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Video: The Weird & Wonderful: How To Stand Out At Sea Otter With Ben Cathro

Apr 21, 2024 at 2:35
by Pinkbike Originals  

There are so many giveaways, interesting new products and colourful characters at Sea Otter Classic that it's hard to stand out from the crowd. Ben Cathro takes a lap of the venue to find his favourites.

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 I haven’t seen a Ben Crow video and what feels like a really long time. He is such a better host than everybody else. Don’t leave pinkbike Ben!
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 hes one hilarious dude.. yeah more pb videos!
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 When pinkbike was under the old Ben Crow laws - you gotta stand out noodle arms
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 yeah, PB can be happy to have him on board!
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 @browner: hahah shit I really butchered that one haha
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 I see Ben, I click, I enjoy.
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 '"Be 7 feet tall"

Or, in metric, 4 baguettes.
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 Baguettes? Yummy yummy!
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 @DonaldTee: user flag checks out
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 Best way to stand out is to start setting up your booth and then immediately tear down and leave under ‘mysterious circumstances’ …
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 The diy ebike is rad! Brake rotors with motors and chainring!
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 I think this is the same guy as in this article 4y ago at Sea Otter bikerumor.com/heim-bilt-concept-e-bike-offers-regenerative-braking-self-charging-spin-bike-ability
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 @zoobab2: Yes it is! Heim is a straight up mad scientist genius, used to work at SRI back in the day, & sold Dave Weagle the patent to his 3 ring Heimguide back in 2008!
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 Here confirm that The Biatch Cruiser was returned to its rightful owner.
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 Wanted to see a wheelie, but guessing no rear brake or coaster?
Love the concept though!
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 I am the owner of the biatch cruzer and it was returned sadly for more swaging at sea otter.
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 I know it's off topic but does anyone know what's going on with Friday Fails?
Specifically, the lack thereof?
Asking for a friend
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 Geometry has evolved so that no one fails on a bike anymore.
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 @wobblegoblin: The Ibises are finally doing the job.
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 Our uploader is being a giant pain. Dev team is working on it. Sorry. Frown
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 People are now all so good at riding they are not creating any bum eats trouser moments , its a sign of the times thar bicycles are now so good its impossible to get it wrong on one,......oh wait a minute
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 Ebikers are seeing because they appear too often
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 @brianpark: Levys left with the Creds :] ..must be a massive friday fail if the tickets made it all the way to the Dev Team.
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 @brianpark: Open your Youtube channel, click Create, click Upload video.
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 I've never understood Friday fails. maybe watching my best friend break his spine ruined my appetite for it somewhat but I'd much rather watch people doing amazing stuff to get psyched for the weekend than the complete opposite
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 @brianpark: "Our uploader is being a giant pain. Dev team is working on it. Sorry."
I know the 'uploader' is probably a piece of software but this is more funny if you think of it as being a particularly recalcitrant IT employee.
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 @GumptionZA: 100% - one has to be slightly demented to enjoy watching other's pain.
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 @Hoeperjoe: I don't enjoy them for the injuries; I enjoy them for the learning opportunities. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, right? So I'm particularly excited that Cathro's gonna be commentating them soon.
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 What’s in the box ?
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 I choose to believe it's just Gwyneth Paltrow chilling in there.
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 @brianpark: probably with one of her candles.
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 @brianpark: I so hope you are right....
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 the audio issue the regen ebike guy got is really a design flaw with the rhode mics. I've resolved to never put them on the edge of the collar, only the center. it's straight awful.
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 Do not care for the Giro brand update. Did not care for the booth at all. The selection of products the featured was odd. The booth itself was one of the least inclusive booths I stepped foot in. It was like they didn't want people to look inside let alone come inside. Not one person spoke to me in there. Terrible. But this video... this video rips! Nice work.
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 That video had a weird vibe to it.
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 Best Sea Otter vid I have seen so far anywhere. 17/18. The only way to bet the full 18 is to release a second installment.
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 Anything remotely sea otter related is about to get outshined by that Ad…
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 How to stand out at sea otter:
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 2:25 - best head badge ever!!
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 oh and John Heim - the man!!
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 Where you eye level with the top of the corkscrew on the tall bike?!
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 What was in the box???????????
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 A new Ibis!?... no wait, a re-badged Polè!
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 More boxes.
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 Safety forth!
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 I rate this video 43/45

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