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Fat Biking in the Yukon - Video

Nov 27, 2015 at 16:42
by Dan Barham  
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This montage video of fat biking in the Yukon was put together during prime later winter, early spring conditions. Makes us want to get up there for some riding too.

Has fat biking expanded your riding season where you live?

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 It's so great up there, the combination of trails, landscape and people is tough to beat. Thanks for the bump the front page, fellas!
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 Great job Dan. Really impressive images, love the way you shoot the Yukon!
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 So awesome to see your stuff again!
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 Ugh! Every time I see a winter video/photo spread featuring fat bikes riding groomed trails, I think, "Those trails are totally rideable on a regular bike!"
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 that's why i love fat bikes. they pack down all the trails and i can ride my mountain bikes in mid-winter!
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 When I lived in the Yukon, from '04-'09, a lot of my friends had Fat Bikes, before they were cool. It's a place where a Fat Bike makes sense, the perfect snow and terrain. Another good place, Tofino BC, where you can load your surf board and ride to the sandier beaches.
Seeing a Fat Bike in the Whistler bike park..... Silly.
If I ever go back to the Yukon (hell, Kamloops would be awesome to!), then I'm getting myself one
Great vid, makes me miss it up there
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 If you live up north....ya gotta have a fattie. Yer buddies will drop ya when spring comes if ya dont stay peddling. Cheers great vid!
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 For sure! We finally got snow! I don't want to put the MTB away but thank jeebus for my fat bike!
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 Quebec is winter, fatbike everywhere here
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 big group rides with friends, looks like fun, cold but fun (Southern Californian)
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 Right on Sylvain! love your Yukon trails in summer, will have to come for winter now
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 Come on up, you won't regret it! The winter is a whole other world and our fat biking community is huge now in Whitehorse. Every year there are more and more pack trails to ride.
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 Awesome! And if he's too busy, get in touch with me. I'll show you the sickest places to ride a fat bike in the Yukon.
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 What´s wrong with skis? Yes, I see there is a short in-betweener season, but frankly I use my normal 6" trail bike for snow riding without problems whenever there`s snow thats too bad for skiing.
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 Oh yes. I love my Fat bike. Right now we own 3 soon to be 4. Fat bikes are just so much more fun to ride than a reg. MTB. It's really a different world all together. Now we ride all year in any conditions. When the trail are covered in snow and ice and there's no real bumps. It's like riding a bobsled or something. Just so different and so fun. Maybe that's why it's so much fun. Because it's different and I've just ridden MTB's so long. It's a refreshing breath of air for our sport.
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 just recently built myself a fatty and its such a cool thing to ride and i was 100% on the full rigid set up but looking at if you control/adjust your tyre pressures to what you are doing it looks to me like it will take on most things.I like the looks on people faces when they see it its more WTF is that thing lol
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 Good stuff. If you are in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe Stop by the Gravity Shop in Tahoe City and ask Mike about the local winter trails. We have way to much fun on these Fat Bikes.
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 Where do you ride them? Rim trail? That sounds impossible.
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 Looking into getting a fatty need some assist. bluto vs rigid fork. Pros and cons. Thanks.
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 In my experience, I have loved my Fatbike. It allows me to ride when not even the roadies are not able to! Smile As far as the fork, it is very much up to you. Due to the lack of suspension and the big tires, fat bikes are a very bumpy ride. A Bluto would help absorb a lot of these bumps and essentially make it more comfortable. However that adds more weight to an already fairly heavy bike. A rigid fork is obviously a lot lighter, but it can cause a lot of fatigue on your hands/arms on longer rides.
Personally if I had the money I would go for a Bluto. If you don't care so much about weight and want more comfort, go for it!
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 Agree with kdstones but also depends on your climate. Bluto is great until it gets really cold (-15C or lower). I have seen two become "stuck down" in the cold. Once the trails are snow packed it is really not necessary, although there are times when you get hard ice ruts it would be nice to have suspension up front.

If you buy a rigid fork bike, look for one that uses 150 x 15m front axle. That will give you flexibility to convert to a Bluto in future without needing a whole new front wheel.
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 If you're on a limited budget and will mostly be ridding in snow then I would get studded tires first, a dropper post second, and a Bluto fork third.
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 Love my bluto, it weighs like 5g more than my rigid steel fork.

It's nice in the snow when you're riding something after someone has hiked it without snowshoes and you've got a ton of holes to ride over. Makes front wheel braking and handling more forgiving. I don't ride my bike below 0 deg f, so the fork hasn't been an issue yet. If you're riding in super cold, you'll need cable disc brakes as well.

My biggest issue is setting the shock pressure and tire pressure in my garage. When i get to the canyon where its 30-40 deg cooler i loose a couple psi in the tires and my fork bottoms out a ton. Got in the habit of bringing a shock pump and floor pump to double check before each ride.


Pros: handling, more forgiving ride

Cons: maintance and setup, poor cold performance
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 Thanks for the knowledge guys. is hardly less than -5 where I live, and not that much snow, but a lot of ice. so bluto it is. Cheers.
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 get the bluto. youd be surprised how hard you can push a fat bike with suspension
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 EPIC with a capital E, P, I and C! Well if that doesn't change the mind of the fat bike haters nothing will! Whole thing looked amazing and so much fun.
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 Neat vid. Looks like u need a critical mass of riders to get trails to ride like that in the snow. Once you get the snow grooved in could almost be as fun as hitting the same stuff on xc skis.
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 Looked awesome, that's what I always felt fat bikes were intended for. Might be heading up north for a vacation next summer, inspired by that, I will try my best to bring my bike!
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 "Has fat biking expanded your riding season where you live?"

No, I already ride 12 months/year. However, it has dumbed down the winter trails quite a bit. 8-10 years ago, there were a small handful of snow MTBers (fatbikes were very very rare), so trails were tough to ride; skinny & bumpy from hiker traffic, but very limited wheels packing it down. Since the fadbike craze took hold, every Tom, Dick & Harry is out there packing down the trails, resulting in a 2-3' wide smooth-as-glass surface.
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 Very nice image, great short film, but i'm not convince that there is a real interest in Fatbiking. It's like tofu hot-dog, you may like hot-dog and tofu, but that dosen't mean tofu hot-dog is a great idea. I like snow, and I like montain biking, but in the winter I ride my board or cross-country ski... And as mention upward, you need trails, so you may use a regular MTL...
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 fat = fun
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 That's what you tell yourself in college at 1:59 am.
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 I have to get to the Yukon Territory! That looks awesome!
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 Nice! the only legitimate reason to ride a fat bike!
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 I wonder why many mtb vids nowadays start with an ariel view of trees. Brandon semenuk likes them alot: see Backwoods, the liason trailer, etc.
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 Drone freaks.
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 I agree. It is almost as bad as starting the video with the rider waking up, cooking & eating breakfast, and having a coffee before it shows any kind of riding.

Videos need to start with the straight up riding instead of this BS.
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 best place in Canada to ride in the summer. Still have not rode a fat bike yet in the winter.
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 Chester did with road bike.
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 When I see snow on the ground, I'm thinking about my snowboard, not my bike.
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 When snowboarding is good, the biking is crap. When the biking is good, snowboarding is crap. It's not an issue
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 Between a set of Surly Nates and a set of Maxxis Mammoth's, my fatty is my go to, year round bike now. More kms on it than anything else in the garage...
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 Fatbike in the winter I can get behind
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 Awesome!...I hope someone pic those beer cans though
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 Looooove the BLUTO. It make jumping my Fat a lot more fun.
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 In case it hsn't been mentioned those are the Carcross trails. Day trip territory out of Whitehorse.
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 There is actually a lot more footage from Whitehorse trails in this video than there is from Carcross. There is also lots of footage from places around Whitehorse/Carcross area; Fish Lake, Alligator Lake and Benneth Lake.
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 I am not sure what my mates would say but I wouldn't mind mounting up a fatty one of these winters.
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 The Yukon and Fattbiking that's so awesome
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 Yukon - a real reason to own fat bike Smile Btw: awesome video.
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 Fun...Just like a moped
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 AWSOME by -52 in January! I cant wait !,, kidding,,,
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 Nice, but Molson Export not so nice.
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 I love my fat bike!!
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 That gave me a Fat!
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