Fabio Wibmer, Urban Freeride in Salzburg - Video

Apr 5, 2017 at 4:01
by rasoulution  

Fabio Wibmer

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 Danny McAskill, Chris Akrigg, Fab Wibmer. In no particular order.
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 Absolutely, Ashton was/is also in that list.
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 Being Austrian myself, glad to see Fabian making headlines, and being a huge fan of Chris Akrigg for years there ain't no doubt that while both Chris and Fabians riding is super creative and top level, of course, Danny is the king. He pulls of tricks nobody else has the skillset to copy.
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 @MatthewCarpenter: i think all 3 are on another level in terms of creative riding and creative MTB filmmaking, but they all bring something quite different to each other: DM does stuff that no one else would even see as a possibility, CA seems to be able to ride anything 'as it lies' and FW brings gonzo Huck to flat madness.

But when you see their names on a video, you know you are in for something special.
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 That gap at 3:44 on a Stumpjumper...
What do I need my Capra for?
Fabio's riding is completely out of this world!
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 The guy is not healthy in his head haha
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 Yeah, i can imagine Fabio's adv on pinkbike buy/sell

"Stumpjumper s-works for sale
Bike haven't seen any bikeparks, mountains, etc.
Only city ride. No huck to flat actions
Good price" Big Grin
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 ....right, I'm listing the downhill bike on ebay then, it's obviously totally unnecessary.
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 Absolutely brilliant and no slow mo to be seen, love every vid this guy does, so full of energy and the fun of biking, the whole reason we do it basically! Epic.
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 There are videos you can watch once, watch twice and then there is fab wibmer Smile
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 This is awesome. That jump over the fence and into the downslope at 3.45 is ridiculous!
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 That seemed like fun. Glad he was in a hurry, no time to waste with slow motion.
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 I enjoyed it. No bullshit. Pure riding. Fun. No boring intros.
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 He jumped past my apartment door. That is my lame claim to fame!
The drop off the stone wall is (1:10) far more scary than the camera shows.
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 What the hell !!.please never crash on thesz stunts @fabiowibmer... too much pros gone too early dont add your name to the list
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 Ha - fun ! I've ridden down some of those stairs killing time waiting for a train. Dude's got some killer powerslide skills.
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 So full of energy - big balls too!
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 What a LEGEND!!! This totally reminds me of one of the old JIB videos on steroids!
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 Amazing. What a rider
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 ace riding, ace filming, ace editing!
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 I switched between grinning and jaw dropping all the time.
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 That was quite literally bonkers.
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 Shit, that video is hard. Big skills like ever, but ... you need a doctor !
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 Great advert for Stumpy's!
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 Love it
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 This was seriously sick... Smile
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 made my day! The barrier slide, the stairs endo and that last drop!!
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 Go hard or go home Smile Big balls Smile
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 What an awesome video. Stoked
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 is Salzburg the new Valparaiso ? lol
sick video, great !
thx Fabio !
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 What a performer,wicked wicked
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 No Stumpys were harmed in the making of this film......... hmmmmm
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 Wtf ,skillz
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 so fantastic!!!!
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 Proper skills
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 Rad to the Rad max!

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