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Aug 27, 2020 at 12:53
by Sarah Lukas  

The end of summer 2020 is nearing, so we are cleaning out our shop to make way for fall and winter merch. Been eyeing up a couple T-shirts or hats? What better way to treat yourself or someone else to a little fresh swag after a tumultuous summer.


Oh, and did we mention free GLOBAL shipping? Spend $75+ (before shipping and taxes) and receive free shipping.

Just in time for those rainy fall days (that we hope are coming to put out those wildfires) we have just brought in our new Pinkbike umbrellas. Just in and on sale!


Sale begins Aug 28, 2020 at 12:01am PT and ends Aug 29, 2020 at 11:59pm PT
Prices as marked - No code necessary
While supplies last







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 Sale ends August 39th, WOW, thanks for extending Summer!
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 I really needed 10 more days, please.
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 Some of these shirts, like "ride mountains", are cool but idk if I could ever buy one. I just imagine somebody asking me "what is Pinkbike", and my response is "A website with great gear reviews but all the users get in heated debates and shit on each other about Sram Vs Shimano."
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 Just tell them it's a secret society and if you reveal anything about it you will have to kill them...
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 "A website that continues to not cover DH tandem bike racing"
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 WTF are you talking about? The SRAM vs Shimano thing is decided on Pinkbike. If a company does not offer a SLX and XT build, the comment section flips.
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 @HB208: And rightfully so.
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 Hi Y'all,

A couple questions here. One, I have heard murmurings of things about SRAM vs. Shimano and it always seemed like Shimano was more popular but no one would ever say it outright. From the comments above, I think it's pretty clear but could someone please just say once loud and clear which is preferred and why?

And two, I am going to be buying my first full-face helmet, and had looked up reviews and am intending to go with a Troy Lee Stage. I read that they are very lightweight as well as good ventilation/comfort. On pink bike there are a LOT of D3's. Is this because they are very popular, or because no one want's them? And how do you all like the Fox Proframe in terms of comfort and breathability? because there is a pink one on PB right now... thank you all for your help, it is much appreciated.
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The “general” opinion is that shimano is better because sram is more concerned about being first to market and shimano what it to be perfect. Recently, Sram had a huge issue with their most popular brake which pissed a lot of people off but Srams new G2s are legit. Also, the new shimano brakes get complaints about inconsistent bite points.

Personally I don’t think there is a huge difference in drivetrain performance but brakes is usually where things get heated. Ignoring the fluid used by each brand, sram vs shimano have an extremely different lever feel which makes it harder to switch between Brands. I like shimano but if I have a theory that if my first bike had sram brakes I would prefer sram.

I would never buy a helmet without trying it on. Every reputable brand should be safe so comfort is really what matters and all brands use a different base mold. What that means is some brands are more round vs oval and/or shallow vs deep. Idk why there are a lot of D3s on Pinkbike as I would rather own a D3 based off fit for me.
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 None of the models have 'dad bods'. How am I supposed to tell if any of this stuff will fit?!
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 It’s not a dad bod.

It’s a father figure.
Just saying.
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 Is it really a good idea to (pay to) advertise to the world how I procrastinate?
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 Will go nicely with your PornHub t-shirt. Oh, you said procrastinate.
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 Again, shipping to Canada is the killer here. Almost 50% of my basket is shipping. Why don't you warehouse in Canada and let Canadians purchase from that warehouse instead? You are after all in Squamish......

I do not fund UPS and would rather those funds going to swag or Karma points.
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 Wish there more artistic shirts available. Plain text logos are so boring. Maybe have more bike specific ones... You're not Nike.
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 Thanks for the feedback!
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 @sarahlukas: surprised you don't make any bike jerseys...
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 @trillot: The XC Field Test would have been perfect with PB branded lycra
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 A shirt with your individual user name would be cool. I would buy one.
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 I would also wear a farty Marty shirt
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 @Jimmy0: Imagine seeing waki casually walking down the street
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 Now imagine everyone getting a waki shirt.
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 @Almazing: RIP waki, gone but not forgotten "sniff sniff" :'(
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 You should make a shirt with TWO ford Raptors on it I herd that's a cool thing to do, have two raptors. That would be COOL
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 This is Pinkbike...we should have 2 Tacomas' :-)
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 @MMOF: Guess he didn't get the memo. FFS
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 Forget the swag (it's nice too), I want that kickass dog.
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 Damn...everything cool is sold out in XL and 2XL. How many other chonky bois out there are disappointed!? I want one of those fast n loose hoodies so badly!
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 I noticed the pink sweatshirt was in the mens category. I hope it's unisex sizing because I ordered one. Also it's already shipping(ordered today)! Thanks.
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 Our pink sweatshirt is a unisex fit
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 @sarahlukas: Will these be restocked?
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 @lssman: These ones will be restocked in the coming weeks!
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 insert windex bottle sounds
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 Is that Seths Bike Hacks older brother?
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 are t-shirts true to size? are any items return-refundable due to "SALE-ITEMS" or are they as-is?
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 Guess it's time to buy some shirts.
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 Whoa that's some fast shipping!
  • 1 0 sizing. fits good.
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 Yay, let's all pay money to be a walking billboard!
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 I don’t know what’s worse a pink bike shirt or a blm shirt?
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