Video: Geoff Gulevich On Fox News

Apr 17, 2014 at 10:03
by Tyler Maine  
Original article here.

Check out the full run here:

Title image by Paris Gore.


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 I love seeing this sport get more exposure but dear god why did it have to be Fox News. FOX NEWS. WHY.
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 Well it is the most viewed news channel in the US so....
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flag jrocksdh (Apr 17, 2014 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 Lame comment of the day award! Nice one.offer an explanation, alternative. ..
You prefer tmz?
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flag wisconsin-freerider (Apr 17, 2014 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 How is it lame it is a proven fact. But that's ok liberals cant handle facts.
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 It's because Fox News is the asshole of the journalism world.
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 Congrats you just received your own award!
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 While this is not a political forum..... I can not resist...... Fox news is a right wing circus of nonsense.
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 Hey guys this is a biking website not a place for people to bitch about how they believe government should be run.
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 It doesn't matter what the ages are, as it is exposure for the sport.
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flag islandtees (Apr 17, 2014 at 11:27) (Below Threshold)
 Fox news is the BEST.
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 It has nothing to do with how to run the country, it's about killing brain cells by watching Fox News Smile
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 All main stream news networks suck.
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 That's true westeast the media is a sad state of affairs, nothing more than tabloid garbage on both sides.
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 it's all ron burgundy, darkstar63. laughable.
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 *lame stream media..fixed that for ya. Not too much difference in the states these days as both sided contolled by lobbyist/establishment big spenders.
All I need is pinibike and drudge...ok maybe some liveleak too.
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 why did we have to bring political affiliations into this? I go on Pinkbike to avoid this shit...
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 I LOVE Fox news - they represent true freedom. They enable smart 'mericans like myself to express my freedom to be afraid of minorities, paranoid of the government, and most importantly the freedom to make it my life's goal to strip away rights of people I've never met and know nothing about, all without being held back by liberal brainwashing tactics like self-reflection and empathy. FREEDOM! FOX NEWS! AMERICA F*CK YEAH!
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 Hmm at least they matched up the go pro video with the rider... Still feel sorry for Kyle Strait when he was interviewed and they were showing Mcgazza's backflip and acting like it was his....
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flag Lilshredman (Apr 17, 2014 at 15:47) (Below Threshold)
 @Darkstar63, There is so much stuff that Obama and the rest of his party has done, that only Fox news and Conservative news and radio stations covered. Fox News isn't necessarily a right wing thing, it's just the plain truth, with no cover-ups.
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 fox news sucks balls
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 Careful with the facts and numbers everyone. Fox is the most watched "cable" news channel, but its numbers are heavily outpaced by every network news show. It also gets the vast majority of its viewership from people over 65, not exactly the best crowd for promoting mountain biking.
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 "how fast are you going Geoff?"... dear lord, he doesn't have a speedometer on his bike like a roadie. lol
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 Kurt Sorge talked about his winning run from last year on Global News Vancouver. How is this any different?
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 This is for all the kids defending FOX in this thread: Be quiet, please. Your comments will carry more weight AFTER you've payed some taxes, AFTER you've had a job for awhile. FOX is AGAINST govt funded student loans, AGAINST the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) AGAINST food assistance for the poor, AGAINST any idea that there is global warming, AGAINST affordable health care, AGAINST any way to keep guns from anybody including psycopaths. BUT, they are FOR millionaires paying less taxes than the middle class, they are FOR drilling/fracking anywhere including National Parks, they are FOR denying evolution, FOR denying global warming, FOR creating a false chasm between race, age, gender. FOX is in the pocket of the rich & powerful, and they could care less about your bike or your trails. Wake the FU*K UP.
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 Oh god, look what I started. I'm so sorry everyone
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 It's hilarious to see American kids of Republican parents (obviously) putting their brainwahed political ignorance on full display for us. None of them probably even know who Rupert Murdoch is or the corporate greed he represents.

You name the issue, and Fox is consistently on the wrong side, the side that represents outright religious stupidity, corporate greed, the destruction of the environment, less rights for workers, less taxes for the rich, less taxes for corporations, eliminating women's rights, etc. No media source in the world is more responsible for nothing being done about global warming, because they have consistently misled people about the obvious science behind it that all real scientists agree on.. Why would anyone want to associate themselves with their perspective?
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 The fact of the matter is it was a slick run, who gives a monkey ass who reported on it? Lemme know, cause I thought it was a dope video...
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 all you damn hippies forgot that our forefathers fought for our right to only see things my way... one way... the way of yeezus. they fought for our freedoms. y'know, freedom to be destructive to the environment without any repercussion, freedom to allow rich people to make more decisions, freedom to tax corporations less because they're people too, and the freedom to say stupid things like 'corporations are people too'. in conclusion, it's all about my freedom to do and think whatever i want whenever i want. because my only justification is 'this is a free country'. and because yeezus.
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flag wisconsin-freerider (Apr 18, 2014 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 ^deadtime, I already have 2 jobs and have payed hundreds if not thousands in taxes since I was 14. The cost of college wouldn't be so high if liberal professors didn't take nearly all the tuition of the top, and the EPA is a complete waste of money to protect something that doesn't need protecting. Also how can anyone be poor, in this country. It's as simple as getting a job and working your way through it, instead of sitting on your a** receiving govt aid. I also own 8 guns 2 of which are assault rifles, have I killed some one yet, no I hunt with them and provide food for myself and family. Lastly how much do you think a bike park like Highland makes each year? Hundreds of thousands, well they would be considered rich. With ever increasing taxes do you think your ticket price is more likely do drop or increase.

Why don't you think before you spout useless uniformed facts.
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 Wow..... just wow. How can anyone be poor? ... is something a privileged little brat says. I'm not poor these days, but I come from an extremely modest background. I worked hard to get where I am, but I consider myself lucky... I'm not thick headed enough to think getting up in the morning and going to work is all it takes. There are lots of folks who work hard, harder than you, some harder than me and they never get ahead.... because of people who wish to keep them down and proclaim "why don't they just get jobs?" seemingly to make themselves feel better about being cold and selfish. Open your mind some.
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 I apologize, this is an mtb site, I won't say another word... just wish people didn't assume everyone who is poor is lazy and unwilling to do anything about it. So many people need and deserve help.
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 "to come together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success". we all dig bikes so let's ride and not shite where we eat.
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 true, back to the bikes !
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 Rupert Murdoch is Australian, sorry about him... Please remember that this country has contributed people like Sam Hill, Jared Graves, Mick and Tracy Hannah, Troy Brosnan!
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 Yeah, the outback has produced some prolific shredders, and they all have something in common but I can't quite define it. What would you expect from a country founded upon criminals? It all started when Ronning stole that norba race in Spokane.

My last thought on the aforementioned subject is that it is you're future kids, you might want to fight for it.
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 @ wisconsin-freerider "But that's ok liberals cant handle facts"? I always thought that Conservatives were mostly the far right religious maniacs that think this very weekend happens to be the anniversary of the death & subsequent resurrection of their imaginary friend, where he magically floated away to a place called "Heaven" like a dirty fart in the wind? From what I've heard said about Fox in the past & now & seen/heard on there myself, it seems to be just a right-wing public opinion moulding machine.

Either way, I'd rather see Rampage at X, & probably some other major network like ABC, NBC, or CBS might be better, but I gotta give it up to Fox for lettin' Gully rep for us. More time spent on this real shit here is less time spent covering some lame shit like f*ckin' hockey & baseball & footba....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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 "I don't always see downhill/freeride get mass media coverage, but when I do I have to make political comments about the airing network." Focus people, MTB got national coverage!
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 But Obamacare is killing our nation. Oops I mean your nation.
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 Even though I am definitely not a fan of Fox News, it is cool to see Mountain Biking get some mainstream television coverage.
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 I don't think Geoff was ready for how unknowing of freeride this newscaster was. Great to see coverage, I think it was because of the vidoe's views, not the sport unfortunately.
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 This video really made me want to punch the new reporter in the face. He makes me sick.
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 I actually thought he was okay. Often you see reporters interviewing "extreme" athletes suggesting that they are reckless and nuts. This reporter asked decent questions without insinuating such things, so that's good.
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 The UK has so many skilled male + female bikers in all disciplines. However, when the world cup season starts there is NO mention of it in the media whatsoever......But the media will bore me with the fundamentals of curling 8-(

Getting some coverage like this is a good thing for the sport.
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 there was decent coverage of the bds round 1 on bbc wales which is something
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 Also Rach got a brief mention when she won BT Sport Action Woman of the Year. It was brief though.....
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 Apparentley some of us forgot , it is not about Fox , it is about Big Mtn. Riding and who better to show case it than Geoff Gulevich..Who cares if it was on Fox, shit it could have been on Sesame Street but they would have had The Claw on it or even The Mupets, that would have had to have Aggi on it,,,Animal, Animal...Ride a Bike....Geoff you rip ...
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 Hey keep Sesame Street out of it. It has been a showcase for some great break dancing. Haha, Aggi = the Animal.
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 It's a would be even better for mountain biking if he used a decent angle! Why do so many people put GoPro's facing the ground?!
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 I noticed that too. But it does give a good angle of the exposure at the top. Maybe that is what he was going for.
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 They don't set the mount on the right angle I know the cameras can be set for angles but if you get someone to help mount camera it won't be facing the ground which is annoying.
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 AHHHH $hiT... now our bikes are going to be $15K with the overflow of riders and the trails will be filled with walkers!
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 This isn't as much about biking as it is "going viral" with a GoPro
Pssh, comments from the anchor asking if we'd be more interested with/ without the video, dick.
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 Pretty sure this isn't the first time FOX news has covered this event. Kyle Strait was interviewed as well if I remember correctly. I think MSNBC was too busy pushing Obamacare to give a damn about Mtn Biking.
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 Keep your inane political crap out of it, please. This has nothing to do with the ACA. Also: Kyle Strait was on the Weather Channel, not Fox Newz.
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 Take a joke lady... I get this isn't a political forum. I appreciate the correction BTW.
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 wasn't on Fox was on weather channel in some place I never heard of but fuck biking is gonna be so mainstream...
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 When Danny Hart won the world champs in 2011 in did not even get a mention in the local news (North East of England).
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 Because truth be told it just isn't as incredible as this is.. This is very cool for an outside to watch, whereas downhill (although may be as touch) just doesn't look at awesome haha!
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 Fox News, taking stuff posted on reddit and calling it "news"

Awesome exposure for our sport though!
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 Great exposure for our sport, yes. Great 'reporting' or 'anchoring'? F*ck no. The anchor failed to ask Geoff pertinent questions about the sport, instead focusing on the minute details... Who hired that guy!!?

However, way to go, Geoff. You sounded well-spoken and professional. Smile
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 at least it was better than kyle straits interview..
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 Bwahahahaha! The ole news man has No Clue! really funny to hear him try to get a hand hold in the sport and Gully try to convey what freeriding is.
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 The talking head did ask a good closing question "What is it about this that we might not understand..." and a brilliant response, "wow, there's so much...10,000 hours.." You know he didn't know where to start, but 10,000 hours is a common reference that explains commitment. How do you explain the magnitude of skills and balls in 5 seconds?
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 Plaid jacket, fuzzy beard, the only thing missing was a toque, an axe and a jug of maple syrup. Go Canada! Good run Gully, good to see some exposure.
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 Is it just me or does the news anchor look a bit like Christian Bale?….. or at least Christian Bale's douchy little brother? Nice to see MTB on mainstream news, no matter what your political leanings are!
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 Pay the man.
@geoff, your gonna need more parking at the garage sale this year.
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 Most view NETWORK not just news, trust me i hate their news BUT considering all the other things they broadcast fox news, sports, FX, etc. they technically have the most views.. Also kinda hard not to when the leading provider (Comcast down here in the states) is largely funded by Fox.
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 Comcast is NOT "largely funded by Fox". Thats just dumb, and it will take you 2 minutes on Google to find out why.
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 As soon as I saw the headline of this article I knew the comments were going to be a bunch of idiots complaining about how they don't like fox. Get over it. Not the point of the article.
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 Haha, I clicked on it thinking he was going to be telling me about fox (head or tail) news.
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 At least with TMZ you'd be reaching the non-senior citizen demographic!

Fox News= old people that don't like to read
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 AKA the onion belt demographic.
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 I got to meet him a couple months back, then I got to show him my broken arm as I walked back down the trail.....I think he was impressed lol
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 Not trying to hate (except on Fox News) but one of the things that makes our sport so awesome is the niche of it. It wouldn't be special if everyone did it right?
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 Watching anyone of the so-called news stations is like taking a dump on your day.
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 Will you guys shut up already about Fox News this and politics that. It's a MTB forum. I know we all have free speech but do we have to abuse it?
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 For a second i decided that Gully is going to ride for Fox and i was like.... Shit, who remained faithful to Marzocchi...
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 God it really is painful listening to american news....
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 Did anyone hear the "You are only 27 aaaannnnd from Canada, you got to be happy about going viral!" the same way i did?
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 Why didn't they interview Kelly McGarry who got more than 8 million views on youtube?? Smh.
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 After reading this shit I think I'll stop reading pinkbike like I stopped listening to brainwashed biased Mercian news
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 Fuck, sounded like he made someone shit their pants when he did that 3 drop!
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 Might as well have got Brick Tamland to do the interview, that was painful!
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 MUST. RESIST. PUNCHING. MONITORRrrrrr.... oops too late.
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 Majestically technical
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 Fox suspension yes, Fox news NO!
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 Way to go Gully!!! Bringing it to the millions
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 that was so painful to watch.
  • 1 0
 i guess 120,000 is close to a million in gully standards
  • 1 0
 It's on a few different video platforms and sits at over 1 million total views now.
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  • 1 0
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 Fox news is the worst, way to make an ass out of yourself anchorman
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 Yeah Gully! get it buddy
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 What a fantastic rider!
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 Good job Geoff !
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