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Video: Official Highlights from the Fort William DH World Cup 2024

May 5, 2024 at 10:31
by Ed Spratt  
If you missed the live coverage from the first round of the 2024 DH World Cup series you can catch up on all the racing below.

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 Some one needs to tell Ric to concentrate on the actual race that’s happening right in front of him
Rob would have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the split
Ric will be bleating on about something completely unrelated while the splits go by and people hit lines that no one else has
I’m sorry but it’s just desperately bad
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 I thought he would have learned not to go down the BPM route by now, but he brought it up again and again...
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 He's terrible. He knows little to nothing of the sport. He's talking to hear himself talk.
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 @mexicanoportugal: Probably a Whoop sponsorship obligation from the look of it
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 I'm glad I only watched the highlights. Every time Aaron goes to say something interesting he cuts him off. Would have driven me mad!
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 Please bring back Rob and Brett Tippie a.k.a Director of Good Times.
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 @daveg75: right! on Loic's run right after the start hut, Gwin mentions the guard on Loic's front rotor and he has never seen one before. Gwin is cut off and then Rik brings it up four minutes later as Loic is approaching the finish line instead of screaming wildly at the huge lead Loic has developed, which will become the winning run. It is totally amateur hour, like Olympic commentators doing 20 different sports, not knowing too much about them. It's clear Gwin realizes early that Loic will probably win the race, but Rik sees nothing special whatsoever in Loic's speed (maybe because of the distant aerials?).
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 @Joyrode: Aaaah that makes sense. Money talks.
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 The audio not being synched up was definitely the highlight in my opinion.
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 Glad I'm not the only one, it was so off I ended up muting the last few races. BUT, I liked that the races have a screen in front of them to show their placement so they don't need to look backward in the finish area.
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 Too many wide angle and drone shots made it so difficult to see what was actually going on. Such a shame
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 That’s when they don’t have camera coverage. Better than a camera showing trees for thirty seconds waiting for the rider to emerge…
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 Better than no coverage. Redbull didnt cover the vast majority of the courses.
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 @bertimusmaximus: How soon we forget, eh?
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 Main takeaway: top 10 covered up tby he Masters having 10+ years experience w/ on Jordan & Ronan as the youngest top riders, just outta the top 10. I thought this was gonna be the one race where the kids dunked all over the long-timers but it was the other way around. Dak will now live in infamy for those Ape Hanger 70mm bars (ripping that off from someone here on Vital)... how baller to see that.

Still not a fan of the coverage format / style and it starts with Who's that Lady / Soccer Mom intro vs. an insider, but Gwin kept the pants up for commentary and made it insightful, Ric not that bad & glad Cedric's out with his exceited puppy commentary every freakin run. Semi's are still a joke, hands down but at least race day is just race day again in spite of all the many kinks - f*ck the semi's... what a massive waste of time, brainspace, engery & resource.

I can bitch full on w/ the best of them and have lots of gripes but the pro's are still total destroyers in spite of UCI / Discovery endless bungling & nonsensical changes, and it looks like so many of the pros we know & love upped their game substantially during the off-season. Ft. Bill was a helluva start & I'll take it in spite of my suspicions & UCI disdain.
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 The footage today was incredible. The sport has taken a massive step forward. .but the haters are gonna hate still.
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 I completely agree. The coverage today was the best it’s ever been. But I do agree the commentators are not great. I miss Rob.
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 @RickyMicky: The commentary online is different class to the 2 jokers that were at the venue commentating!
Saturday was worse, couldnt understand half of what they were saying.
Sunday though, clearly not riders, they should have had Toby (I think that was his name) that Si used to get for the BDS back in the day, that guy is an amazing commentator, even Si himself would have been much better. He did a decent job at Crankworx back in the day.
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 I already had HBO MAX so I watched the finals. I have to admit the broadcast was better overall than last season.
I still think the camera placement & choices of when to show the different camera angles is still subpar.

Having Gwin & Tahnee there def helped but even if they had not been there the normal commentator was much better than Cedric. I like Cedric but when he gets excited you can't understand anything he is saying.

Not even close to Red Bull but better. If I had not already had MAX I still would not pay for this separately.
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 Came looking for this comment. Completely agree.
I paid for a subscription to watch last year and between my isp video quality and the dialog, I gave up after two races.
Went looking for how to watch yesterday anticipating frustration but was pleasantly surprised to find there was coverage on Max which I already subscribed to.
I though the production value was good, nice graphics, appreciated the drone footage, I liked how they would split screen a run + interviews. And having the pros in the booth for discussion is key. Ric seems to be slowly coming into his own. Overall, not mad about it at all.
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 After last year and the way this year has started just not interested in watching DH. I’ll just try and get out to ride more.
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 After following the sport for 20yrs I completely lost interest with all the broadcasting bullshit
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 The coverage is just pants lol
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 Coverage is the whole point of pants.
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 These are "highlights" are they?
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 Official too.
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 Thankyou Pinkbike for the links to the highlights reel, but why am I having to watch a highlights reel when I paid for Eurosport, so I could see live coverage?
I'll tell you why; it's because they chose NOT to broadcast the Ft. Bill DH live in the UK and instead showed a 30 mins highlight reel on Monday evening. On Sunday afternoon Eurosport channels 1HD and 2HD had a choice of live Giro d'Italia or live Snooker.

All the advertising states that you can watch the racing live on Eurosport, but that's not true if the TV schedule doesn't actually include the broadcast. I hate to think what sponsorship deals were signed before the season began based on increases in live TV viewing figures....... because it wasn't on the TV.... NOT in the UK anyway.
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 Been watching the sport for years, would eagerly anticipate race day and watch the whole broadcast. This year is the first time I'm resigned to just watching the highlights the day after on PB... way to ruin a good thing WB/Discovery/UCI
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 Imagine being someone outside of biking, you watch this as highlights before being asked for paid stream for next round.
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 So we’re gonna try to expand the audience by calling the crash reel the hi-lights? Great. That’ll get the waning NASCAR fans on board. (Sarcasm)
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 That Michelin Man, true winner, been on all the podiums.
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 Bibendum P 1-5
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 Most boring shhhh ever. Bring back Rob
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 Rob isn't coming back. Please give the man his freedom to work where he wants.
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 @suspended-flesh: Agreed, let the man move on.
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 Rob changed a lot, I barely recognize him
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 Been signed up for the whole series. Didn’t see that in Vital’s team rumors
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 Good highlights, enjoyed myself...

didn't expect that did ya?
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 Does Finn's Helmet look very small? Chinguard looks very close to his face...
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 This was boring AF, cant believe i only get to watch the highlights and they are this bad
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 I guess the highlights will have to do. Interest just continues to wane...

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