zip tie's will come in handy
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 My sister wishes she looked this good in skinny jeans.
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 Tell your sister she looks better without them on
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 The noise the crowd made after this was stomped was ridiculous. Semenuk is the man !
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 This shot is so sick. I'm surprised it's not getting more attention.
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 Does he have an adult nappy on underneath?
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 If I was where he was, I would have already filled it up....Wink
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 I thought there is a huge whistler statue between the hotels, but there isn't.
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 Forget the jeans, I'd love to be able to bust out an effortless looking flip whip on a step down like...
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 I can see me
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 Great rider,great shot,great perspective,great trick...great wallpaper !
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 One of the stand-out shots from crankworx '13 IMO. Great snap, Laurence!
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 Sorta looks like a cartoon drawing, cool.
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 Crazy cool.
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 Sick photo!! greattt
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 this is the men!
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 Step down back flip tail whip!!! First maker is Gregg Watts in 2008 Crankworks
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