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Video: Sunday Saves #10

Nov 13, 2021 at 14:17
by Pinkbike Originals  

Sunday Saves is a bi-weekly series featuring the world's best mountain bike saves. Want to be featured on Sunday Saves? Submit your save.

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 You guys need to start making a random mix of sends, saves, and fails. that way we have no idea whats gonna happen.
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 Tuesday turmoil
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 ...and we get to vote Fail Save or Send to start the clip. See if we can get it right just from looking at the intro thumbnail.
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 Make a contest of it. Prizes for PB stuff.
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 Best idea ever!!! : 0
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 @sjma: tuesday turmoil would be great. upvote this idea into oblivion
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 I'm not sure the Superman ended up being a save.
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 I’ve a feeling that ended up being a dictionary definition Friday Fail.
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 They'll show the rest of the video next friday.
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 It ended in a swimming pool and it was all planned.

(no way that went well...)
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 That one is going to haunt me. Just from a few times my hands nearly slipped off the grips.
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 @tacklingdummy: Happened on my road bike a few weeks back. It's near fun, especially when asphalt is involved. This is why we ride mountainbikes.
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 what happened to saturday sends?
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 They save them for sunday.
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 Not enough people send it....
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 0:58 was lucky he don't ride clipless
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 Looks like they started posting it every other week: October 9th, October 23rd, November 6th. So we should see a new one on November 20th.
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 Damn! Guy at 0:47 made me nervous. Nice save!
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 If 26" wheels and old geo was around the hospitals would be a a lot more packed
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 No, as riders will adjust stupidity to bike geometry ;-)
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 As someone that just switched over from old geo and 26”, I completely agree.
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 I don't think thats true. 29" wheels and modern geo have led to much higher speeds. And speed is the killer. Impact energy grows quadratically with velocity.
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 @Ttimer: it's very much true. Having slacker geo if you're body weight goes over the center of gravity of your front wheel when you land front heavy your going over.
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 @dhagz: Yeah, but that assumes the rider doesn't get accustomed to that stability.

When I converted to 29", it only took a few rides to get more confident in the downhills, which resulted in going faster. When I got into enduro (next to XC and marathons), the added suspension travel and slack geometry (compared to my XC bikes) upped the speed even more.

In the end, everyone just rides as fast as their bikes allow and they can read the terrain, given the skills you have. With more stabile bikes, you simply go faster, but the risk of falling off really doesn't change. Like @Ttimer said, if anything, the impacts might even be bigger.
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 @jeroenk: Yeah agreed but I'm just talking about going nose heavy on jumps and how geo has a positive on going nose heavy compared to 26" old geo
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 Some real hard cases this week. ha ha
IDK if those R really a save but on another note Im def. down w/ @kobeefton88 & @sjma Tuesday Termoil series would be da shiz bro thats a jam up ideer
besides it kinda seems like PB’s been in the need of some more ahh , well
diversified content, lately ,anyway ,cough cough (Sat Sends?)
or maybe just content in general ? idk
But think of aaaall those CLICKS Eek
And u can win stuff too, be like a win win
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 Hey I got to the the thumbnail! Lets go... @2:35 Guess downhill bikes don't work so well on BMX dirt jumps...
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 I think some of those saves don't have enough commit in them yet to be considered so. All hail the senders that save.
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 Sundays Fails: video not available

Sunday Fails: maybe I was a bit hasty, sorry
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 Jump trails are dangerous episode 10
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 Tennessee 2fer at Windrock.
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 Nothing like almost flying over the bars to make the ass pucker right up. Haha. Good stuff.
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 No Saturday sends?
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 Looks like they started posting it every other week: October 9th, October 23rd, November 6th. So we should see a new one on November 20th.
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 1:17 haha, that’s my local park.
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 If you depart from your bike and save "Yourself" is it still a Save thinking about the guy at 1:15.

Vote please
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 Overconfidence is as human as fear, but it rules.
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 Hit the tree or the aloe vera? I think I'd go tree.
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 Dude at 0:50 had his light turned on...maybe that was distracting him??
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 @michaelfoster992 , at 2:18 @windrockbikepark
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 i dont believe 1:36 saved that.
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