Podcast Round Up: June 2023

May 30, 2023 at 14:59
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds the last little while. Let us know below what you've been enjoying, we're always on the hunt for some new voices!

Podcast: Tori Wood - on Psychological Counseling, Mental Tools, FOMO, and How to Have More Fun

Words - Jake Johnstone

In this episode, I caught up with Tori Wood for a chat right before the snow melted and bike season kicked back into gear. Tori is a Mountain Biker based in Squamish and is an incredible fit for this show because she not only shreds on a bike, but she is also completing her master's degree in Psychological Counseling.

Podcast: Kevin Calhoun, the North Shore Enigma

Words - Steed Cycles

Kevin Calhoun is something of an enigma on the North Shore of Vancouver. A lot of people either know of or know him personally, and many have a story or two about Calhoun, but just like the elusive bigfoot, true facts about the man remain few and far between.

Many of you may not know he grew up in a small town in Ontario, and worked for a shoe company before starting his career in the bike industry. Calhoun's funnest fact, and the most Canadian claim to fame, is that he can drive a Zamboni. Over the years while living on the North Shore, Kevin has created and holds a reputation as an incredibly skilled bike handler as one of the longest standing Rocky Mountain Bicycles ambassadors.

Podcast: Bernard Kerr, the busiest man in MTB, speaks his mind

Words - Andrew Neethling

Bernard Kerr is easily one of the busiest and most hardworking riders on the circuit. He owns and runs his own Enduro and DH team all while racing at the top level. Coming off his best season finishing 5th in the overall and notching up his best World Cup finish with a 2nd place in Snowshoe, Bernard is not afraid to speak his mind and wants to protect the sport the best he can. Super fun conversation with the fast-talking and confident Kerr. Enjoy.

Podcast: Can ChatGPT Chat MTB?

Words - Pascal Pensa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are so hot right now, so we sat down to find out what the big fuss is all about and what it really means for our little world of mountain biking. Consider this a piece of performance art, as we use OpenAI‘s ChatGPT not only to generate a short intro script for our podcast, but also to answer and discuss some of the more relevant questions we like to ponder in conversations with our guests. How do you get into the sport? What are the best places to ride? How could we use the technology to improve mountain biking? Can you make it more awesome for everyone? And of course we had to ask one of our signature close-out questions and find out what it knows about a great skid! We had a lot of fun playing with the software and hope you also enjoy this chat about MTB with ChatGPT!

The Pinkbike Podcast: MTB Fashion Failures & Tedious Trends

Words - Henry Quinney

Fashion isn't something I'm personally too concerned about, but on some level it does affect us as an industry and sport, no matter how immune we think we are. In fact, to get to the root of it, Kaz and I sit down with the most fashionable mountain biker in the PNW, Dario DiGiulio, and ask him why nothing beats riding in a Talking Heads t-shirt.

Podcast: Challenges, Flowstate, & Crashing at the BC Bike Show

Words - Jake Johnstone

In this episode, we headed back to the BC Bike Show for day two, armed with some more fun questions. We had the opportunity to speak to a whole bunch of mountain bikers ranging from industry pros to everyday riders.

Podcast: Clay Porter talks secret project, advice for young filmmakers, world cup changes and more!

Words - TheRideCompanion

Mountain bike royalty Clay Porter stops by The Ride Companion studio for an in-depth, wide ranging chat with Olly and Davi. Clay spills the beans on his highly-anticipated TOP SECRET project, delves into his experiences shooting out of industry commercials, and reveals what it's like collaborating with the world’s best athletes. Clay also shares his insightful perspectives on the current state of mountain biking. We also discuss the ever-evolving landscape of media distribution and how Clay has honed his mastery of the art of focus pulling. And that's not all, stay tuned for Clay's invaluable advice for aspiring filmmakers, destined to leave you inspired…

Podcast: Ash Kelly, shaping the North Shore cycling landscape

Words - Steed Cycles

Ash Kelly is one of the most free and independent women out there, and that seed of freedom and independence was first sewed on the farm she lived on, riding her bike into and around town gave her that first taste that only a bicycle can bring, and she's been in love ever since.

As her freedom grew on the farm and then moving to the city and working for MEC her desire to have an impact in the community also grew. After many years at MEC her desire for community impact led her to journalism which gave her the power to continue to feed that want for greater community. After several years in journalism, Ash felt the need to pursue her love for bicycles and community, which led to her and business partner Adam to open a bicycle service center - Dialed Bike Service.

Podcast - Christina Chappetta on on staying grounded, leaving negativity out of riding, and life as a video presenter!

Words - Jake Johnstone

On today's episode, I got to have a chat with Christina Chappetta. Christina is a bit of a local legend in the Whistler mountain biking community, known for her incredible energy and passion for the sport.

With her background in enduro racing and current role as a video producer and presenter at PinkBike, Christina has a wealth of firsthand knowledge about the highs and lows of mountain biking. During our conversation, we dive into Christina's philosophies for a successful and fun ride, as well as the tactics she uses to stay present and level-headed when faced with pressure. We also explore what it's like to work behind the scenes as an MTB presenter and how Christina has overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs to fully embrace the incredible experiences that bikes can bring.

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 not one of these is about aliens.
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 Downtime, The Inside Line
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 Been enjoying the @downtimepodcast Downtime Goes Downhill series quite a bit.
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 Me too, super-relatable and very informative.
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 Thanks @dolface and @sjk303 I'm stoked that you're enjoying it, it's been a fun project so far!
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 New episode of Gromcast dropping very soon, chatting to Nick from Head Impact Trauma aka HIT and the take-up of their impact sensor amongst WC downhill racers, and all things concussion related.

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 Making Up The Numbers, best mtb podcast at the moment.
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 Thank you! New episode with Eddie dropped yesterday...
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 También existe un podcast llamado Andar es andar, para todas las personas que hablan en español: open.spotify.com/show/4vum0EP5efcZ5o0WlpIFg8?si=43e7ffef97844d44

Esta semana se viene una gran conversación con Pedro Burns.
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 Trail eaffect is another great one that deserves recognition, it dives into the building side of mountain biking, especially the martha becton episode!
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 @yukonman Thank You for listening and throwing this out to the masses on PinkBike!
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 @blum585: love listening to the podcast every week while out building! Gotta interview some BC builders!
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 New favorite podcast is @donutsandbikes - The Mountain Bike Coaching Podcast... so much good info for riders and coaches a like.
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 Thrasher Radio is epic as well - havent done anything recently but the backlog is next level www.thrashermagazine.com/tag/thrasher-radio
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 Loic Bruni Gypsy Tales was a good one
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 Waiting for the Bret Tippie podcast to start rolling again...
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 I have been liking Bikes and Big Ideas and Shut Up and Build Bikes while we are in the comments complaining about how pinkbike left out our favorite bike podcasts
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 The OTB Podcast with an Eddie Masters episode…
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 Don't forget IMSA radio. Oh wait, wrong group.

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