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Ktron RichardCunningham's article
Mar 14, 2019 at 21:21
Mar 14, 2019
QBP's High-End Whisky Carbon Components will Sell on Amazon & eBay
@sevensixtwo: Now there's a customer I can bank on! Randomly visits the shop, takes up my employee's time with conversation and browsing around before leaving and only once in a while buys a new pair of gloves or some other random product that I can make $20 profit on. Hold on while I get a 2nd mortgage on my house, pull out my life savings and open an LBS in your neighbourhood! People pay huge price increases on booze in bars because of the scenery, conversation, entertainment etc. Bike shops sell bikes and bike accessories. Read any article on this website. People don't like paying anything extra for anything bike related.
Ktron RichardCunningham's article
Mar 14, 2019 at 20:14
Mar 14, 2019
QBP's High-End Whisky Carbon Components will Sell on Amazon & eBay
@Loki87: Yeah, cos only the big guys are in it for greed - only the little guy just does it for the passion... Everyone is in it to make money, no one is in it for charity and everyone is trying to capture as much of the value chain as possible. LBS are not entitled to special protection. Trek/Specialized/Giant can for the moment justify having shops given their sheer scale provides economies of scale that allow them to price bikes similarly to lower volume, online competitors. BUT - that equation is changing. As online brands sell larger volumes, improve their business models and become more competitive it will over time challenge the big 3's model and their strategy people will be closely monitoring it. And when one of the big 3 changes, you can watch the other 2 jump ship very quickly as well.
Ktron RichardCunningham's article
Mar 14, 2019 at 20:00
Mar 14, 2019
QBP's High-End Whisky Carbon Components will Sell on Amazon & eBay
@GBeard: 100% Online DIY videos are brilliant. Most bike mechanics is simple stuff and easily learned. For really difficult stuff, you can hire a self-employed wrench operating out of a van who comes to your door and costs less than a bike shop. So now I don't have to take time out of my day to bring my bike into town, leave it for a couple days, then waste more of my time going back to get it.
Ktron RichardCunningham's article
Mar 14, 2019 at 19:50
Mar 14, 2019
QBP's High-End Whisky Carbon Components will Sell on Amazon & eBay
@Loki87: Total nonsense. No one is owed an existence and nor should the rest of the supply chain support the continuation of the obsolete business model which is the LBS. Face it - there is very little market space or economic reason for LBS to continue to exist. An LBS: - has very little storage space and therefore can only hold small amounts of stock - a shop in a high-density retail precinct has high rental costs which must be absorbed into the price of product - serves a very small footprint of customers - ie locals - so there is a tiny customer base - is reliant on physical walk-in customers. Consumers are increasingly time-poor. Getting to stores is often a pain-in-the-@$$ - the probability of having the right product, for the right customer at the right time is low and getting lower It is totally uneconomic for a LBS to hold sufficient supply of the enormous range of parts, accessories and clothing available today, to sell to the limited footprint of customers it serves. Online business: - Can operate out a giant warehouse in a low rental area. Can therefore hold a truly massive range of stock - Has a GLOBAL customer footprint - justifying massive stock holdings - Benefits of large economies of scale, lower overheads and can therefore offer lower pricing to consumers - Offers anytime, anywhere, anyhow service to its customers and can have product to their door in days. The fact that a giant warehouse in the UK via a website offers better stock selection, pricing and can have products to my door in Sydney in a couple of days after taking a moment of my time whilst sitting on the bus on my way to work, vs an LBS which takes hours out of my day, doesn't have what I want, and can only get it at a much higher price point is basic evidence of the point. Think of it like an investor - WHY would you invest your money in an LBS? The LBS business model is mostly broken and works in a very limited and narrow market space which is not economically sustainable. You make comments about distributors not backing LBS enough. Why should they? Distributors exist to move large amounts of stock. Who is selling more and more stock? Their online retailer customers who buy XO1DH derailluers in bulk - not 1 pissant unit per your example. Where is the incentive for the distributor? Not to mention distributors are getting squeezed by online retailers going direct to manufacturers - why pay margin to a distributor when your volumes are large enough to just go direct to manufacturer? Online is winning because the basic economics of the business model makes vastly more sense than bricks-and-mortar retail. Online has its challenges, but its market space justifies investment being made to improve the model. The LBS model is old, dead and uneconomic. There is no point in anyone throwing any more money at it. You will never generate the returns and will only lose money in the long run.
Ktron jamessmurthwaite's article
Mar 8, 2019 at 12:22
Mar 8, 2019
Burning Question: Why Don't More World Cup Downhill Teams Sponsor a Woman?
@powderturns: her issue was her perception of the question being framed as a debate, which leads to people being put into camps one side of the question or the other and arguing vigorously for them, making the issue contentious when it need not necessarily be. The alternative is a mere conversation where the participants don't take sides but just openly and fearlessly talk things through. For the record I don't think her perception of the question being framed as a debate is accurate, but these things very often are.
Ktron aidanoliver's article
Mar 7, 2019 at 2:10
Mar 7, 2019
First Look: Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle
Also ejected shell casings and debris kicked up from said gases.
Ktron orbea's article
Mar 3, 2019 at 1:50
Mar 3, 2019
Orbea Unveils 2019 Enduro Team Bikes
Beautiful bikes! Orange forks not so much...
Ktron sarahmoore's article
Mar 1, 2019 at 19:55
Mar 1, 2019
Giant Factory Off-Road Team Expands for 2019, Moves to Fox Suspension
Really weird for them to break off with DVO after just 1 season - something must have been materially wrong. Such a shame, it was really good to see a top class but smaller brand get that kind of exposure, and I was seriously interested in a new top spec Giant for my next bike (frame updates due this year) with DVO suspension and the new XTR groupset. Seems like it will now be a pretty vanilla setup with the usual Fox Factory + SRAM XO1, not that there's anything wrong with these proven components.
Ktron paulaston's article
Feb 28, 2019 at 1:08
Feb 28, 2019
Review: Enve’s M735E Wheelset Fails Our Test
@cunning-linguist: Major dick move buck passing to Chris King. Enve rims are routinely very premium prices and these are utter garbage. Nothing but piss poor excuses totally undeserving of a brand that demands the price point they do.
Ktron mikekazimer's article
Feb 15, 2019 at 15:22
Feb 15, 2019
Burning Question: What's Next for Mountain Bike Helmet Safety?
@KaliProtectives: why aren't your helmets available in Australia? Have checked them out online in the past only to find I can't get them here.
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