Results: Red Bull Joyride - Crankworx Whistler 2022

Aug 13, 2022 at 16:13
by Sarah Moore  

The results are in from Red Bull Joyride. Check out the results below.


1st. Emil Johansson 94.60
2nd. Timothe Bringer 91.00
3rd. Tomas Lemoine 90.00
4th. Erik Fedko 88.60
5th. Lucas Huppert 87.80

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 Thank god Lemoine got on that podium, insane.
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 I would have been perfectly OK if that was called winning run. Love that he rolls in with a manual and ends with a BANGER
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 Surprised everyone is talking about Lemoine and not Bringer also. Glad he got 2nd but IMO it was a better run with more variety than Emil
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 That gap by Lemoine was outstanding, out of nowhere
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 I just don’t understand why they would show us the practice jump before his run. Just imagine the excitement seeing him pedal to the on off box and thinking, wtf ist this guy doing? No he wouldn’t dare! No he wouldn’t! WTF did i just watch?
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 @prevail: They might've thought he wasn't going to go for the gap so they showed it first
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 you said it right. we already know who will win in every slopestyle run which takes out all the excitement. emil did another great run full of crazy tricks he could only do but tomas lemoine was the man of the day. tomas lemoine saved slopestyle.
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 Lemoines move made me love slopestyle again
  • 20 1
 Crowd cheering should be taken in consideration. When Lemoine hit that gap the whole crowd went bananas and cheered for more than 30 seconds. I was there, I could feel the energy.
I don’t wan’t to diss Emil, his run was mad. Really top notch but the crowd was not that excited as we were in Lemoine’s run.

Anyways props to all the riders and the podium guys, the tricks and jumps were nasty.
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 Lemoine with one of the greatest slopestyle moments of all time. Shades of Semenuk gapping the on-off at Crankworx Colorado (or Colorado Freeride Fest? I forget which year it switched over) back in the day.
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 Since we are talking about back in the day. Let’s go 18 years back to the og:
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 It was 2012 and already the Colorado Freeride Fest
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 Is there a peoples choice award? Lemoine deserves to win something for those runs!
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 Despite lots of crashes and blown tires, I felt like that was one of the better slope style shows in a while. The field has some unique riders with a variety of styles. Good stuff.
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 Lemoine is a beauty! Going big will never get old
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 Thanks for your opinion judges tomas won tho
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 Way to represent Calgary and Canada Max!
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 Lemoine should've won.
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 Having the biggest balls should trump all other criteria. Lemoine all day.
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 Lemoine blasting to the STRATOSphere... Thank you Tomas for proper entertainment.
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 problem is emil is not exciting to watch his degree of difficulty is so high but they're not high consequence maneuvers with little innovation other then turning the other way
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 Doing opposite tricks is an extremely high consequence. The only reason it's not exciting is that Emil does it so well.
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 Are people still getting ‘robbed’ these days?
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 people are getting judged by the rules.
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 If you notice - they never mention who the judges are anymore for ANY of these judged events.
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 if emil loses on a complete run it would be robbery. emil should already stop competing. nobody on earth can actually beat him.
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 The opposites done by Emil was unreal
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 For me this was the best Joyride final every, so damn stoked on the new course and the riders field. Mad props to huppi too, what a run. Lemoine is a legend. I rellay love this sport.
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 Big fan of Bringers run , personal preference bit it I’ll take flips over spins from a viewer perspective . So pumped for Lemoine too , what a great event
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