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MatthewCarpenter edspratt's article
Apr 28, 2019 at 9:59
Apr 28, 2019
Red Bull Denied Drink Exclusivity on the Podium and Hot Seat in Maribor
@WAKIdesigns: YOU HAVE NO IDEA! "I love Redbull for not being misogynists like Monster or racists like Rockstar." Mateschitz, the Austrian multi-billionaire behind the Company is much worse! The athlete he most likely invested most money in, Felix Baumgartner, is openly supporting the far-right FPÖ Party with the head of the party being tied with neo-nacists. Denying global warming, questioning Democracy, fighting "fake news" Media the Was Trump does, etc. All of this is on his agenda and it's really worrysome how he is deliberately influencing the peoples believes in Austria in a very concerning way towards intolerance, conspiracy theories, etc.
MatthewCarpenter mikekazimer's article
Apr 13, 2019 at 7:16
Apr 13, 2019
First Ride: Hutchinson's New Griffus Tires
or just saving the ad bullshit on those features. Who knows if they are actually worse or maybe even better?
MatthewCarpenter Sleeper-co's article
Mar 31, 2019 at 14:04
Mar 31, 2019
Video: Ben Cathro on a Bike that Actually Fits Him - DH Savagery
not quite sure about that, but any content he's producing is top notch. He might just do a seal of quality for good mtb content as another source of income ^^. check this article/film/bike out, Cathro certified quality stuff ^^
MatthewCarpenter brianpark's article
Mar 13, 2019 at 11:24
Mar 13, 2019
MatthewCarpenter rasoulution's article
Mar 11, 2019 at 9:10
Mar 11, 2019
MatthewCarpenter paulaston's article
Mar 8, 2019 at 2:21
Mar 8, 2019
Review: Newmen Evolution A.30 Wheels
And even more environmentally friendly :)
MatthewCarpenter sarahmoore's article
Mar 6, 2019 at 10:04
Mar 6, 2019
The Complete Guide to 2019's Enduro World Series Teams
To those who ask to give them the benefit of the doubt: they themselves do not put in question that these performance enhancing, banned substances were found in their body. The main question is: how do we deal with this issue? Remember: according to previous statements EWS planned to be tough on doping and giving athletes lifelong bans from their events. Now it seems like we are discussing if ANY measures are taken. So: Do we accept to just believe their (in my opinion very incomplete and inconclusive) excuses and is there any pressure to dig deeper? This fight has nothing to do with witch hunting, it's not directed against individuals but against the spread of doping. If you want people to play by the rules, you have to check them. If others do tax fraud and get away with it, you'll consider it yourself. If you're in a game of soccer and fouls by your opponent will not be punished you will be more likely to play against the rules yourself. If others are doing doping (or at least you are becoming convinced that they so) and maybe even feel like you are having a disadvantage, you will start to consider it yourself. That's how doping spreads, and not because the characters of the athletes get worse. If you wanna stop that you cannot ignore positive doping results. This is not about seeing careers being destroyed, it's about avoiding to see the sport becoming destroyed.
MatthewCarpenter Revonte's article
Mar 5, 2019 at 15:20
Mar 5, 2019
MatthewCarpenter sarahmoore's article
Mar 5, 2019 at 14:27
Mar 5, 2019
The Complete Guide to 2019's Enduro World Series Teams
The really tricky thing about the two of them is their relationship with sponsor Ryno. The company has clearly stated that these substances are not to be found in their products (they of course need the trust of professionals and amateurs regarding the ingredients). So Jared and Richie can only claim against their sponsor's official statement that it must have been inside. Or they say they are sponsored by Ryno but have taken other supplements - which then of course makes their action more suspicious. If anyone of the shamefully silent press (pinkbike, I'm also looking in your direction to finally ask for answers) directly asks about that, the athletes might just stick to the proven bullshit excuse that they have spontaneously taken some unknown drink right before competition - just like any professional would... And Jared Graves seems to be, that in his 20 years as a top athlete has trusted on a few products and just didn't notice that changes in 2017 regarding the updated anti-doping-list and therefore accidentally used it. And now the pinkbike interview with Richie Rude comes into play ( A clever lawyer once gave a lecture why he would never talk to the police - - I agree and add: even interviews with sympathetic journalists can be unpleasantly revealing, because: Richie Rude claims that after failing the doping test in July and dispense with a B probe he did in fact suspect contamination of dietary supplements as the cause, BUT ALTHOUGH his upcoming season and in fact his life as an athlete is at risk and ALTHOUGH he did talk to RedBull and Yeti HE HAS NOT CONTACTED RYNO, his very own sponsor of supplements, up until that day in November. This lame excuse "we were all so naive in the EWS, thank God, there is now our very harmless case and from next year we will watch all better then better" is just a disgrace. Everybody tries to optimize the very last bit of training, equipment, line choice, etc. and after winning by a tiny margin everyone should ignore the use of some forbidden substance that might just get you that tiny advantage?! If that evidence isn't enough, what about that ( In the first half of 2017 the Australian Anti-Doping Agency (ASADA) has tested 13 Australian athletes in nine different sports tested positive for this very substance. Who would believe that as a professional athlete or coach of that athlete these cases - even more so in one's own home country - all these cases go by unnoticed. Could it be the case someone was just hoping to not ever get tested for doping in the EWS? And if so, that he could get away with it? This someone would not deserve a mild judgment. Seriously, if Rude gets to keep his medals of last season and not face a doping ban this season I have lost all my interest in the EWS. Pinkbike easily has the power to say: "NO we will not publish a single article about the EWS if we do not get answers (and be allowed to publish them) to some very clear questions that remain open 1) 2) 3) ..." Come on, this is not just a joke, it's a disgrace. ps: I am of course terribly sorry that Jared Graves suffers from that terrible cancer and wish him the very best for his treatment!), but these 2 things need to be looked at independent from one another.
MatthewCarpenter sarahmoore's article
Mar 5, 2019 at 14:26
Mar 5, 2019
The Complete Guide to 2019's Enduro World Series Teams
Regarding the doping issue, I think it's time for some answers - especially by Chris Ball who always claimed to take this very seriously but is obviously doing the exact opposite - what a disrespect towards those who don't cheat. Just to remind you of some facts: - Higenamine and Oxilofrine (not going into detail about the differences here) have been on the WADA list since 2017 as "Specified Substances" because, in effect, they may have performance enhancing effects, (cf the prohibition of ephedrine since 2004) - the effect is obviously not comparable to EPO, testosterone or blood doping, but in the end it can be assumed that a performance-enhancing effect can be achieved through better oxygen uptake, vigilance and increased cardiac output. The EWS offers some supertight racing, sometimes 4 seconds up or down decided between 1st and 5th place. And that after 30min of riding! - What makes these substances particularly attractive for athletes: * they are easy and cheap to obtain, since they are found as dietary supplements. There is an interesting study where in 14 of 27 samples of dietary supplements oxilofrines (= methylsynephrines) as an ingredient indicate in 14 (52%) cases, the substance was also indoors, entertaining between 0.0003 to 75 mg per dose, the latter actually well over pharmacologically recommended doses is * a low health hazard is assumed by the consumers (= athletes/sportsman, who may or may not be bound to anti-doping rules) * both athletes have confirmed that no doping controls were done in the EWS up until then, the risk of being caught therefore seemed very low * if one gets caught, he can claim it's just contamination, or he may not have noticed the ingredient, or, as Graves in the interview already mentioned - that one might have forgotten to update himself about the list of prohibited substances. A really bad excuse however is claiming it might have gotten in your bloodstream by drinking from someone else's bottle.... * If disciplinary measures are taken, they might just hope to get away with lenient measures.
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