Semi-Final Results from the Lenzerheide DH World Cup 2023

Jun 10, 2023 at 1:29
by Ed Spratt  
The first of the new format DH World Cup semi-finals provided some wild racing as riders battled to make it into finals. Camille Balanche continued to show she is the rider to beat this weekend although Rachel Atherton massively closed the gap from qualifying to go under two seconds back. An injured Nina Hoffmann completed the top three.

For the Elite Men Loic Bruni laid down a riding masterclass to fly into the lead. Loic Bruni was almost bested by fastest qualifier Andreas Kolb, but a dropped chain would end the Austrian's chances at the win. Andreas did end his run in 2nd. Loris Vergier was another rider on a great run in semis as he looked smooth all the way down gaining time at the bottom to show he is a real threat for finals.

Check out the results and who made it through below.


Elite Women

1st. Camille Balanche: 3:10.181
2nd. Rachel Atherton: 3:11.979
3rd. Nina Hoffmann: 3:13.667
4th. Gracey Hemstreet: 3:13.715
5th. Monika Hrastnik: 3:14.927

Elite Men

1st. Loic Bruni: 2:41.324
2nd. Andreas Kolb: 2:41.485
3rd. Loris Vergier: 2:41.783
4th. Laurie Greenland: 2:42.277
5th. Benoit Coulanges: 2:42.662

The Elite Women's Race as it Happened

1:45 am PDT: The Elite Women's Race is Now Underway
We have our first-ever live broadcasted semi-finals kicking off in Lenzerheide with Lisa Baumann starting proceedings.

1:49 am PDT: Lisa Baumann Sets the First Time of 3:24.419
Lisa Baumann is the first down the hill and already the times are sitting at around 7th in yesterday's qualifying times.

1:51 am PDT: Gracey Hemstreet Takes the Current Top Spot
We are already nearing the top qualifying time as first-year elite rider Gracey Hemstreet goes fastest by over 10 seconds.

1:52 am PDT: Izabela Yankova Crashes
Izabela Yankova was looking fast but she crashed through the rocks in the lower part of the course.

1:55 am PDT: Anna Newkirk Goes 2nd, Still Over Five Seconds Back
Gracey Hemstreet's time is looking strong as she still remains over five seconds up as Anna Newkirk takes 2nd so far.

1:56 am PDT: Top 5 with 10 Riders Remaining
1st. Gracey Hemstreet: 3:13.715
2nd. Hattie Harnden: 3:18.857
3rd. Anna Newkirk: 3:19.579
4th. Mille Johnset: 3:21.561
5th. Lisa Baumann: 3:24.419

1:57 am PDT: Nina Hoffmann Takes the Lead
Despite riding with an injury Nina Hoffmann has gone fastest by just 0.048 seconds.

2:03 am PDT: Tahnee Seagrave Goes into 3rd
It's great to see Tahnee Seagrave back racing and she slots into third place so far after going fastest at the first split.

2:05 am PDT: Marine Cabirou Crosses the Line 1.9 Back, Takes 3rd
Marine Cabirou is another rider making a return this weekend and comes into the finish just under two seconds back.

2:09 am PDT: 1.2 Seconds Back for Monika Hrastnik
Monika Hrastnik is another rider taking over the 3rd place spot as she comes the closest to the leading pair of Nina Hoffmann and Gracey Hemstreet.

2:10 am PDT: Vali Höll Goes Down
The rocks near the bottom have claimed another rider as Vali Höll crashes. Vali doesn't look to be hurt as she gets up and rides her way down the course. She was over two and a half seconds up before the crash.

2:12 am PDT: Rachel Atherton Takes the Lead
Rachel Atherton is back and flying in Lenzerheide as she goes over 1.6 seconds up and is the first rider to beat the qualifying run of Camille Balanche.

2:14 am PDT: Camille Balanche Takes the Semi-Finals Win
Camille Balanche backs up her top qualifying run with another fastest time in Lenzerheide.

The Elite Men's Race as it Happened

2:32 am PDT: Top 5 after 10 Riders
1st. Lachlan Stevens-Mcnab: 2:46.651
2nd. Taylor Vernon: 2:48.157
3rd. Pau Menoyo Busquets: 2:49.293
4th. Jamie Edmondson: 2:49.299
5th. Adam Rojcek: 2:51.401

2:42 am PDT: Top 5 after 20 Riders
1st. Lachlan Stevens-Mcnab: 2:46.651
2nd. Austin Dooley: 2:47.917
3rd. Taylor Vernon: 2:48.157
4th. Mark Wallace: 2:49.201
5th. Pau Menoyo Busquets: 2:49.293

2:51 am PDT: Top 5 after 30 Riders
1st. Lachlan Stevens-Mcnab: 2:46.651
2nd. Phil Atwill: 2:47.846
3rd. Austin Dooley: 2:47.917
4th. Simon Chapelet: 2:47.987
5th. Taylor Vernon: 2:48.157

3:00 am PDT: Top 5 with 25 Riders Remaining
1st. Lachlan Stevens-Mcnab: 2:46.651
2nd. Ronan Dunne: 2:47.581
3rd. Phil Atwill: 2:47.846
4th. Austin Dooley: 2:47.917
5th. Simon Chapelet: 2:47.987

3:03 am PDT: Amaury Pierron to Sit Out Racing Today
Amaury Pierron is not starting this weekend after a big crash in practice. The French rider did roll out of the start gate in qualifying but this morning Amaury and his team do not feel confident that he is ready to race.

3:05 am PDT: Greg Minnaar Goes Outside the Tape
Greg Minnaar gets wild on his run as a flat tire sends him outside the tape. Greg was fast in the top two splits and luckily he is protected for finals.

3:06 am PDT: Thibaut Daprela Takes the Lead
Thibaut Daprela goes fastest and is the first rider to best the top qualifying time of Andreas Kolb.

3:07 am PDT: Troy Brosnan Slots into 2nd
Troy Brosnan keeps it consistent as he finds himself taking the 2nd place position so far today.

3:10 am PDT: A Flat Tire for Matt Walker
Matt Walker is another protected rider with a flat tire. Matt will be hoping it's only a tire that needs changing as the times are tight between the semi-finals and finals.

3:12 am PDT: Dylan Levesque Has a Great Run for 2nd Place
Dylan Levesque goes 2nd at every split and finds himself go 1.6 seconds back from the current leader Thibaut Daprela.

3:14 am PDT: Laurie Greenland Goes Fastest
Laurie Greenland knocks 1.3 seconds off Daprela's time to go into the lead.

3:15 am PDT: Top 5 with 10 Riders Remaining
1st. Laurie Greenland: 2:42.277
2nd. Thibaut Daprela: 2:43.602
3rd. Dylan Levesque: 2:45.246
4th. Troy Brosnan: 2:45.443
5th. Ethan Craik: 2:45.836

3:19 am PDT: Jackson Goldstone Smashes into 2nd
As an unprotected rider Jackson Goldstone needed a good result to get into finals and he has delivered with a second place so far.

3:26 am PDT: Finn Iles Beats Jackson to Go 2nd
Finn Iles means business today as he beats the time by Jackson Goldstone to go 0.783 back from Laurie Greenland.

3:26 am PDT: Jordan Williams Just Makes it Into the Top 5
Jordan Williams does all he needs to do in the semi-finals as he will make it through to finals later today.

3:29 am PDT: Top 5 with 5 Riders Remaining
1st. Laurie Greenland: 2:42.277
2nd. Finn Iles: 2:43.060
3rd. Jackson Goldstone: 2:43.238
4th. Thibaut Daprela: 2:43.602
5th. Jordan Williams: 2:44.351

3:30 am PDT: Benoit Coulanges Just Misses the Top Time
Benoit Coulanges goes green at every split but loses time just before the line to go 0.385 back and into 2nd.

3:32 am PDT: Loic Bruni Goes Fastest by Almost a Second
Loic Bruni lays down a wild run to take the lead with three riders left.

3:36 am PDT: Loris Vergier Takes 2nd with 1 Rider Left
Loris Vergier is looking so smooth on course as he pilots his way into 2nd, only 0.459 back. Only Andreas Kolb is left to take on Loic Bruni.

3:32 am PDT: Andreas Kolb Can't Match Bruni & Goes 2nd
Andreas Kolb leads the first three splits but loses time at the bottom to take 2nd place. Loic Bruni wins the Lenzerheide semi-finals.

Full Results:

Elite Women



Elite Men



Finals Start List:

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 gosh gcn+ livestream is shit compared to redbull tv
  • 19 0
 Yep, no way I'd pay for this coverage. Worse camera work, worse commentary (I and usually love Cedric), way less professional.

The second golden era of DH coverage is over.
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 @Marc2211: the stream looks 720p, the mics sound rubbish and the graphics and the one camera with glitching on the feed....

the golden age is 100% done
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 @willysee1: And we get random drone shots from the the stratosphere.
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 the constant lagging is driving me mad, fair enough on a free stream but when you're paying for it takes the piss
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Showing Ladies final now. And it's FREE!
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 What a race!!! Amazing result.
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 Luckily I have already paid for it for road cycling where the coverage is on another level. This is real bad compared to previous years. The drone footage with the humming like wtf?! Also don't use drone inside a poorly lit forest. Together with the lower quality camera and high compression it looks like youtube 15 years ago. Maybe worse.
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 @commental: bro you're the man! Think that link will continue to work for the next few races?
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 @DylanH93: Who knows? It worked for the 1st XC race a few weeks ago, so fingers crossed
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 Warner must be pissing himself laughing.
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 This commentary duo are terrible, makes you realise just how good Warner really was
  • 16 0
 Can someone tell Cedric to use the word 'back' instead of 'up' please
  • 6 2
 Can someone tell GCN that it was not a good idea to take CG as a commentator 'cos his english is... discussable let's say, it's gonna irritate the masses and provoke a regular french bashing as often. Merci bande de cons.
  • 13 1
 Seriously Garcia’s never seen someone pull a tear offover a jump
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 I know right this is a joke
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 Never seen a triple either
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  • 19 12
 Lots of negativity, but I have to say it's great to be watching racing again. Loving seeing all 60 riders. There are always some gems that we never used to see. Shame the bottom bits of track that they tend to show are always the least interesting, but that's not the broadcaster's fault.

Commentary isn't Rob, but it's perfectly good. Way better than some of the BBC coverage I've been forced to listen to a couple of times over the years.

Maybe we'll see more of the track for the finals which would be a great improvement too. Can't wait!

(some negatives - why didn't they already know about Amaury. They should have kept us more up to date with the quali bubble)
  • 32 2
 Of course there's negativity, a multi billion dollar corporation bought our sport and the quality is notably reduced.
  • 2 0
 I watched on the Apple TV app. It was super high quality the cameras were incredible (drones really let you feel the speed) and I liked the announcing. Had zero glitches. I’m hearing that everyone here hates it and I won’t argue something so subjective. I loved it.
There’s also a no announcer feed in the app, just two hours of basically raw dh with no one talking. It’s an interesting vibe.
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 Rachel, Rachel. Come on everyone, say it with me. Rachel, Rachel!!!!
  • 7 1
 One good thing about semis - I know I'll be disappointed if I pay to watch the finals. Commentary & coverage definitely isn't worth the $$. Bummer.
  • 8 1
 Ugh, the fears about low level of commentating on GCN are starting to materialize. So dissapointed.
  • 3 1
 Even giving them the benefit of the doubt that this was the first race with the new broadcaster and they still may be working out the kinks: in all honesty I’m pretty disappointed with it. Not very professional overall unfortunately. Hopefully they can pick it up.
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 Swapped the hot seat for one of those long stands apprentices often ask for
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 Man a decent angle of that double Loic did would be good.
  • 3 0
 That was crazy
  • 4 0
 Man, I wish they could show us that 1 single rock that caused all the punctures.
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 Splits of Izabela were looking sooo faast! What a shame that she didn’t finish… she was on fire!
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 Luckily she was able to finish though, that crash looked brutal.
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 Why do I always hear Paradise City by GnR, at these events?
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 Goldstone finishing 7th. Great result, but Just shows the level of Bruini, Vergier etc. Elites are just another level up aren’t they!
  • 18 3
 Goldstone was in hospital this time last week, he wasn’t even supposed to be racing today
  • 6 1
 Goldstone lost all of his time due to a mistake in the first sector. He'll be right in the mix in the final runs.
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 Taylor Vernon deserves a ride. He's been getting good results as a privateer for a couple years now
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 He was on GT back in the day when the Athertons were there
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 @pierceklinke: i'd comfortably blame that old gt bike for his suffering results. That bike wasn't very good
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 I am putting a trash bag over my shock for sure now
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 I Like watch racing again so 1 month abo doesnt Break the bank . Its not that Bad, Sure would Like to hear Warner but Hey Here we're are and i Like it somehow
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 Thank you for telling us what happened with Pierron, did they mention it in the booth? If so I missed it.
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 They say 795 riders there to race over the weekend! Obv across all disciplines, but shows that racing is going strong.
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 Can we start a petition to get rid of these commentators? At least someone that knows the difference between up and down on split times?
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 Where to watch the final?
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 I will watch with your mom.
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 @szec: kid
  • 2 1
 @LULU555: At least I know how to use interwebs to check stuff
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 @szec: pls invite
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 Finn Isles coming alive!! Also no Gwin?
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 Gwin broke his hand
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 @szec: Arm and elbow.
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 @szec: you came just to talk shits or what? Your mom is not gonna like it Bunny.
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 @danstonQ: He did broke his arm. So I confused arm with hand. What is your problem?
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 Ethan Craik got robbed. Shouldn’t have been DQ’d
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 Did Sam Hill run?
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 Why is it so Fukn hard to watch the finals?
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 FFS even I could tell that Kolb had a mechanical issue in the final section. How do commentators miss this stuff!
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 But Garcia noticed ?
He said : "He tried to crank but nothing happened"
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