Video: Emil Johansson's Record Breaking Slopestyle Run

Jun 23, 2022 at 10:58
by Ed Spratt  

Emil Johansson broke records at Crankworx Innsbruck with an amazing seventh win in a row and possibly the highest score we have ever seen after securing a 98 from the judges.

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 I must be getting old, I need this slowed down, zoomed in, annotated and wire framed to appreciate what's going on.
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 you're not the only one....announcers resorted to giggling b/c it could not be processed fast enough. I have no idea what I just saw, but it was amazing...I can appreciate that.
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 All I can think about is this:
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 @SATN-XC: its Cam McCaul! Notable laugh and voice haha
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 @Reno233: thanks, that commentator guy made my day !!
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 @Reno233: Flippy three four five f*ck YES!

OzzyMan never misses
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 @DroppingThreeTwoOne: Nothing but love for Cam McCaul. He deserves a full-length documentary. The guy has made mtb an infinitely better place.
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 @BenPea: Cam makes the world a better place !
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 Sam Pilgrim ==> old school tricks
Nicholi Rogatkin==> new school tricks
Emil Johansson==> video game tricks
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 mans living in decsenders
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 He’s actually a Boston Dynamics robot programmed with the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater physics engine that Redbull created just to keep Semenuk on his toes and video parts rolling out.
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 Definitely one of the hardest run to put together, but man am I the only one getting so bored of his oppo tricks and downside 360s? Missing the Semenuk and Rheeder days with more variety with flips, spins, oppos, cork 720s, frontflips, etc.
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flag Sobi07 (Jun 23, 2022 at 14:34) (Below Threshold)
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 Not the only one, I would rather watch Tim Bringer, Lemoine, Rogatkin or Paulson put down a run any day of the week... I get that what Emil does is technically difficult, but the overscoring of repeated tricks being done opposite seems to be stifling variety in the sport, basically you only need to learn 360's, tailwhips and barspins to win. Emil's complete run, bar the front flip, consisted entirely of nothing other than 360 tailwhip and barspin combos, unbelievable how he is winning without taking the more extreme risks involved with double backflips and 1080's, cashrolls etc. The scoring needs to change fast!
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 Yeah, I love seeing some tricks above a 360 rotation Szymon's flip superman was awesome to see
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 Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this. Super smooth run though.
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flag emptybe-er (Jun 23, 2022 at 21:48) (Below Threshold)
 Seriously? I was not bored watching that. Or any other Emil run. Dilaed bike control tech vs sloppy gymnastics. Rogatkin is boring af imo. And annoying.
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 @ctd07: I'm sorry to say dude but his run is one of the best runs in history Emil has changed the sport in so many ways. Just because you like watching people do big spins and stuff doesn't even compare to Emil doing world's firsts in his runs. Emil has put in a huge amount of effort to learn these new tricks. He's also doing so many of his tricks opposite doing tricks opposite is way harder than you may think. He definitely deserves the win more than anything. So the scoring doesn't need to change because he's being scored by riders themselves. The scoring doesn't need to change you just have to accept that he's putting his everything on the line.
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 @Rafmiller: Maybe so but it was still pretty boring to watch. Congrats to him on the accomplishment, I'm not diminishing the difficulty of it, but that was probably the most meh first place run I've watched for an event that's centered around tricks. The second and third runs were far more exciting of runs, and if there's no excitement in watching the tricks being performed and only the judging it based on "difficultly" then why watch it? At that point I can just go to watching calligraphy competitions, where you can praise yourself for being so educated on how difficult it was rather than experience the evocative passion of the sport.
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 @ctd07: I agree, his run was unbelievable, but yeah, it was variations of spins, tailwhips, and barspin aside from one jump. Maybe two as the windshield wiper tailwhip thing is probably greater than just a variation on a tailwhips, but still.

How can the scoring be changed to liven up slopestyle? I'm not sure. Perhaps a rule that on only two or three jumps (per run) will oppo tricks be scored higher that the same trick done in natural direction. I do think having more emphasis on variety of tricks and trick types should be used in scoring. I thought Lemoine's manual to drop should have been judged higher, that was great. idk, being a judge would be very hard. Anyone else have ideas for improving the scoring criteria?
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 This is the exact same thing that people were complaining about in Semenuk and Rheeder’s runs 5 years ago, so I don’t know where you’re coming from with this.

I think I prefer big spin tricks too, but anyone who says either style is boring is an abject moron.
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 @thedeathstar: the definition of an abject moron is someone who calls others a moron because they don't like their opinion. It's a bit of an irony thing.
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 @nickfranko: I’ll have to take your word for it. I’m sure that’s true since you’ve never said anything else stupid before.
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 @thedeathstar: Glad you understand.
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 @nickfranko: I wouldn't say it was boring to watch as a slopestyle rider myself I think it was insane to watch seeing as the fact that he did two tricks that were invented by him. Saying that you would rather watch the second and third run is fine that's your opinion but if you are a slopestyle rider you would see the enjoyment of watching Emil pull this run. Like what @thedeathstar was saying Semenuk and Rheeder were getting these sorts of comments back then. The scoring is not rigged or anything he's just a bloody good rider.
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 @kcy4130: My guy opposite tricks are way harder than regular it's a shame seeing people diss such a good run.
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 @Rafmiller: What tricks did ge invent? just because you do a new variation of a trick doesn't mean you invented it.
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 @calebscott: Alright mate I'd like to see you do these tricks.
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 Incredibly technical but I thought Erik Fedko's run was steezier
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 I had a better one once but forgot to record it.
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 i get you. only posers use go pros.
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 @AlejoBeletadpQ: GoPosr
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 Still prefer fedko's run. Far more variety.
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flag Sobi07 (Jun 23, 2022 at 14:33) (Below Threshold)
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 @Sobi07: nah, I could see all his barspin 360's just fine.
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 Okay I'm going to take a stab at this... someone correct me here.

Opposite fastplant 360 x-up drop
Front flip bar to tuck nohander
360 downside windshield wiper stepdown
360 bar to double downside whip
Opposite 360 bar to opposite downside whip
Opposite 360 double downside whip on
Opposite 360 bar to bar back off
Opposite 360 double whip
Alley oop topside whip

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 I think the hip hit might have been an Opposite 360 opposite bar to opposite downside whip, but I'm not really sure which way his natural barspin is vs. opposite. I would really hate to commentate his runs.
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 yo, if you could straight air all the jumps and simply say the name of these tricks in succession i would be equally impressed.
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 @danielfloyd: the thing is with any type of 360 downside tailwhip is one of the option will be an opposite or and the other a regular so basically it will either be a opposite 360 and a regular tailwhip or a regular 360 and an opposite tailwhip,
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 @danielfloyd: Cam McCaul makes it look easy, as does Emil compared to other competitors. He’s at Semenuk level, or beyond on the trick side. BTW: I’m only a casual Slope Style viewer. Can’t even spell Semenuk. I’m a racer at heart and have a hard time relating to what these slope style guys do except watch in awe.
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 When does oppo stop being oppo?
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 Dude doesn’t seem to have an oppo
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 Not a single backflip variation. Crazy.
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 Backflips score lower then 360s
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 So tailwhips?
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 I used to be able to watch CWX and have an understanding of what these guys are doing. Now it's like every trick is so many flippy, spinny, barspinny, twisty things, I cant even keep track. Insane....both the tricks and how old I feel saying that.
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 I could watch fedkos 360 indian airs all day! Maybe they need a style competition where you get judged by looking the most awesome. Emil is the man but hard to relate too. is he a robot?
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 I kinda wish there was some flips and spins above 360 in that thing, it's an incredible run, but lacking a little variety perhaps?
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 flips score lower then 3s
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 @Rafmiller: truth, it's a fact 360's hatfer than flips.
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 @naptime: Yea they are it took me a few weeks to learn 360 and still to this day I have problems with them. It took me a day to learn flips but they were way scarier to learn.
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 @Rafmiller: Variety should play a factor in scoring.
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 "Best slopestyle run ever?" - The title of half of Emil's winning runs.
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 It's only the best slopestyle run until his next run.
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 How much further can this go??? I remember watching slopestyle 10 years ago thinking they are hitting the limits of what can be done on a mountain bike and 10 years later my mind is still being blown. Insane run….
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 Amazing run. However I find I enjoy watching style and diversity of trick more then technical aptitude. Still great run
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 So much saltiness here! From riders that don't get how technically challenging oppo stuff is, how silky smooth perfection scores more than a flailing huck an hope. Emil's run wasn't 'entertaining' enough. Bitch, if you want entertainment go to Netflix
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 Cashrolls are fkng ugly
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 What if there was an “AIR & STYLE” type event where a method was required and you were straight up judged on hight off of the deck …… wait.
Wrong sport.
Sick effffffing run tho.
Tech is gnar.
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 Definitely getting to be a bit boring. No offense to the riders… but whips and bar spins and getting OLD. Double flips with double spins and 720s or maybe 1080 corks are what I’m waiting for.
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 insane techy skill...but it kind of looks all the same?!? I would like to see some more inverted tricks and super mans etc...I imagine that he can do it. More Fedko-esque
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 Just bonkers
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 Is this guy talented? Massively. Is this mountain biking, definitely not. Not really even sure if its actually biking considering he likely could have done the exact same run with pegs instead of pedals. Can real, actual records be broken when the scoring is subjective? NO.
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 Interesting. Even in the mid-nineties, I always considered jumping and getting loose more “mtb” than xc or something boring like that.
Seems like the bike industry finally realized disposable income and riding skill have an inverse relationship, so everybody is now riding expensive 37lb 29’ers and focussing more on accessorizing than scaring themselves. This does not seem very mtb to me.
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 Was Aaron Gwins chainless world cup victory "not mountain biking" because he could've achieved the same with pegs? No.

Are we unnecessarily trying to gatekeep what is and isn't "rEaL" mountain biking? ALWAYS.
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 Watch the 2nd place run, plenty of pedaling to make up speed. Just because mtb to most means dirt roadie doesn't mean people can get rad too.
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 @L0rdTom: probably the only course on the DH circuit that could be won without pedaling. It was badass, and a badass fluke. I have done plenty of chainless races, and they are super fun and take skill. One thing all bikes have in common is a set of pedals at the end of cranks that are connected to and driving the rear wheel. If your not using those things your not even biking, let alone mountain biking. All that my own opinion and can be thrown in the trash. However, I stand by my position of subjective panel scoring and record breaking- they don't go together.
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 @jfog52: the piece about subjective scoring is a fair argument, I don't agree with it but I can see your point however you definitely don't have to pedal for it to be mountain biking.

I can go and hit many downhill trails and cruise down without putting in a single crank.
Even if I am getting pedals in down part of the track, does that mean the for the parts I'm not pedalling then it's not mountain biking?

By definition, dirt jumping & slopestyle are mountain biking. Just because it doesn't need to have regular pedalling doesn't change this fact. If Emil had pedalled between each jump by your logic that means it suddenly becomes mountain biking? Crazy
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 So when he gets a 100 will he retire or what? Amazing run anyway, hard to comprehend but I'm stoked for Emil
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 So many opposite tricks. I can barely even ride with my opposite foot forward...
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 NaNananana cant Touch this
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 gimme just a dipped 3. He can even do great stylish 3s, but his comp runs are boring to me.
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 not to slope riders
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 I remember when Wade Simmons skinnied the wallride at joyride 1997
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 Semenuk would get smashed if he was there.
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 Enough 360's?
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 god damn
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 here it comes!!
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